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Using Neon Signs To Boost Your Business' Profits

Updated on June 23, 2011

Route 66: Neon Highway

Various Neon Signs

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Open Neon SignComputer Neon SignGlasses Neon SignBarber Shop Neon SignATM Neon SignPizza Neon SignHair Cut Neon SignTacos Neon SignHappy Hour Neon Sign
Open Neon Sign
Open Neon Sign
Computer Neon Sign
Computer Neon Sign
Glasses Neon Sign
Glasses Neon Sign
Barber Shop Neon Sign
Barber Shop Neon Sign
ATM Neon Sign
ATM Neon Sign
Pizza Neon Sign
Pizza Neon Sign
Hair Cut Neon Sign
Hair Cut Neon Sign
Tacos Neon Sign
Tacos Neon Sign
Happy Hour Neon Sign
Happy Hour Neon Sign

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Are neon signs worth it?

Business owners have many ways to market and advertise their services. From printed coupons, flyers, newspaper ads, even telemarketing and email messaging or newsletters. However, these can be time-consuming and expensive means of marketing your company, especially for the small business owner. Printed materials involve copywriting and graphic design services before they ever go to the printer; telemarketers need to be trained, and newsletters require research and interesting articles to capture readers’ attention. All of these methods can certainly be successful if done correctly, but there are other ways to reach customers with little effort and expense that you may not have considered. If your company caters mostly to customers directly (as in retail, restaurants, or other service industry businesses), you may have been overlooking another “bright” idea in neon signs.

Neon signs are bold, vibrant opportunities to attract attention (and therefore customers and profits). Whether it’s from those who happen to walk by or those searching for you in a sea of storefronts, neon is eye-catching and prominent compared to other advertising (or signage options). Neon signs have been around for decades. We may remember them most over the years for hanging in the window of the diner down the street or of course in the local watering hole. These days though, neon signs can be used for hundreds of businesses: beauty salons, convenience stores, Chinese take-out, tattoo parlors, and some you might not readily think of such as notary public services, carpet stores, even yoga classes and insurance agencies. There are thousands of styles available from nostalgic designs with a triple scoop of ice cream on a sugar cone or a contemporary, flashing style with a big, tasty red lobster destined for a dinner plate. When used in surprising places like the dentist office or animal hospital, neon signs may help ease tension and anxiety with their unexpected charm. Who could resist smiling at a sparkling neon tooth or beaming neon bulldog?

Neon signs may also be customized to fit your company colors -- or include your telephone number for easy accessibility by passersby. Neon signs are also cost-effective. Although pricing can vary (from well under $200 to $400 or more for elaborate designs), neon signs are very reasonably priced, one-time investments which isn’t true for other forms of advertising. Neon can adorn your windows, walls and doorways during regular business hours or 24-hours a day, continuing to attract customers morning, noon and night...and what coupon or newspaper ad can claim the same attention? Once installed (usually just hang it up and plug it in), a neon sign will glow with colorful notice and little upkeep.

Today’s neon signs are also cool to the touch, quiet, and energy-efficient. For much less than a radio commercial or 4-color advertisement, you’ll let potential customers and longtime patrons know you’re available and ready to provide the products and services they seek. Whether you use them alone or to supplement your other marketing and advertising efforts, neon is definitely a smart investment. It provides a long-lasting, attractive message and will certainly pay for itself many times over.


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