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Network Marketing Dropout

Updated on August 21, 2014

Why network marketers quit early?

I bet there are hundreds of answers for this question. Everyone who joined a network marketing opportunity in the past and dropped it a few months later have their own unique reasons. Sponsors who don't know more than pushing you to do just the same stupid thing they did is one big reason. The pay plan that requires you to reach a certain level of sales (or sponsorship) before you qualify for earning is another big reason. And of course there is the non supportive family and friends who are saturated with the MLM-Scam stereotyping (can't blame them, can you?).

All of these reasons are secondary to the main big one. If you focus on your own (if you have been through this before) you'll find out that all relate to one main reason.

The Biggest "WHY" in Network Marketing Failure

Simple economics

Before we get into the main reason of early failure in network marketing we'll need to keep this image in our minds:

Most network marketing companies require you to buy their product(s) on monthly basis (auto-ship). You pay for your monthly order and you get paid commission on your referrals, monthly orders, and their referrals' and their referrals' .. etc.

Simple economics: you just added an item to your monthly spending. That's extra money out of your pocket just to qualify for earning from your network marketing business.

You must have been told to consider it business expenses (tax deductible, nothing compared to business expenses in real world ... etc.).

But the truth is: you are spending money out of your pocket. If you do not succeed in sponsoring or generating sales for your company to get paid you are only losing money. What makes it worse is that most of the products sold by network marketing companies are stuff you don't need, or just new items to your household spending that you were not used to.

Unless you are natural sales person, and have a good support team from your sponsors and the company, you are unlikely to sponsor anyone or sell anything your first month.

I mean, your just starting. And you might not be familiar with the rules yet. Even the product itself, you haven't tried before so that you refer your friends and family to use it with confidence.

And your second month could be just the same. And this is just more money you are spending with no return. Probably you are starting to buy advertising or even leads in order to maximize your chances of making money.

That's money spent out of your pocket, with nothing or very little in return.

Simple economics: you are losing money.

Whether your sponsors are not helping, your family is not supportive, or whatever your direct reasons for dropping network marketing are; it's all simple economics: You spend money with no return.

Knowledge is Power.

If you want to succeed in network marketing or any marketing at all it's important to know that marketing is a science. People go to school for years just to learn marketing. You got to admit it to yourself that you are not going to be a marketing super star by attending a seminar or a three-way call while others got access to all the resources that teach them every marketing strategy and technique under the sun.

Get a piece of the marketing knowledge from the source now:

Network Marketing Without Dropouts?

It doesn't exist ... but here is how it SHOULD look like:

All network marketing that involves you spend extra money every month to stay qualified is destined to fail for the vast majority of people.

I mean .. come on ... not every one can be a sales person. Only a few can sell just anything, even if they wouldn't buy it themselves.

For the rest of people selling is just the one thing they are not good at :-)

OK, now you can't get around the selling part, can we get around the "out of your pocket" part?

Yes we can.

We can get around spending money out of your pocket to qualify for earning from your company if you chose a company that sells products or services that you already use on daily basis.

If you are a new parent, and you spend money on diapers ... find a network marketing company that sells diapers.

Can you find a network company that sells ready meals? That's even better (in two yours you won't need diapers unless you have a new baby).

What about a company that sells gas? or electricity?

How about a company that sells groceries?

Got the idea?

There will be no "out of your pocket" expenses. You buy these stuff anyway.

So ... there is no rush to succeed. You can take your time, learn the required skills, educate yourself about selling and about your product(s), then do it.

Besides, these types of products sell themselves.

I mean, how hard it is to convince your neighbors to buy groceries? They do it anyway. You'll only need to get them to buy from your source. That's it.


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