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Updated on May 16, 2013

Why Are They Important?

Writing notes is a very important part of learning, remembering a list, and more! Set your goals, write vocabulary words, or write about what you are going to do in your life. Notes give us a reference about what we wanted to achieve or wrote about, similar to a time machine. If you keep your notes well preserved, then you can look back at them 20 years later and say, "Wow!" I love writing notes in various ways, and in fact, some of those notes are based on lens ideas.

Learn and Remember

I take notes on peacocks and have even created a lens about them. Before I started taking notes, I didn't know much about the peacock. Now, I know that the peacock eats snakes, prefers the poisonous ones, and is a symbol of immortality. I would not have learned nor remembered this information if I didn't write it in my notes.

Shopping List

Take notes on what you want to eat so that you can create a shopping list. Did you want 2 bags of potatoes or 3 bags of potatoes? Don't stumble on the question, instead, you can look at your notes and figure out what you wanted. It is hard to remember a shopping list in your head, and that is why you can take notes.

Why/How Do You Take Notes?

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Abbreviations For Notes

w/out stands for without

btw stands for between

btw stands for by the way

u stands for you

r stands for are

am't stands for amount

# stands for number

aka stands for also known as

lol stands for laugh out loud

bbq stands for barbecue

2morrow stands for tomorrow

@ stands for at

You can even make your own up!

Sound Off Now! - And take some notes.

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