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Doing Business Online

Updated on April 28, 2018
rhia_alva profile image

Rhia is a full-time psychometrician, a part-time secretary for PWD Cooperative, and an online seller and blogger.

People go online to do a research, connect with loved ones via social sites, check emails, play games, listen to or legally download music, watch videos or legally download movies, download files or programs, read e-books and more. Some makes it part of their daily routine while others do it only to destress or out of boredom. Most people, however, sees it as a great way to do business.

The pros and cons: an example

Online business existed many many years ago (I guess) but limited to people or companies who can pay for online sites that will publish their products or services. These days, there are lots of web programs that offers free posting if not minimal charging to individuals who wanted to do business online. There is a buy and sell business, bills payment, travel agency and a lot more. Anyone can sign-up, be it the business owner or the consumer. I admire those people who created such programs because they help a lot of people with their business. Example is the buy and sell platform. If you are to put up a store in your place or in malls, there are lots of requirements and expenses. Aside from that, the chance of gaining more profit is less since your prospective clients are limited. But if you will take the opportunity of posting your products online, the only requirement is a computer with internet connection and some photos of your products to upload them and be seen by prospective buyers nationwide or worldwide.

Some business owners gain clients or customers through their marketing techniques while some through friendship. Most sellers, for example, become successful with their online store because of their strategy or style of selling, their credibility and of course being online most of the time. Other business owners, however, still finds it hard to reach their goal. Consumers look into the profile aside from the legality of what she/he offers. On the other hand, the business owner wants to be sure that the consumer can be trusted. The credibility of both is needed thus some online selling platform or company websites included a page where both the consumer and business owner will be able to express their thoughts about the service and/or the product.

Working online is a tough job. Some does it alone while others employ or assign someone else to assist with the online transactions. Some does it on a part-time basis while other people do it full time. Usually, it is the mothers or full time parent who do business online. They say they do it for an added income or simply to have something else to do while their kids are away. Whatever it is, I still find online business as a great way to generate income and to make friends anywhere in the world.

The use of social media in business

Social media such as Facebook and Instagram are now open to business owners. Both offers great marketing techniques for any business, whether it is a small time or a big company. You can post your service or product with zero to minimal charge. A great tool, indeed, to market your business because not only does it do the advertising to your online friends but also to other people who uses the platform, hence the advertisement reaches worldwide. This is why some merchant posts rules or guidelines about the business. For example, the online store: if the products are to be sold nationwide only, the owner includes in their guidelines the unavailability of delivery outside the country. If it is available, merchants usually includes higher or additional shipping charges.

A good email provider is also needed in a business. Some prefers sending messages through email (just avoid the spamming) while others prefer using the messenger. Whatever you prefer to use in your business, just make sure to be online most of the day and check those accounts you included in your advertisment so you won't miss any queries and/or customer.

People's Choice of Online Business

Are you planning of putting up a business online? If yes, what could it be?

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