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Accountability - The Art of Owning the Task

Updated on August 15, 2013
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I'm a dad, husband, and Christian first. Second, I'm an educator & organizational development professional.


It's just amazing how much more one can accomplish when he starts owning the task.

Being a manager is no easy task. Juggling ten things at a time and still waiting for more to be tossed in is a feat reserved for special people. So many things are at stake, and the slightest miscalculation can spell disaster. But what is wonderful is that managers can rise above these challenges.

You take responsibility on what goes on in the office as you are its manager. You see the individual as well as the group, the minute details as well as the greater scheme of things. Or is that too much for you? You put on different roles - the leader, motivator, implementer, and many more. You hold in your hand the power to change the branch. To borrow the words of Jim Collins, you have the power to direct your team from “GOOD TO GREAT”

Whether we are talking about our family, the office, your basketball team or some group organized by chance, we all have roles to accomplish. Each play a role that needs to be done and most of the time, it must be done immediately. It is important that these tasks be delegated properly – assigning it to someone who is capable and having that person understand and “own” the task!

What you should do

  • Take responsibility

  • Work positively

  • Work passionately

Accountability is owning the task

Owning a task requires more than merely accomplishing it. It is all about accountability! Owning a task entails us to take responsibility in all its facets. And its delivery must meet only the highest standards. When we “own the task” we become more aware of its purpose and its implications if not properly achieved. We become conscious of our role in the team. And we strive harder to become productive members of our group. When we see ourselves in the larger perspective of things we begin to appreciate everyone’s work and accomplishments. We cultivate a sense of respect for everyone’s capabilities and more importantly our own.

We will not be hampered by the small hiccups (or even bigger ones) that pave our way in reaching our desired goals. When we “own the task” we work positively and passionately however big or small the expectations weigh upon us. Not to say that we will never feel discouraged, but we immediately pick ourselves up when we do stumble. Needless to say, when we “own the task” we see work more than just mere work. It becomes a part of who we are. And its accomplishment adds another feather in our headdress.

The attitude that we take on when presented with work determines how we actually approach it. When we acknowledge it as our own, we will gain confidence in its accomplishment. Henry Ford could not have said it better: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you are right "


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