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Best Tips on Pinterest Marketing

Updated on April 16, 2012

What is Pinterest Marketing?

If you have not been involved from the excitement concerning Pinterest, then you'll definitely ought to escape from the cave you're staying in as well as unharnessthe fastest expanding social network on the planet. The website that started in December 2009 has for reasons unknown exploded in number of people over the last 3 months. This article isn't intended to feature the amount of individuals who are making use of the website or how much revenue it will do - there are plenty of infographs out there that emphasize that. This article is to basically illustrate the reasons of why the site is extremely significant as well as the key reason why so many people are using it and will continue to use it for months and years to come.

Pinterest marketing provides you with the chance to use a person's pin boards and pins across the individuals you would like to. This way targeted traffic, not forgetting the visitors are also very high value site traffic that createswill surely reap more advantages when the followers of the company's pins and boards are related to fashion and not simply a random like coming from any individual.

5 Golden Pinterest Marketing Tips

Enough of my ramblings, listed below are 5 various unique techniques that you can apply it in your marketing strategy.

First: Lower Clicks = Greater Conversions (You heard that right!)
The fewer mouse clicks your visitor to your site need to make to be able to the content or merchandise they desire, the greater your sales. With Pinterest,you have just 2 mouse clicks from finding whatever that interest the site visitor. That results in more leads along with more sales.

For instance,let's imagine you've got a e-book available for sale and you also pin the photo from the cover of the e-book's landing page to your board. The moment one of the site visitors views your pin and follows it, it's going to allow them to publish with other people instantly. Of course, if they simply click it just as before,it's going to take bring them to the website in which the photo was pinned from, in this situation, the landing page of your e-book.

Second: Generate thousands of targetted visitors to your website
Because Pinterest has an extremely massive followers (or should I say PinHeads!) it's a really awesome website for generating a boost in traffic to your website through the back-links which have been linked to the pins you added to your board of Pins.

The truth is, you'll discover traffic monitoring statistics which are proving Pinterest is generating increased traffic directly back to internet sites as compared to Facebook.

Third: Entirely easy-pizy for visitors to promote your website content continuously
Pinterest provides super-effective method for your fans to promote your pins and as a result create more backlinks to your website. Since every pin contains an URL that leads directly back to the source of the photo, this could certainly lead to additional backlinks aimed at your web. Therefore the more Pinheads you've got, the greater those Pinheads promote your pins and the greater the number of visitors to your website.

Fourth: Profit from user obsession to Pinterest
A number of market niches without a doubt have gotten hook on to Pinterest, together with the increased number of web surfers who start seeing and begin taking advantage of this cutting edge social media marketing platform. If for example the niche you're promoting has potential to generate a huge amount of followers in Pinterest,then you will want to jump onboard and secure all those traffic juice. Simply begin with a board and make an effort to take note what fellow pinheads are spreading with other people.

Fifth: Get your Pinterest account hooked up with other Websites

Considering the fact that I am all about utilizing your efforts and skills,if you find yourself planning to take advantage of Pinterest, then you will want to get hooked up to various social networking websites. You'll be able to hook up Pinterest along with your Facebook account.It's also possible to link up your Pinterest account along with Twitter which means your pins are instantly tweeted.

You are also able to add a pin-buttons to your website, using the same concept as other share/like buttons, so you will always have the sharing power to spread to other social media platforms.


Pinterest marketing provides you with the ability to bring your pinboards to each and every individual you want to. By doing this you will enjoy targeted visitors, that can convert into sales. As we all know, the rule of thumb in Pinterest Marketing or any other Internet Marketing is similar, High traffic = High Sales.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Pinterest.

P/S: Pinterest is now available upon invite request only. If you need an invite, let me know. I am more than willing to spread the love.


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    • buycontent profile image

      buycontent 6 years ago

      that's with other social media platforms, the key is to engage the audience...

    • amazonrus profile image

      amazonrus 6 years ago from Earth

      It doesn't matter really..what matters is what you post on your pin...It has to be catchy so that ppl will be attracted to it and click your pin..

    • buycontent profile image

      buycontent 6 years ago

      @peggy W - If you are using Pinterest for marketing your business, you're not going to use personal photos are you?

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I have held off joining Pinterest because IF I am reading this correctly, all of your photos enter the public domain from that point going forward. Correct?