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Page Rank/Website Guide

Updated on February 8, 2018

Where Do You Rank- Right Now ?

Have you ever wondered why your website, blog, and Squidoo lens just isn't making the money you expected? It's time to look at your page rank to optimize your earning potential.

Your ranking on every search engine should be a number one priority ! You know as well as anyone who surfs the internet that generally speaking, you will not go past maybe the first three pages when searching for any information. If you don't have high ranking, how will people find you? Here we are ready to shed some light and some terrific resources to help you get the job done.

85 % of web traffic somes from search engines ! If you are not listed high enough, that business is going to your competitors

What Is Page Rank

Page Rank Essentials

Basically put, page rank is the measure of a website, blog, article or squidoo len's importance. Most search engine's think about content and keywords that jack up the importance of the information. Links to that webpage act like votes of that page or website's influence. They influence the ranking of that information.

The fat of the matter is that most people searching for information, will only look at the first and second page of any search engine's list. Unless your rank is amoung those on those lists, you will likely get very little traffic. The less the traffic, the less likelihood of any sales

Why Page Rank Is Important - Goggle and your page rank-vital information

Page Rank is based on the link between your site and other sites. More than that, Goggle is really interested in specific pages that are linked. Their setup is that they list individual pages and not domains. That is why you will see page rank listed for each page if you have the Goggle toolbar. Google has it's own formula for setting the rank for each of these pages.It is based on the PageRank of the web page providing the link and also the number of other links leaving that page.

  1. The higher your Google Page Rank, the higher Google is likely to list you in the search engine results. So, niot only is it important that you have great cintent, but that you have good links too. And it's noot just about lots of links or their quality. The links must be relevent to the topic at hand on that very page.
  2. The higher the page rank, the more confident people will be. The more confident people are with the information that you are offering, the more likely you will make a sle from that page. So, it would be worth working on your pages to gain that rank.
  3. A high Page rank shows that you have links to other high page ranked sites and you are more likely to get more hits to your pages-increased traffic to information that pwoplw are looking for. Again, this can easily translate to increased sales.
  4. The higher the Page rank, the more people will want to link to your site. So, as you increase your page rank, you actually will link to higher ranked pages and boost yourself farther.

Free Tools To Check Your Page Rank - Step One-Knowing Where You Stand

No matter if you have a website, do articles, or are a Squidoo lensmaster, you need to have a grasp on your page rank. We have gathered some free tools to help you learn where each of your projects stand. We suggest keeping this information in a notebook or on a spreadsheet. Then monthly or quarterly you should be checking on your progress. Knowing where you stand is the first step you need to take.

Search Engine Optimization - What You Have To Know To Be Profitable

No matter if you have a website, a blog or a series of lenses, in order to be profitable, you have to have a high rank in the major search engines. If people are not finding you, there is no chance that you will make any money at all. You need to become an SEO expert in order to have the traffic that will generate money. These are the guides that will help you do just that

Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Page Rank

There are things to consider to make improvements in your page rank. Some require a time investment on your part. But that investment will be worth the effort. Remember, the higher the page rank, the more the traffic....the more traffic, the more possibility of earning money.

  • Include useful and accurate informationNo matter what your subject matter is, the point is that you will get more traffic and a higher rating to your lens, website or blog with information that is written for the use of the masses.
  • Take time to submit your lenses, blogs and websites to web directories and reference sites
  • Publicize your sites on social media, business stationary and cards
  • Write a newsletter and send it out

How To Use Links - Maximize Your PageRank

Here are the tips that you need to maximnize your links. The results-you will get a higher page rank and more traffic to your site and all the pages within it.

  • Balance Your Links
  • Mix some higher ranked links with a few lower page rank links. Why? Because the search engines will know that you either stacked them or you bought them. Balance out the number of lower page

Ranking Resources - Everything You Need To Move Your Rank Higher

Your Rank is crutial to your business! It one of the foundations that your online business is built on. Your rank has much to do about the search engine optimization of your website. here are some get ranking resources to help you meet this goal.

SEO Tools - What You Need To Market To Search Engines

Here are the tools....most of them free you will need to move your project along

Steps To Improve Your Page Rank - How To Get A Higher Page Rank

Now that you have found out your page rank, it's time to improve your ranking. This investment in time will change your traffic in a very short period of time. Increasing your page rank increases your traffic which then increases your sales. Make the time, take the steps and reap the rewards.

  • Add a few words to make keyword phrases This is effective for any webmaster, blogger or lens master. If you are just using single keywords, take the time to add some phrases. Remember in doing this, make sure to use your keyword within the phrase. For example, if your keyword was page rank, you might want to add phrases such as "how to get better page rank". "free page rank tools" , and " improving your page rank"
  • Improve your keyword density Keyword density is the number of times the keyword is used. Use your keywords in natural phrases. Don't overuse your keywords. It will word against you.
  • Name your pages with the keyword within it Search engines will list your page information based on your title
  • Link to websites, blogs or other squidoo lenses with relevency to your subject These links will be valuable to your traffic and your page rank
  • Submit your site, lens, or blog to the right directories You can do this manually or have a stuctured program do it for you
  • Use Social Networking Not all will help your page rank, but you will get more traffic

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    • GregoryMoore profile image

      Gregory Moore 4 years ago from Louisville, KY

      Improving page rank and positioning in the SERPs is definitely an art. I like the slow and steady approach and avoiding the fly by night tactics.