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Price and Benefits

Updated on July 30, 2016


Price and Benefits Logo.
Price and Benefits Logo. | Source

The Goal of Price and Benefits

Price and Benefits is a business that understands the internet. Now, the internet is basically a medium to share information. Google has already monetized one aspect of the internet. Google sells SEARCH. Even though Google has many other products and services, its main income comes from selling the top spot on its search results based on the search keywords that the users of the Google search engine typed into the search toolbar.

Facebook sells ads on its social network and twitter sells ads on its micro-blogging platform. Now, Price and Benefits plans to leverage the power of all of these free online services as people flock to free services and as with any business “more traffic = more customers”. The physical businesses at the center of any town have the most customers because of the volume of people passing their businesses daily.

Tracking the growth of the internet since its inception there have been some very innovative ways of monetizing the power of the internet. Companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Netflix, etc. have shown that leveraging the power of the internet has many advantages financially and otherwise.

The internet is now the fastest way to get publicity and to advertise anything. The new pop icon Justin Bieber was found on YouTube. This is just an example of the enormous marketing power that the internet has to offer.


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