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The public is the problem in store restrooms

Updated on May 5, 2016

Target’s new restroom policy has been generating a lot of heat. If transgender people and others saw the daily fouling of most public bathrooms, they would not want access.

Any store, bar or restaurant employee who has had to clean a restroom will have their own nightmare incident. Often the facilities are not in the cleanest condition, but what the public does on a regular basis in bathrooms is beyond business as usual or “accidents will happen.”

Stores do a poor job of keeping the toilet paper, soap and towels stocked. Employees are not mopping the various fluids on the floor enough. With that stated, the bathrooms are not starting out in prime shape.

Basic potty training involves putting body fluids into a toilet or urinal. All too often, customers have problems following this procedure. The overwhelming majority of the time it is not children who are having mishaps. Adults decorate the walls and floors with assorted excretions.

Before everyone points their finger and says it is not them, it does not matter whom but why. These are not isolated incidents. They occur often enough to destroy moral and make for an unpleasant work environment.

Often when well meaning customers report a dirty bathroom, they will joke that “guess someone didn’t like your prices.” The humor is lost on someone who needs to clean up fecal matter and urine among other things. Moreover, customers wonder about the lack of cheery employees.

Some patrons who report a mess in the bathroom will direct their anger at the poor soul who has to clean up. Retail workers develop a thick skin but that misdirected emotion is just unnecessary.

People do get sick but that does not explain a mess that is in the sink or high on the wall or nowhere near the toilet. If you think this is an exaggeration, you have never worked in a public business.

To those who want to counter with “Quit complaining and do your job”, here is one question for you, do you enjoy cleaning your bathroom at home?

New employees will often ask why stores even have public bathrooms. We all understand food establishments having bathrooms according to state laws and health requirements. Other retailers do so more as a courtesy and customer service. The sad truth is that without actual restrooms, there are people who would do their other “business” in the fitting rooms and on the sales floor.

While some folk want to keep transgender people out of the public restrooms, retail workers have an easier solution. Keep everyone out of the bathroom!


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