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Promoting Your Avon Direct Sales Business

Updated on March 17, 2022

Promoting Your AVON Business

AVON is one of the top direct sales companies available to single parents, stay at home parents, students and more. The great thing about AVON is it only takes a small investment to start your business. AVON is a great direct sales company that will allow you to make your own hours, and create the income that you would desire for your hard work. The great thing about AVON is that the name is already well known around the world, you just have to get people to know that you are an AVON representative.

There are a variety of different ways to promote your AVON business, and most of them are completely free promotional techniques. Even the promotional techniques that cost money, do not cost a lot.

If you are serious about making money with AVON, take these tips and run. There may not seem like a lot of potential with AVON when you first start, but everything takes time. My number one tip is to be patient with your clients and your business. Patience and persistence is the key to success in life and business.

Promote AVON with Brochures

Brochures is an AVON representatives personal promotional tool that will display what you carry and can sell to all of your customers. Purchase a few extra books on your next AVON campaign, then start passing them out to everyone that you come in contact with. Pass them out at apartment complexes, local businesses, and you can even walk your neighborhood to hand your brochures out and talk to your neighbors about purchasing AVON products from you. Use the brochure to promote what you sell as well as promote yourself as a knowledgeable AVON representative.

These brochures do not cost much, and the general rule is that you should get one new customer out of every 100 brochures that you pass out. Those customers will be repeat customers, and can attract even more customers in the future. It is just the beginning of a snowball effect for your AVON company. If you take special care of each customer, they can turn into numerous repeat customers.


Delivery Bag Vase
Delivery Bag Vase
Ordering some of your delivery products online can reduce your expenses. I like these bags and they do not cost a lot.

Knowing Your AVON Products

There are a lot of your potential AVON customers that will have questions about the products you have available. If you do not know about the products, they may decide not to purchase anything from you. There are a lot of great tools on Your AVON website for reps to use, take advantage of every opportunity to learn about the products.

One opportunity to learn about new products is to ask a couple of your repeat customers to test products out for you. Allow them to try the product and then have them fill out a survey that you can share with other AVON customers. The customers will greatly appreciate the free products, and will tend to order more AVON products from you in the future. I recommend using the same customers continuously so that you know they are giving accurate details about your test products.

Your Best AVON Promotional Tool; Word of Mouth

An AVON Representatives best promotional tool is word of mouth. Once you show your customers how well you can treat them, they will begin to share their experiences with their friends. Now the same will go if you give them a bad AVON experience, so show the customers that you are knowledgeable and how good of an AVON representative you can be. Give them samples, offer discounts, have promotions, and offer them an incentive for spreading the word about your AVON business.

Keep track of your customers. Call them for orders, and make special deliveries of your brochures for your repeat customer. These customers will be what helps you make it with AVON. Take the time to get to know them, and know what they are looking for. I recommend taking a customer service class which you can find online or at your local community college. You can also ask your customers what they expect from you as a representative. Some may be unreasonable, but you can get tips that are helpful.

What is the best promotional tool for your AVON business?

What works best for your AVON business?

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Keep track of your AVON Business

AVON is a business that can be very beneficial for your financial future. Continue to learn from everything you do within your business. If you want to promote your business continuously, keep focused on the potential growth. Each week track what is working for you. Have files on each customer, track sales, and watch what is going on. The only way to grow your AVON business is to know what will, or what is making you successful. Good luck on your journey!


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