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Why You Need Specialists to Recruit the CEO and Other Boardroom Level Staff

Updated on January 23, 2016



Why You Need Specialists to Recruit

Talent is a very valuable asset for any organization and staffing your organization properly will boost productivity and stir up growth. In order to close the talent gap, some organization depend on referrals or carry out the recruitment themselves. Although this may work in certain cases, it has a number limitations. For instance, the managerial positions are quite critical and candidates should be scrutinized by those people who understand a specific field and what the position entails. For this reason, recruitment specialists can be quite instrumental in helping organizations meet their talent needs.

Benefits of Using Recruitment Specialists

  1. If you want to recruit a CEO for your organization, using professional recruitment specialists will give you time to concentrate on crucial issues in your organization.
  2. The specialists will work with you hand in hand to determine what your organization needs. Ideally, these recruiters carry out a research on the organizational structure and corporate culture of your organization. This allows them to develop specifications of the job.
  3. They actively manage the recruitment process by lining up interviews and doing the necessary follow up. Furthermore, they usually provide written reports concerning the interviews and the different impressions that interviewees portray.
  4. After the process, they recommend the best candidates, making work much easier for you. The only task you are left with is hiring and firing whoever you want.
  5. Advertising on job boards, carrying out background screening, doing the shortlisting, interviewing and appointing starters can be a long and very costly exercise. On the other hand, professional recruitment agencies usually streamline the entire process, which in turn reduces recruitment costs quite significantly.
  6. Specialists will also help you to only hire qualified peoples in the respective positions, this helps you to save in the long-run as it reduces staff turnover.

Choosing the Best Recruitment Specialists

As with most of the service providers, you must choose people whom you know will definitely deliver on their promises. You must do your own background search to determine the quality of their work and their experience. The two major types of recruitment firms include; the retained and the contingency search firms.

Many of the retained search firms usually demand a third of the first year’s compensation that has been budgeted for that specific position. For instance for $150000 position, the recruitment agency will pocket $50000. You will also be liable for all the involved expenses. In the actual sense, most agencies prefer to take full charge of payment of certain things such as accommodation and air fare for candidates. This in turn allows them to ensure that all things are running smoothly without any interruption. In most of the cases, high-level searches may be concluded within 60 to 90 days.

Contingency search firms are mostly used when recruiting the multiple middle-level positions. Contrary to retained search firms, with these ones you only pay when they deliver the kind of candidate you will hire. They normally charge about 20% of the base compensation for the first year. However you will still need to get involved in reference checking as well as managing the recruitment process. This simply means that you might be expected to deal with numerous resumes before getting your right candidate.

Just in case you are not planning to use either of these two, you can go for contract recruiters. There are professional recruiters who can assist you to carry out an in-house recruitment operation at a fee of approximately $35 to $70 per hour. Ideally, you can simply hire them for one day or a week and they will work with your staff members in defining the respective job specifications and organizing the whole process. They are the best recruiters to use when you are developing or even launching new product lines and need numerous people to take up different positions.


If you would like to recruit a new boardroom staff or CEO, hiring recruitment specialists or an agency to do most if not all the work for you is the best option. It will save you all the hassle that comes with this exercise, allowing you to focus on other important tasks. For instance, they will advertise on job boards, carry out background screening, shortlist candidates, interview them and recommend the best. The only task remaining will be to hire or even fire an individual based on their performance.


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