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De opkomst van micro-momenten

Updated on July 28, 2016

The emergence of micro-moments

During the past year, Google has published several articles and doing research on the topic of micro-moments, what they describe as the new arena for marketing.

But what are micro-moments anyway?

In short, micro-moments' time capabilities "when someone searches for something in him / her comes and uses the nearest unit (usually a smartphone).

In those brief moments of action taken the first steps to develop what will the consumer.

According to Google, the "critical moments during the journey undertaken customer", and when they meet, they clearly indicate where the journey ends.

There are four distinct micro-moments

I want to know: someone looking for something about a product or service
I want to: someone looking information where to find that product or service is
I want to buy: someone looking for information to buy it or go buy it
I want to do, someone is looking for information on how the product works, or take an action that could lead to product
Google indentifeerde three important steps to meet the customer journey and winning micro-moments

Be present: Be visible in all phases of the buying process.
Be helpful: practical information and omkader it so that it's a clear answer.
Be quick: communicate the information but make sure that your website or app loads quickly and is easy to use
To win these micro-moments you have to understand the intent of the consumer, and then offer the most relevant, useful and high-quality information.


First you have to recognize micro-moments so they can help generate more sales, more customers if what you want to achieve.

Map out where your brand / product additional value add to the customer journey. This can be when searching for the solution to an unforeseen problem, one discovers a new product, would justify a purchase, or anything that comes with it.


Before you relevant and could be useful you need to understand what the customer wants at any time. Why, where and how they are looking. Put yourself in the world of the customer and ask yourself what would be the most useful information at that time.

By making use of contextual cues, such as their location, can be served in a more relevant experience. Terms completed by words such as "close" or the city in which it is increased by 34% since 2011, and nearly doubled since last year. Make life easier for consumers who are looking for your products or services if they are nearby.


The customer journey make it as effortless as possible is the ultimate goal. There are several ways to be where a consumer can find your business. Measuring the most effective will help you maximize conversions.

Use Google Analytics to understand what attracts the most visits to your site (or social media platforms).

The concept of micro-moments is not new, but as consumers increasingly use mobile devices to buy, learn, do and explore, it is essential that entrepreneurs understand this to be able to fill so that need.


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