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Updated on February 2, 2016
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David W. Pressler Retired Miami Dade County FireFighter, Designer Builder monolithic concrete off the grid homes and safe rooms, US Citizen.

Transportable 8 TONS

The SafeDome is a transportable 8 ton monolithic concrete structure that is capable of withstanding 200 continuous mph winds or more. Recognized by the United States Department of Defense as a Bunker / storm shelter, Miami Dade County Florida certified storm shelter and meets FEMA 320 specs for safe rooms.


Withstood the eye of Wilma for 7 hours at 130 mph continuous winds
Withstood the eye of Wilma for 7 hours at 130 mph continuous winds | Source

SALE opportunity knocks

With the uptick in storm activity and other pending doom scenarios the backyard safe room should be a no brainer for the right marketer. The ability to have your safe room delivered to your home that is immediately useable for storage, with modifications can also become an off the grid cabin or garage for your ATV or Golf Cart.

The Safedome is a branch of DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie. SafeDome portion sale does not in any way conjoin with DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie BUT since DRD is a registered vendor for the United States Government will allow safedomes access to government purchasing opportunities.

Concrete over rebar to create a monolthic concrete building
Concrete over rebar to create a monolthic concrete building | Source

Terms $100,000

Knowing that this purchase also opens opportunity to sell to DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie, a vendor for the State of Florida and the United States Government, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned small business. Additionally the SAFE DOME has a proven track record and documentation of sales to the Department of Defense, Miami Dade County Florida along with a GSA schedule for safe rooms and bunkers.


1 Delivered to your location 3 Display SafeDomes and 1 Gazebo for immediate sale and advanced orders. Experience says that units must be viewed to make a sale.

2 Established Web Sites paid until 2018

3 Up to 3 months of onsite training

4 Engineering plans sealed

5 Experience from over 30 years of monolithic concrete construction

Manufacturing location available near Lake Placid, Florida terms negotiable

5 tons Great outdoor BBQ pit
5 tons Great outdoor BBQ pit | Source

Aqua Farm Sale

Ruined Aqua farm by Gov. Scott, Putnam, Knickerbocker, Sears, Hall, Costigan Conspiracy to obstruct justice
Ruined Aqua farm by Gov. Scott, Putnam, Knickerbocker, Sears, Hall, Costigan Conspiracy to obstruct justice | Source

Florida Guilty without EVIDENCE OK!

Your Freedom depends on evidence of guilt Expose the Tallahassee Dirty 6 Sign my petition for YOU.

Reason for no longer staying in business is due to the inaction by the Florida Department of Agriculture that has declared that DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie violated Florida zoning laws by manufacturing for resale on a sanctioned greenbelt aqua farm YET cannot provide any evidence. My story of the Dirty 6 in Tallahassee to obstruct justice.

In no way do these acts affect the already established certifications even though the Florida Department of Agriculture so as to conceal their inaction to protect my farm and aqua farm rights declare the Safe Dome NOT a useful farm structure! If the Safe Dome is a useful farm structure then DeSoto County prevented farm structures from being built, DUH!

Governor Scott assigns Inspector General Sears to my complaint that DeSoto County came onto this sanctioned aqua farm and issued a cease work order plus evicted the required caretaker. Response from Inspector General Sears some days later was that this issue had already been rectified, noting numerous emails from the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Only by the Freedom of information law did the discovery that the Florida Department of Agriculture had long ago declared this Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business a corporation in Florida since 1994 guilty of violating the zoning laws of Florida. When requests for evidence was sent to Governor Scott, Commissioner Putnam, Director of Aquaculture Knickerbocker, Inspector General Sears, Counsels Hall and Costigan for the documents used to justify such a declaration, NONE could be provided, by any of these conspirators.

SafeDome Not a useful Farm Structure says Florida

Counsel for the Florida Department of Agriculture Hall declares that the SafeDome is not a useful farm structure?

You see Counsel Hall must say that a concrete storage shed that is both hurricane and tornado proof, fire proof, rodent resistant is not a useful farm structure because if it is then DeSoto County, A Republican District in Florida, stopped a farm from development and violated the rights of a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

When two or more officials conspire to conceal the truth it is called a Conspiracy.

Ruined corporation liquidating

SafeDomes, vacant Florida lots Liquidation sale

With the ruin of the off the grid aqua farm so ended other business endeavors DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie had scheduled, instead, will begin liquidating. More at for Florida land and dome homes.

OFF GRID aqua farm ruined by Florida


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