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Make Money Online - Pulling in the Cash on Ebay!

Updated on February 1, 2010
Flickr photo by liewcf
Flickr photo by liewcf

Buying and Selling on Ebay

Ebay is for Anybody!

There are many many ways to make money from home or make some extra cash while you are at work (I am actually writing this Hub while on the clock). HubPages can be extremely lucrative and quite easy, but in all honesty it takes some time (I am just on the horizon of pulling cash in from this website). I strongly encourage you to stick with HubPages (or to create your own account if you are new to HubPages), but if you are looking for a way to make simple, quick cash Ebay is the way to go.

Buy Bulk and Sell Slim

Anybody can use Ebay. You don't need a degree in marketing or a deep understanding of technology. All you really need is a bit of motivation, a little bit of time and a specific interest. I started using Ebay when I was surprisingly young (13-15). Before then I had an interest in Pokemon cards (alright, lets not make fun...) and I was seeing how they sold online. I noticed that individual cards were selling quite well on Ebay, but cards that were sold in lots (bulk sets of cards) went for very cheap prices.

I found that many people who would go to eviction auctions would buy a whole lot and would sell the stuff that they didn't know about in bulk on Ebay. People would just count the cards and list them online. I made a little business of buying bulk cards and then reselling them straight back on Ebay. This was quite lucrative - simply because I knew the product. I knew what keywords people might search for Pokemon cards and which were most valuable. I would list the valuable cards individually (or in specific sets) and then sell the rest as a lot. The beauty of this was, when I sold the lot of cards again online, I got virtually the same amount of money as I had purchased them for. The money that I made off the individual cards and the sets was straight profit.

The Treasure Hunt Technique

Pretty Awesome, huh? Another thing I began to do was look at Ebay trends. After my interest in Pokemon faded, I began to look into selling video games on Ebay. I looked at trends and found some of the hottest games on Ebay. I made a list of those that sold particularly well and began the search. There were plenty of game stores in my city that would simply buy a game and sell it for a 20% profit. They didn't have time to look at what each game was selling for online. I made a habit of checking these stores and keeping my eye out at garage sales and other venues. This works very well - like I said, the only thing you need is an understanding and enthusiasm about a certain subject or hobby.

One Example of selling video games goes as follows: I was helping my YMCA with a book sale and I got first choices at used books and games that I wanted to buy. I snagged a couple games that I thought might sell well on Ebay and payed 2 or 3 dollars for all 3 games. I went home and did my research on these games and found that one of them was consistently selling for $50!

I used the example of video games, but this works with virtually any topic. There will always be people selling items without an understanding of value and without an understanding of how to market these items appropriately. It is up to you to find them - the hunt is on!

Buy on Ebay - Sell at Home

The next way to make money on Ebay is a bit different. There are certain things that just don't sell on Ebay. These are usually items that either have a ridiculously high supply on Ebay or items that market to people that would not use Ebay (if it is a product that only your grandma would buy, it probably won't do well on Ebay). This is a problem for the person trying to sell, but it is perfect for you!

Here is how to turn this dilemma into a fortune. Find particular items that you feel like you could sell: Either on a website (one that is more grandma friendly), at a Saturday market or you could rent a corner of a shop. Then you buy these items for extremely cheap on Ebay (handmade goods sell extremely well in a Saturday Market, but there is no appreciation for these goods on Ebay - take advantage of this!) and sell them in a more salable venue.

Ebooks on Ebay

The last (and simplest) way to make quick cash is to sell your own goods. I am sure you have something to offer to the Ebay world. Maybe you are very good at carpentry. You could sell your items on Ebay and on top of this you can sell Ebooks. Here is where knowledge is money! Don't let your talents go to waste, all you have to do is write on a topic you know well and sell it as an Ebook. There are so often people who need to know recipes, that need a tutorial on Flash, or that need to know how to pay their bills. The beautiful thing is: Once you have written this once, you can sell it as many times as you want!


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    • apStumbo profile image

      apStumbo 6 years ago

      Thanks! I am glad to hear that

    • elle444 profile image

      elle444 6 years ago

      Great Hub! I've had some success selling on Ebay, but kind of let it go by the wayside. You just gave me new ideas about what I could sell and made me want to get back online and make some money! Thanks!

    • Cathi Sutton profile image

      Cathi Sutton 7 years ago

      Great Hub! I just listed my second and third items EVER on ebay, and hope it snowballs. My brother has been selling on ebay for years, and his success has actually bumped him up into a higher tax bracket. (One sale netted him over $40,000!) So I just had to get my feet wet! I will be back to your Hubs to gain more insight and advise! Thanks so much for writting!

    • profile image

      theor23 7 years ago

      Awesome, very good content. Good luck, and best success to you.