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Failures: "Are They Signs From The Universe" ?

Updated on September 25, 2014

Could You Be 'Programmed" To Fail?

Years ago, after a second divorce, I had a burning desire to prove to someone- anyone- but particularly my ex and also my critical mother- that I was "something". My self-esteem was crushed.

A first divorce had been devastating, but I'd bounced back. Then a second marriage had been even more disastrous.

I was a two-time loser.

After the divorce, I'd gone into real estate, but was the office joke. Two years had gone by. I'd written plenty of contracts, but never had a closing. Not even one. I had a daughter to raise, but was on a fast track to starvation.

Still, for some crazy reason I decided I was going to force the issue. After all, real estate offered a huge income, and even some status, if I could figure out how to ever sell anything.

Plus I had something to prove. I was mad as hell over my humiliation in both marriage and career.

I switched to a real estate company that had an excellent broker, one that actually trained his agents. Did exactly what he said. He taught about affirmations, and visualizations. I did them with great passion, and had phenomenal results.

And, of course, I worked night and day. I was a driven woman.

After a short time, the closings came. Another few years passed, and I was a top producer.

After a few more years, though, I was starting to develop some problems. My personal life was in total chaos. I handled so much paperwork for others that I couldn't keep up with my own. I'd hired an assistant, but she'd stolen from me. Social life was non-existent. My beeper went off night and day. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with my daughter.

And oh yeah...

I'd gotten fat. Even worse, I'd developed a drinking problem.

I just couldn't stay away from the food and alcohol at the end of the day.

But I sure was making money. Plus, people knew my name. There was no way I could quit.

Not until year 20 in the business, at which point I had destroyed my health,.

What Had Happened To My Life?

I'd just turned 50 a few weeks before.

(On that day I'd worked, just like any other, and afterwards headed for home, alone. After a few drinks, I'd gone to bed and curled up in the fetal position. No celebration. Just a phone call from my daughter, who was away at college.)

With my diagnosis, I was faced with an unpleasant reality. I'd wasted the last 20 years of my life, trying to prove, to people who didn't even care, that I was worth something.

A life of failures. No help with self esteem.

But I Got A Second Chance

Then I heard about an alternative therapy. Not only did it help me heal myself , it also led me in a new career direction. But that's the least of what it did.

It shook up my entire belief system. I began to understand why failures occur.

I was introduced to a form of biofeedback, or stress management, that dealt with the energy field that moves through and around every living thing.

Energy field? Sounded like Twilight Zone - but it was mainstream science.


Einstein stuff.

But in a software program that i actually downloaded onto a laptop computer and worked with every day.

I learned that nothing is at it seems. Not only are we are energetic beings, but we actually operate much like computers. Our brain is the CPU, our meridians the wiring, our DNA the software, etc etc.

That's why visualizing, affirming, working night and day, etc. didn't really work for many people, in the long run. Sure, i achieved my goal. But I almost killed myself in the process.

It was because my "software", or DNA, didn't support my dream. I had downloaded some deep programs of failures and undeservability. Perhaps I was even born with them, as our DNA is programmed both by heredity and environment.

The women in my family, as far back as I knew, had endured terrible stress. Their husbands had been alcoholics, and they'd gone through major crisis. Looking at it, you could see our similarities, once you were aware of how things worked.

Their lives were full of failures, heartbreaks and hardship.

If I ever was going to create the life of my dreams I had to reprogram my software. This was actually possible through stress management technology.

And what about the fact that, in spite of all my hard work, at age 50 I was still a failure? I learned that, the way energy works, the bigger the failure, the bigger the potential for HUGE success.

Now I'm trying to do some internet marketing, and that definitely has an even sharper learning curve than real estate sales. However, I figured out I could run my software to help me with even that!

The software program I run gives a message everyday- called "words to ponder " This is what your unconscious mind is thinking. The first morning I ran the program to help with my internet business, this was the message:

Words to Ponder= Failure teaches success.

You'd think I'd had enough education by now-


The Definition Of Chronic Stress


When we go through chronic stress, a mechanism in our system causes us to "download" the energy/information of the event. This information is virtually identical to a virus you might get on your own computer.

This a survival mechanism. As a result, these virus are protected from the power of your willpower.

The more stressful the original event, the more adrenalin is released.

The more adrenalin, the harder the program is to release.

This information, or stress, can be passed down, from generation to generation.

With the proper stress management tools the destructive energy can be neutralized.


So What Else Can Help Reprogram DNA?

Back to the real estate days- at one point I'd gone to a counselor, concerned about my drinking.

I shared with her that I was wondering if the Universe was trying to tell me I'd made a mistake in forcing the real estate career. After all, my life was in such turmoil. Wasn't that evidence that I should have taken a different life path?

I'll never forget what she said: " The Universe doesn't care."

Shocked, all I could say was "HUH?"

"Just be happy", she explained. "It's all up to you."

Now I understand.

It didn't matter about "signs", or self immprovement programs, or affirmations, or visualizations

My life was unfolding according to a "program" i had "downloaded" in my DNA.

Happiness was a major component in any step I took to rewriting my coding.

Will Power: Why It Isn't Enough

Here's one of the more inspirational Jack Canfield presentations. You may already know that he sold millions of books "Chicken Soup For The Soul". To hear his story is to get fired up, ready to take the necessary steps to success.

And here's his blueprint, typical of almost all self improvement programs:

1. Figure out what you want

2. Figure out a plan.

3. Put the plan into action.

We could go through program after program and book after book and see the same approach. These bestselling books and authors have made millions, but here is the truth.

They are a formula for repeated failures.

That's right. 97% who follow them will only have more failures, become more hopeless, and feel more like a loser.

That's because we have a belief structure that's actually coded on our DNA. If it doesn't jive with our conscious desires, we'll fail time after time, no matter what we do on a conscious level.

Unless we take steps, which we can do, to change our unconscious programming.

The video below is well worth watching. The steps are well worth taking. But there are also steps you'll have to take on an unconscious level before you can do all this! You'll have to erase your "failures" programming!


Why There Is a 97% Failure Rate In The Success Industry

Rah Rah movitation doesn't work-we need technology to deprogram negative information!

When you go home at the end of the day, do you get out a bunch of matches and light all the lanterns? When you go to work the next day do you get out the horse and buggy?

Of course not. We invented the lightbulb, and the engine. It isn't very smart to use that old stuff any more when we've got new stuff that makes it better.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, the odds of trying to change with willpower are about a million to one shot- this information is the result of clinic trials, as Dr. Lipton is a scientific researcher!

If you're going to succeed you have to deprogram and reprogram FIRST. Then you can set up your blueprint for success.

Dr. Bruce Lipton - "We can rewrite our own personal blueprint to attain any goal we desire."

For all of you who just stepped off the deep end- this is mainstream science!

Dr. Bruce Lipton made an amazing discovery. It was always believed that the nucleus was the brain of the cell. But he was able to demonstrate that the cell membrane was the intelligence center of the cell.

This membrane receives signals from our consciousness and writes the DNA code..

For the first time in history, it has been proven that we can rewrite our DNA code.


A Few More Tips

no special order

Make your dreams a priority. Nothing is more important than following your passion- tap into it and follow it

The energy of gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions- give thanks first thing every day.

Accept that in the manifesting process, there will be setbacks. But as a result of the setbacks, you will begin to understand things that are at a very high level.

Realize that successful people have no problem failing. In fact, they say "How can I fail bigger?"

Allow yourself to receive

Find high vibrational people that you want to hang out with. (Then if you start whining they can get you to laughing.)

You don't need anything to be happy! It's a state of mind that helps reprogram your DNA!

Learn more about stress management technology . Success is easy, once you get past your own blocks.

Realize that, nutritionally, your life force may be low. You're electrical, ramp up that power!

Acknowledge your greatest weakness. It is also your greatest power.

Love NOW

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great lens with great insights, thanx for sharing.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Amazing writing and so true! Thank you for sharing some insightful thoughts.


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