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Stress Free

Updated on January 1, 2018

Stress Free

Mr.Adam has joined a new company named ABC, he is very happy because he is getting 50% more pay than previous company, but after few weeks work starts increasing and he starts working overtimes reached home when almost everyone going to sleep, and then he was feeling too much stress, so he decided to come in office at-least one hour earlier that actual office timings, but still working was not going to end up, and he can't take leave because he is more under pressure from his boss, as Boss told him again and again to complete the tasks as fast as soon as possible, another problem is that he is learning new things and have never worked in such type of environments, suddenly he got fever and feeling too much cold in office and he was till working in office and now the time is 08:00 PM and still he was saying that boss i just going to finish the task, after reach at home he felt to the bed a and after taking rest of 6 days, come back to office, Now starts thinking that Mom told him that "Work is a Never Ending Process", So he decided to work to a fixed time and set a time standard when he leaves his office and back to home, using this routine he starts getting stress free, he also started to come office just 15 minutes before than his actual time not before 01 hour, And now spending his spare time with his family gives him a Real Stress free Life.


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