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How to tackle and manage office politics?

Updated on January 21, 2012

First of all, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Amit Luthra and I am working full-time in import company for the last 10 years and also working part-time as a DJ. This is my first hub today at hubpages in which I will share my personal experience with all of you on how to tackle office politics. Read on…

The most common problem almost present in majority of offices and other workplaces is office politics. Every person who is from the working class experiences this problem, some from the first day in their office and some after a few days. Whenever you will complete your studies and go ahead for a job, from the day of the interview to the day of your first paycheck, you have to face this problem. It is everywhere because it is human nature especially jealousy is the most important trait.

Just relax and think patiently

If you will leave the present company to have some other job, is there any guarantee that we will work tension free in the new atmosphere, so lets try to tackle the whole situation in a cool way. This is a part of our daily routine. First of all make yourself busy in your work and never argue and discuss this openly in your office. Think deeply and see if you have some shortcomings in you too. If you have, then try to get rid of them. Don't do loose talks in the office pyemesis among your fellows and subordinates. As I have mentioned above in my intro, I have been in a private company for the last 10 years and from the very first day, I have experienced office politics at my workplace. What I did is that I changed myself according to the situation and successfully passed 10 years with all types of coworkers. The problem looks small, but the situation this problem creates is big, but do not get depressed because this is called STRUGGLE. I think now the first question, which is coming to your mind, will be how to manage myself in this situation and also without leaving my years old job.

I have identified, categorized, and detailed out some popular types found in every workplace and I am really sure that one or other from them will be causing a problem to you today or in the future.

Back Stabbers

The first and most important types of gamers who play office politics are back stabbers and these are also the most dangerous types. A back stabber in your office will stab you on your back very hard and really fast with a hidden sweet knife. A back stabber can be your old friend, your new colleague, or your senior or junior. In front of you, a back stabber will try to show you by his ways that he is your best mate but at your back and when you are not there, he will change everything exactly opposite of what he will be showing in front of you. He will make you seem lazy, untrustworthy, and incompetent. A back stabber will do that in a way that everyone else will believe to what he/she is saying.

My counter attack for back stabbers

According to me, the best rule to confront back stabbers, is to tell them what you know about him/her but in a private place and not in public and he/she will stop doing that.

Politicians at workplace

The second most important types involved in office politics are politicians. This breed of politicians is not only found in government offices but also in private ones. I have got a hand-to-hand experience tackling with them. A politician in an office environment will make the right noise at the most suited moment. He will do the backstabbing. He will also compliment the boss and will do the work for him. A politician will always say good things for the superior management and your immediate boss in his/her presence, will never give you credit for the work done, and will place other coworkers in opposition to each other to stay on top of them and you.

Counter attack for politicians at workplace

Being diplomatic is the first tip in dealing with office politicians. Always try to keep yourself 5 feet away from them. Don’t disclose your personal and professional matters to them, even matters which are related to your immediate boss and you. Keep a very close eye on politicians and do not get yourself involved in politics. In the office premesis, have open communication with your coworkers and colleagues to be updated of his/her upcoming deeds. The key to tackle a politician in a better manner is to be well informed about his/her games.


The third one in the category is a blamer. A blamer will always thrive to blame on someone or other the mistakes he/she has done. Learning why they do this is very important. According to me, they do this in order to put their leg on your shoulders and climb the ladder of success leaving you behind.

Counter attack for blamers

What is do for blamers is that I keep a record of blamer’s mistakes for a period of time so that I can expose him in front of the boss and other staff members but this should be done secretly. This is the best solution and has worked for me. Investigate, check, and counter check to be sure that you are not framed in the game.

Credit Stealers

The next one in the category comes a credit stealer. He can be your coworker or your boss. A credit stealer knows your potential and will involve you into some type of teamwork to do a certain task. He will motivate you by saying that yes WE can do this thing and YOU have got the potential but when the task will be completed and you will be waiting for receive the appreciation and credit for the work done, you will be astonished to see that he will take all the credit by saying one simple thing that I have worked very hard on this assignment or project and it took me so many hours to get the work done. Your face will be red and you will feel pity on your situation.

Counter attacking credit stealers:

The best way to tackle credit stealers is first of all work with him/her in the team and when the time comes for presentation, tell your senior boss that how much time it took for you to complete this assignment and what efforts you have put into it. The top notch boss will know about your work and achievements beforehand and you can avoid your credit to be stolen.

The above are some techniques I use in my day-to-day office life and you can use them to but shhhhhh. Do not tell them to anyone.

Best of luck.

Office politics - Do not get astonished - it is everywhere.
Office politics - Do not get astonished - it is everywhere.
A Back stabber
A Back stabber
A blamer
A blamer
Office politics toons.
Office politics toons.
Manage office politics
Manage office politics

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