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Ten More Twitter Tips

Updated on June 8, 2015
Ten more tips to help you use Twitter effectively
Ten more tips to help you use Twitter effectively | Source

Ten more tips for using Twitter effectively and efficiently

Recently, I wrote about the top mistakes that people make when they are using Twitter. It didn't take me long to get another collection together as you'll see below.

The fact is that there are a lot of people and businesses who use the service simply because they have read, or heard, that everyone should be on Twitter.

And yes, it's a great service when used efficiently. When you've read the info below, pop back up here to check these links for more details.

The top 10 Twitter mistakes

How to use hashtags

How long should a tweet be?

1. There are lots of services and phone apps which will automatically tweet. Normally you have to check the option in order to do so.

But it's such a bad idea. On the right you'll see an automatically tweeted FourSquare check-in. Everywhere this person goes, she checks in with Foursquare and tweets. This provides me, the follower, with no benefit and no benefits to her. An instant reason to unfollow.

2. The one you see below was a bit of a problem. At first, it seems like a good deal - retweet and enter into draw to win tickets to a fun event.

But as you can see, when I go to retweet it,it's fourteen characters too long. So I need to edit it. But how do I know which part of the message they are using to track retweets? It can't be the hashtag because that it general for the event, not the contest. (They should use their own unique one - #premdraw or similar.)

So which part can I edit? I've no idea how to retweet this to enter.

3. This has a similar problem.

I wanted to retweet this but I'd have to edit out seventeen characters and spaces.The original poster could have made it easier.

The words 'attempts to gain' could go altogether. 'One' could be '1'. 'Get a boost' could be 'boosted'.In the end, I didn't retweet, I couldn't spare the time.

See the link above about keeping tweets short.

4. This could be called 'find the link'. There is one, somewhere in the muddle of hashtags but it's almost lost.

It's a good idea to put links at the end, but putting them in the middle of a gang of hashtags should definitely be avoided.

5. Some people don't mind them but a huge number of Twitter users say that the most irritating tweets are quotes.

For those who do like quotes there are hundreds of accounts that specialise in them. They're not needed (every day, in this case) from ordinary people.

There is also the question here of why have two accounts that have the same message? There's a high chance that this are automated which gives me no confidence in this tweeter.

6. Also on most people's list of annoyances are people whose tweets lead to Facebook.

Many people will say 'if I like you,I'm following you on Facebook anyway'. Remember though that your Twitter followers and your Facebook followers have different needs.Tailor your messages accordingly.

From a marketing point of view, don't send people to an unbranded Facebook page, send them to your own site where your specials are in your beautifully-branded blog.

They might click on your 'reservations' link and book a table for twelve or a penthouse suite for a month...

And don't think that you can delete erroneous tweets - they will still show on a lot of devices as you can see here - pointed out by the red arrows.

7. See the image below to find out what happened when I clicked a link in a tweet.

No, this isn't an error on this page. But it is an error on the part of the person who tweeted this link.

Who knows? It could have been the exact product that I was looking for at exactly the time when I feel like splurging.

8. Why do people do this cross-posting to Twitter and Facebook? Mostly so that they can assure their bosses that they are 'making the most of social media'. (At very little effort).

But leaving aside the Facebook faux pas, they don't have their facts right. May 2nd is not a Saturday but a Friday.So when is the event?Mint julips? I thought the words was 'julep'.

This message really doesn't make me trust this local bar - I bet they wouldn't give me the correct change if I was settling a tab.

9. Above we had the hidden link. Here we have the totally non-existent link.Why are they tweeting, after all? I'm in Florida. I find that info interesting.

I would have possibly clicked on a link to learn more.There, I might have looked around for a while and booked a weekend trip to Central Florida. Which should be their goal,after all.

10. Baffling, completely baffling. Why on earth tweet a Pinterest link?That's much worse than Facebook - at least I'm likely to get your information from Facebook (if I click which is unlikely).But Pinterest?

OK, I'll look at your pretty picture and there's a very remote chance that I'll click through to your site or blog. Very remote.This adds no value to me and no benefits to the tweeter.

Imagine that you had a time machine.

You go back to an old-school ad agency and you're talking to one of their employees. (Maybe Darrell Stevens, from 'Bewitched'.) You tell him that you come from the 21st. century where people can advertise and promote their products, services and wares completely free of charge - and in only minutes a day.Then tell him, that unbelievably, there are some people who just don't make the most of it.

He'd think they were crazy - but he'd want a copy of the book below.

Shopping List

The Internet Marketing Bible
The Internet Marketing Bible

It's true - internet marketing is the most cost-effective and quickest way to reach potential clients.

This is phenomenal opportunity. Please be sure to learn as much as you can about the subject. You'll see the benefit.


© 2014 Jackie Jackson


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      Jackie Jackson 3 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @David Stone1: Thanks so much, Dave.

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      David Stone 3 years ago from New York City

      Great, helpful stuff again, Jackie. Thanks a lot.