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The Best Place to Buy Gold

Updated on September 21, 2012

Why You Know Now is the Time to Buy Gold

Thank you for visiting my little lens. I hope I can help you in some way to grow your personal wealth while hedging inflation, the sinking dollar value, and the instability of stocks. I choose to invest in gold for several important reasons, all of which make logical sense in today's economy and world instability. I believe you will agree, especially since you were brought here by similar interests. You, like me, understand that gold is a hard asset that has been steadily increasing in value since 2001. As you can see, gold had taken a dip, but it is very strongly trending upwards now, with no slowdown in sight. That may just be the last dip before is shatters the $2,000 an ounce price. Unrest in the world assures it (in my opinion).

Gold Bullion
Gold Bullion

I Found a Great Place to Trust with my Gold

If you are serious about gold, and buy it in bullion form, you will need a place to store it, unless you want to keep it in your house. I do have a very small amount of physical gold at home, but that is just because they are just display pieces for me (a couple gold coins and a small gold bar). I keep my gold investment at Regal Assets. I just like them because they were friendly and helpful without pressure. Its nice to deal with companies that genuinely want to help you. I also learned a lot from their free information they sent me. You can get it if you want by clicking on the picture of gold bars.

Gold on Amazon

If you are looking to hold a small quantity of gold, you may just be interested in picking it up here on Amazon. I have chosen to display a few pieces that I like, but if you click on one it will take you to a page where you can search for more. I love Amazon, and I buy quite a bit from them. Can't beat the price and service in my opinion.

More Info on why Trust is so Important in Buying Gold

This video is so informative on the reason to by gold and make sure you are buying from a company you can trust.

Gold: From Powder to Bars

Here is a video I thought was pretty cool. Taking gold raw material and melting it down to create a gold bar.

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    • profile image

      irfanimovick 5 years ago

      nice lens .. gold is a good investment.. how do you think about dinar/dirham?

    • TheGoGlobalBabe profile image

      TheGoGlobalBabe 5 years ago

      Great lens I think gold is a good investment.

    • CoffeeDude LM profile image

      CoffeeDude LM 5 years ago

      @bothewebguy: I think we are still looking at the makings of another big wave upward. World unrest and the sinking dollar assure this.

    • bothewebguy profile image

      bothewebguy 5 years ago from North Myrtle Beach, SC

      I like Gold! Do you think the price will continue to increase?

    • CoffeeDude LM profile image

      CoffeeDude LM 5 years ago

      @WriterJanis2: I believe it is the best investment, along with silver, in these times. Thanks Janis!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      Gold could really be a good investment.