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The Power Of Autoresponder Online Email Marketing

Updated on December 10, 2008

The Effective Use Of Your Autoresponder

One of the best ways of growing your business is with email marketing and to use an autoresponder which gives you the ability to follow up with your website visitors who have signed up to receive either a newsletter or a series of email tutorials from you automatically.

In todays age of spamming you need to set your autoresponders to make sure your sign ups are double opt-in so that it safeguards against spam and re-assures you and the person opting in that they have signed up for what you are about to present, and that if they also would like to unsubscribe then they can with a link at the very bottom of every email message you send out.

Now setting up your autoresponder is really easy first you have to find one that gives you all the best features such as unlimited autoresponders and the ability to track your clicks, also if you want to present a good newsletter then you may need some good newsletter templates to make your information stand out in a html format.

Aweber is the best autoresponder by far and it's currently one I use as it is easy to set up and once you write all of your email content follow ups it's a case of setting it and forgetting it (apart from adding updated emails every now and again!) Oh and backing up your email marketing messages.

When sending out a direct mail campaign like large companies used to do they usually sent out one letter after another in set intervals until it was no longer cost effective to do so, well the same principal applies online but typically the amount of times to send a prospect an offer is usually 7 times until they are likely to buy, this strategy creates a much higher response rate than with a one shot mailing like most big companies always do.(bearing in mind that large companies have the capital to advertise on radio and tv, not to mention the yellow pages and other sources..!)

There are many uses to use an autoresponder the top ones are to provide something of use to the readers either an informative newsletter in whatever niche market you wish or a set of email tutorials that help you achieve some goal in easy to follow step by step chunks.

If you are providing high quality information that they are unlikely to get anywhere else then you will build trust and people will be more confident to buy from you especially if you are communicating on a personal level and of course you know what you are talking about.

Another point to note is not to oversell something, as it just appears like you want them to buy and that will simply not work, fair enough you can place some ads within your email but keep them to a minimum or at least try and relate them to your content so that it looks like you are genuinely recommending something of value to them, rather than being the sales man you want to be the expert first.

Another thing about sign up forms especially with Aweber you can split test your email follow ups in different ways from the actual sign forms to pop ups right the way down to split testing each message against others to see what's working and being clicked on etc.

You could create simple email follow ups that could be based around a single title such as "ten top tips for eating out" or "100 tips for beating depression", so long as it is informative and it serves it's purpose of being of use to anyone who subscribes to your list, of course you could add relevant affiliate links and re-directs within your content to effectively monetize your subscriber list.


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