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The Power Of Good Customer Service

Updated on September 22, 2015

I've been there!

If you work with the public than you know how difficult it can be. Working in a retail store or in the hospitality industry can be very difficult. I know because I have been a retail manager for over 30 years.

But being in the industry has given me a good amount of knowledge and experience. And I would like to share some of that experience with you.

Over the years I have dealt with every kind of customer you can think of both good and bad. I've had to calm down the angry, satisfy the picky and escort the drunk. I've even been robbed at gun point...but that is another story.

My point is, I have been there. I know the good and the ugly when it comes to providing good customer service and how it affects your bottom line.

Excellent Customer Service Is Something People Remember

When a customer is passionate and emotional about an experience they had, they will be sure to share their experience. Humans thrive on emotions. And this is true with both positive and negative emotions.

So if someone has a terrible experience, I promise you they will tell all of their friends. They will be sure that you lose business. Not only can the negative review affect your business but it hurts your reputation, which in effect hurts your business. And once you get a bad reputation, it is hard to turn things around.

But on the other hand, excellent service is something that people remember. And the good reviews of your customers will surely send you some business. And if you really delight your customer on an emotional level they will be a customer for life.

Great Customer Service Example

Good Customer Service can make or break your business

Years ago, I had a 45 minute drive daily for work. So in the morning I was always rushing around to get out the door. I would stop and get coffee on my way to work. And I went to different places. But one day I stopped at a new coffee shop and had the best experience of my life. The service was so fast amazing. The cashier was very bubbly and cheerful. And she made me feel appreciated. I couldn't believe it and the coffee was reasonably priced.

So the next day I went back and was pleasantly surprised that the cashier remembered how I liked my coffee. Again she had that welcoming smile and made me feel welcome.

So this became my morning coffee stop. This is where I got my coffee for over five years.

Think about it, by this person taking a moment to smile and make a great cup of coffee and making me feel special, her company made over $2,600 from just me. That is a lot of coffee. But lets break it down. I got coffee at $2 a cup, 5 days a week for 5 years.

This means the other coffee shops lost out on my $2,600 worth of business!

And their service wasn't bad, It just wasn't the greatest.

So do you see how providing excellent customer service can affect your business? Do you see how good service and making your customer feel special can make you or your company rich?

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The Customer is Always Right

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The Customer Is Right!

Something that I learned over the years is that my retail life is much happier when I focus on making my customer happy. When I was younger I used to want to fight it. I felt that people were picky and expected way to much. And I got more and more negativity and customer issues.

When I changed my attitude and decided to let the customer be right and just focused on making them happy, I realized things seemed to go much smoother. The environment I worked in seemed better and lighter.

I realized that the happier my customers were, the more my sales and profits went up. So going forward I focus on making people happy. It isn't a chore. It is just what I do. And my bottom line proves that it works.

I learned to lighten up and let the customer be right. It is no sweat off my back.


Customer Satisfaction Ideas

Here are a few customer satisfaction ideas that you can use right now to help you out.

  • Smile: A smile is an easy way to let customers know that you care and are approachable. Be friendly and smile. Also be sure to use eye contact.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Use their name: People are very impressed when you remember their name. It makes them feel special. So if you know their name, be sure to use it.
  • Ask Questions: It is difficult to help someone if you don't know what they need. So Ask questions.
  • Offer Suggestions: Once you find out your customers needs, be sure to offer products that will satisfy your customers needs.
  • Give them a free gift: If you have samples or something extra then give it. Customers like free stuff.
  • Thank Them: I know it is a simple thing to do but a "thank you" can go a long way.
  • Be genuine. Sincerely care about people.


Do you have a customer service story or idea that will help others? Please share it in the comments. Thanks in Advance!

© 2014 Wendy Krick


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