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Are You Sure You Are Taking Quality Pictures For Items You Are Selling On Ebay?

Updated on July 22, 2011

Ever heard of the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? This can be applied to every business online, especially a business on ebay.

A quality picture on ebay can mean the difference between a successful sale and disappointment because of not making any sales. Your customers need pictures in order to be able to trust that you actually do have the product that you are advertising.

I've seen my fair share of horrible pictures on ebay. That's why i've composed a list of tips for taking pictures of items you are selling on ebay.

First Tip For Taking Pictures Of Items You Are Selling On Ebay- Your Background

Your background is perhaps the most important step to remember. A cluttered background is distracting to your customers and takes away from your product. As a result, your customer is stuck trying to figure out exactly what your product looks like.

Always use a plain background when taking photographs of your items. Don't forget to use a background that contrast nicely with your item because you want to make it stand out. If you're not a photographer who owns a studio in your home, you can create a mini-studio yourself. You do this by using a poster board or big drawing paper.

I usually just tape the paper to my wall, set up my product, and start clicking away. It's as easy as that. If you don't keep drawing paper, a towel can serve as a substitute. Remember to make sure that your picture frame only includes your custom made plain background and your item. It gives a professional quality to your picture.

Second Tip For Taking Pictures Of Items You Are Selling On Ebay- Focus Carefully And Correctly

Remember to raise the focus of your camera to take good photos. You don't need an expensive camera in order to take good photos. You can play with the focus of your camera phone till you get your desired results. Quality in the ebay world pretty much refers to a picture that's not too blurry and distracting to not be recognizable.

Remember that its not a photograph contest, you want enough quality for the customer to be able to make out the nitty-gritty details of your item. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't work to make your photos look presentable, if you are able to.

A professional looking photo gains more trust from your customers. If you are lucky enough to own photoshop, you can use it to get an even better quality of your photo

Third Tip For Taking Pictures of Items You Are Selling On Ebay- Show Your Product Imperfections

Show any defects your products might have, especially if you mentioned it in your item description. This tip is very important. If your item has significant bumps or scratches, make sure it is visible in your photo. I know, it will probably downplay the value of your product but it lets your customer know exactly what he or she is purchasing.

This prevents confusion that could end up in a scathing email requesting a return or worse, seller negative feedback. Also, don't hesitate to show anything you think will be of an advantage for you to show your customer, like a cool design or company name or logo.

Fourth Tip For Taking Picture Of Items You Are Selling On Ebay- Use Soft Lighting

Soft lighting is recommended when taking pictures of your items. A photo with quality lighting is crucial because it helps your potential customers see your product. This is especially true if your Item has a shiny surface. Shadows and reflections in your photo should not be visible, or your customer will move on to another seller with a related product.

It is best to take your pictures during daytime. That way you have access to natural light from outside. If the light isn't bright enough you can always use a bright lamp and point it towards a spot on a wall, never directly at your product. If you don't have a lamp, a candle is great too.

Don't obsess over this, again its not a picture contest. You just want enough light for your customer to be able to see your product details.

Fifth Tip For Taking Pictures Of Items You Are Selling On Ebay- Show Other Angles

Be sure to take various angles of your product. This one is another big tip. You might be reserved at having to pay more fees for multiple photos but its a tiny sacrifice to pay. Multiple photos offer your customer more familiarity with your product.

You not only gave them a detailed description and a great quality photo that shows lot of details, you showed your customer what your product looks like from all angles. That will definitely earn the trust of your customers.

Article originally written by Joseph Osbourne.


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    • queeny09 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Texas

      @Nexusx2- Thanks! I'm glad you found them useful!

      @Dave- Thanks for the pointers and welcome to hubpages! The community is quite wonderful.

      I've been on ebay for about a year now. I don't sell regularly but Its a way to make an extra income. Ebay can be quite tough so I'm always looking for new tips to help me as a seller. Thanks again!

    • Dave Powell profile image

      Dave Powell 

      7 years ago from Winchester, MA

      Great tips, queeny! And here are some related ones for your hub:

      (1) Fill the frame with the subject. Customers want to see more details and less background.

      (2) At all costs, resist the temptation to "Photoshop out" visible item imperfections. It's easy to do, but there's no place for it in online selling.

      (3) Check the photos in competing items... and do them one better!

      (I'm actually one of the very first eBay sellers, and am also a brand new hubber. I found your hub when I just published my first eBay piece. So our little eBay community is growing!)

      Hope these help!


      Dave Powell

    • Nexusx2 profile image


      7 years ago

      Good tips to remember while submiting quality pictures to sell on ebay.


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