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Tony Robbins: How To Be Hugely Successful By Helping People

Updated on May 17, 2012

Creating The Most Incredible Life With The Help Of Tony Robbins


"How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?"
— Tony Robbins


Isn't that a great inquiry? It brings such meaning to the moment and how each thing you do influences what you become.

I recently listened to an interview with Tony Robbins (a.k.a. Anthony Robbins), a man I greatly admire. This man has done so much by way of helping people live in ways that not only make them extremely successful at whatever they do, but also create happiness and fulfillment on every level.

Working with everyone from leaders of countries and corporations to professional athletes and everyday people, Tony’s work has without a doubt helped the world become a better place.

Millions of people have learned from Tony, either live at an event, or via any number of videos, books, and audios he has produced. He is, without a doubt, one of the most positively influential people in the world today.

As a yoga instructor, I love Tony’s approach because it aligns with the philosophy of excellence and integrity that informs my yoga practice. But no matter what line of work you’re in, or where you are in your life, Tony has something to offer you that could be totally transformational!

Any chance I have to learn from him I take, because I always get inspiration and insight on how to live life more fully. Here I share with you what I got out of my latest experience with Tony Robbins.

Get Passionate About Finding Ways To Help People

The interview the following information was taken from was facilitated by two highly respected business consultants, Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren. These two are hosting calls with some of the world's most exceptional leaders for creating success in business, marketing, and life. The insights I've received on the first calls with these extraordinary teachers have been incredible, and Tony's interview was part of this series.

One of the first things Tony said that really stood out for me was this: "If you want the ultimate competitive advantage in life and business it is to create raving fan customers." Get hungry; be passionate about finding ways to add value to people's lives.

The best and most successful people have "created a way to add more value to your life than anyone else is adding," Tony continued.

So how do you do that?

Live an extraordinary life, and extend that mastery to your business. Give your very best every day in every aspect of life.

Influencing people is the way to be successful in life and business. Well, first, to influence another person, you have to understand what they want and need, and what the best way to approach them is. Part of this is really caring enough to find out what will best serve the other person.

Ultimately there are two factors in what influences us as human beings: first is your state of mind - what you're feeling and thinking. The other is the core values and integrity of the person who is influencing you.

This means that if you are seeking to influence someone, your intentions have to be honest and good, or they'll know it! And then you have to consider what frame of mind they're in, and if you can help them be in a more open state to receive the help you want to offer.

An Adventure of the Self

This exceptional book, Yoga for Dragon Riders, invites you to step up to your fullest, most empowered self. Blending yoga, meditation, mantras and affirmations, breath-work, healing, energy, and countless inspiring practices, this book is a joy to read and bring into your life.

Are you ready to take your ability to live with integrity, love, power and wisdom to the next level? Yoga for Dragon Riders invites you to bring such honor and playfulness into your life that you will feel like you're ready to climb onto your friendly Dragon and fly!

Curious? Check out the first two chapters and full length yoga videos for free: Yoga for Dragon Riders the book!

The 6 Needs That Drive Us As Human Beings

If there's an area you're not quite pleased with in your life, you seek to learn and find things to fulfill that.

You know this about yourself, and it's true for others. So, as in business, there is something you can offer in a unique way to help others fulfill their own desires to live more fully and become who they want to be.

To increase profits in business and live a better life in general, think about how you can genuinely help people and meet their needs.

Here are these 6 needs that explain why people do what they do

(according to our friend Tony Robbins) with notes on how to incorporate these needs in business and life:

Need for certainty - Create a bond where people know they can count on you.

Need for uncertainty - Surprise, stimulation, curiosity, these things are also an integral part of feeling alive. Give people variety. Engage their imagination.

Need for significance - Help people feel relevant, important, like they are a part of something and who they are matters.

Connection and love - We all need to feel connected and cared for. Truly extend these qualities from yourself through your product or service and interaction with others.

Need to grow - We feel alive when we're evolving, learning. Focus on progress. It's about the journey, the growth along the way. Helping people feel like they're making progress on their path is crucial.

Contribute beyond yourself - Have a meaningful life. Don't just get things, give things. Contribute to people's lives, and help people see that they can do this as well. This nurtures our human desire to help each other and makes the world a better place.

Being successful in business isn't just about how much you make, it's about the entire experience for the customer AND YOU. Why? Well, if you aren't truly loving what you do or at least feel like you can contribute to other's lives with honest intent, then it is highly probably that you're unhappy with what you're doing.

Find a way to make the world a better place. Even if it's a small contribution, it counts.

Excellent Trainings From Tony Robbins

Learning with Tony is easy because he has so many DVDs, CDs, and books of the highest quality. These are tremendous tools to improve your life and business.

Lessons in Mastery
Lessons in Mastery

Listening to Tony while driving or walking is a great way to learn without taking any time. I love his CD sets.


3 Pillars To Progress And Mastery

Tony explains that to be competitive in life and businesses, you need to be masterful at what you do.

Go deep enough in whatever you do to master it. Be passionate about life. Have the discipline to not only aspire to mastery, but to do what it takes to get there, and as you do, enjoy the rewards.

3 Power Pillars: With these in place you'll be successful in whatever you apply them to (life, body, business, money, spirituality, relationship).

1. Have a laser like focus to become a master.You must become obsessed with this area of your life, says Tony with his characteristic enthusiasm. Be really specific about what you want. Get clear on your goals. Know what you want and why you want it. Make it compelling. Get passionate and you will enjoy your creation of mastery.

2. Get the best: tools, strategy, mentors, knowledge... Everything is changing, so change with it, but get excellent guidance to help you. Find someone you admire, who is the best at what you want to do, and learn from them. Model what they've done, read what they have to say, become their student, even if it isn't possible to study directly with them. We can learn even from masters who are no longer living, or from people on the other side of the world.

The League of Extraordinary Minds is one way to do this, says Tony, because you can learn from some of the absolute best and most successful business and marketing people in the world. These people know how to live well and make money.

3. Get going! Take consistent action to get yourself where you want to go.Follow through. Get focused, learn from the best, and the APPLY it. If you have a problem doing this, there are inner conflicts that need to be addressed. If you don't think you have enough time the real feeling behind that is that it's overwhelming or you don't know what's most important to you. Or if you're afraid you'll fail there is a fear of not being totally in control. Heal those conflicts within to open wide the door to success.

Yoga is an excellent and proven method to do this. It helps you align with your intention in ways that clear the confusions and blocks, creating a life dedicated to living in the highest freedom and service. It is a path to great joy and clarity.

The way you turn around inner conflicts is to become aware of what's stopping you. Know why you're doing what you're doing, and if you're working with a team sit down and discuss it. Address the risks to mitigate the fear. Then get the tools you need and take steps to change them.

Alignment is power, Tony explains. Align with the flow of all of these methods and philosophies to move into mastery.

I love that he says this! This is what yoga is all about - aligning with what is life affirming; creating a life that serves the highest for yourself and others. I always get so excited when I hear people talk like this in ways that resonate fully with the path I'm on.

If you're focused you'll have energy. If you're clear you can see where you're going. If it's compelling you will continue to have the motivation and meaning that you need to realize your dreams.

Tony Describes The 2 Master Lessons Of Life

"Step up and don't dabble. Master your life. Don't settle." Yeah Tony! Say it like it is.

What creates an extraordinary life is different for everyone, Tony continues. It may be spending time with your kids, laughing, having freedom, being great at sports, writing a book, or anything else.

The first Lesson of Life is the Science Of Acheivement. Ultimately you have to be able to turn your dreams into reality and there are certain ways to do this. If you align with the principles of success and put those principles into action, it works!

The second is the Art Of Fulfillment. Part of what makes the world so beautiful is the unbelievable diversity. One of the principles of fulfillment is if you're going to feel like life really matters you've got to keep growing, keep innovating, and truly give others value. "We grow, or we die. We give, or we feel dead inside."

Keep growing, adapting; moving toward your goals. When you achieve your goals set new ones. There is no ceiling to the human experience, and therefore, since businesses at their essence are human creations, there is no limit to what we can do with them. We need to be contributing and engaged to feel like life is meaningful.

Master the art of fulfillment by growing, giving, and celebrating. Do this on a huge scale and you'll have the riches you want.

Celebrate life. Be grateful for what you already have. Don't loose perspective - one way to do this is to think about how many people on this earth don't have their basic human needs of food and shelter met. Another way is to look for the good, the beauty, in everything. Count your blessings. Appreciate how much you already have.

Again, here Tony touches on the two main purposes of practicing yoga: Remembering the bigger picture and energy that interconnects us all (gratitude is an excellent way to do this), and to celebrate life!

Nurture Yourself

Developing your own core with yoga and meditation is an excellent and effective way to support success in all aspects of life.

Feed your mind, every day, with goodness and excellence.

Turn every challenge into an opportunity to grow, share your unique talents, and celebrate the blessings in your life. This teaching, straight out of Tony's mouth, is also a core principle of yoga.

Part of taking each moment as it comes, in the flow of the current of life, is recognizing the chances you are given to expand yourself and what you can offer others. You can train yourself to do this, and there are so many approaches.

The yoga that I practice and teach has been instrumental in creating a pattern of spacious focus; a default attitude of looking for the gifts life offers and doing the best I can with them.

Part of my own practice is to apply this integrity and excellence to every part of my life, including business. We all need to bring in abundance to have the freedom to live the ways we want to live. If you're worried about money, it's hard to devote as much time and energy to spiritual or charitable practices. Financial stability is part of your personal foundation.

Jay Abraham, one of the facilitators of the interview with Tony, says this: "You can have every business and marketing strategy out there and still not follow through... you get nowhere. If there's one thing that separates people that succeed in business massively, financially in life, it's the power of their mindset; their psychological strength."

Tony agrees, and speaks very highly of the panels of experts Jay and Rich have been putting together. "My level of passion to having access to experts... the value of that to me is something that's priceless to be able to learn from the very best."

"The secret to living is giving." Tony Robbins says.

I'll leave you with one more fantastic quote:

"Never forget: the secret of creating riches for oneself is to create them for others." - Sir John Templeton:

An Awesome Presentation By Tony Robbins

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This Is A Great Interview With Tony Robbins

Are you new to yoga?

Have you learned from Tony Robbins or another extraordinary master of living fully? Please share one or two things you got out of what they teach as a gift to the rest of us.

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love robbins. If i am ever in the dumps, I start to rememember the things he teaches and I feel back on track again. I think must products for getting things done in life is the program "time of your life" along with the program "personal power".I believe these two programs compliment each other and believe you should learn both of these systems not just the one.

      Not only robbins has empowered so many lives but also definatley saved many lives.I cannot tell you the amount of times i use to feel sad and depresssed,that is before I came across the robbins programs. I know if it weren't for his programs I would've become very sick. He has definatley saved peoples lives without a doubt. I

      love love love this guy soooooooooooooooooooo much!

      A great blog.Very inspiring.cheers

    • KatrinaAriel1 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      @GrowWear: Thanks for commenting. So glad you enjoyed the lens!

    • KatrinaAriel1 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      @Rowan_Goodheart: Me too! Thanks for stopping by and checking out this lens!

    • KatrinaAriel1 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      @anonymous: You're so welcome! I'm glad to be able to help.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very motivational. I love Tony Robbins!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Tony always gets me so excited about life, and pumped to go out and help people. What a great guy. Thanks for this excellent article!

    • profile image


      9 years ago


      Thanks so much for all this encouraging positive uplifting help.

      I am getting my dose of good this morning and it's before 8:00AM

      Have a very creative day today.


    • KatrinaAriel1 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Wow! First off a very humble thank you for such a high complement! And second, I so want to attend a live event with Tony! So great that you took that opportunity. [in reply to CaseyKaldal]

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Tony Robbins Rocks!

      I love him. I seen him live, walked across burning coals with Tony cheering me on.

      If you want to get far in life find outstanding mentors and coaches.

      Tony and Katrina are two of the finest teachers and mentors in my life.

      Listen to what these two have to say!



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