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Training and Jobs for a Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer

Updated on January 27, 2012

Modern security systems and fire alarms need specialized knowledge for proper installation. This has opened up tens of thousands of jobs for those with the proper training and skills to install these home protection systems.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 57,390 installers for fire alarm and security systems in the United States in May of 2010. This job pays fairly well for one with minimal required training to get up to speed. The average median salary was $38,500 for that same time frame.

While you may sometimes get a job and then get trained at work, there are other ways to get training for security systems and fire alarm installation. These courses are typically conducted either through an association of installers or a college or trade school.

Looking at the various classes, the typical training time is about 50 to 150 hours and may be spread out over a few weeks. For those who want to train in both security systems and fire alarms, you can either attend a course that teaches both kinds of installation or attend separately. If attending separate courses for installers, it will generally take more time.

An example of the fire alarm installer training option is the National Alarm Association of America. Its partner, Limited Energy Resource Center, provides classes in Basic Fire Alarm Principles and many advanced topics.

An example of a formal school setting for installer training is the Electronic Security Systems Installer training course, which is provided by the New York City College of Technology. This is a 72-hour course that meets at night. For security and fire-alarm installation job training in your area, look either for employers or associations of installation companies.

The major employers for installers are investigation/security companies and construction contractors. Of course, companies like ADT that provide installation services will be good places to look for a job after you complete your training.


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