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tricks to get a job in a difficult year

Updated on January 24, 2011

The company Randstad has developed a Decalogue to help people who are currently unemployed to improve some aspects that can help. Thus, as explained by Noemi Delás, regional head of HR (human resources) of the southern part of Randstad, "the candidate must be organized job search plan that allows you to get a job not only quickly, but according to their interests. " This makes it indispensable: 

Setting targets 


The candidate should specify what type of position, organization and conditions are as you want. According Delás, is "to define the objectives and an analysis of working conditions that are willing to accept. This is summarized in three points: what I want, when they want and where I work. " 

Informational Interviewing 


The current situation has reduced the number of job opportunities, so it is more important than ever to identify potential employment opportunities. The recruitment companies, currently the media, direct contact with companies, as well as the Internet and job boards, etc. can help the candidate. It also should be aware of the professional social networks. 

Curriculum development 


The CV must be clear, concise, visual and not too long, with a maximum of two pages in length. It will include major professional accomplishments in reverse chronological order and training, especially those related to the job you're looking for. The most practical is to have a generic template, and from her work with specific models for each position to which the candidate will qualify. If the applicant's previous work experience should include internships, scholarships or volunteer who has made, with special emphasis on training. 

The personal interview 


The candidate must be prepared, answer honestly, be clear and show a positive attitude. The spontaneity and self confidence can get to the next level. It is also essential to preserve the image, as it may be the only chance to make a good impression. 

Screening test 


When faced with the evidence, you must read and listen carefully. It is important to stay focused, use common sense and not try to go all the way at any cost. 

Know the status of applications 


It is important to demonstrate a clear interest in the job and the company and be proactive, stay informed on the different nominations for a choice. 

Add value to the company 

The candidate has to exploit their skills and competencies to the company throughout the process of finding a job. The best ability is to highlight those skills that can be extrapolated to the position and provide added value to the company, ie explain why the company should hire the candidate. A highly valued in the corporate culture is that the person is committed to the project and the needs of the company. 

Leaving the door open 


The candidate has not always done with the position you choose, but no need to close the doors of the company, as it may be valid for another selection process of the same company, so it is important to successfully close the communication with the company. It should welcome the opportunity to participate in the process and leave the door open. 

Being active 


Maintain an updated and quality training with respect to the position to which we focus, provide a language or detailed knowledge of sector-specific training will be essential assets for the candidate. 

Positive attitude 


It is important to have a positive attitude during the job search. Companies want workers who enjoy what they do. To other candidates with the same training and experience can be a factor.


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