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Trying to Save Money on PPC Could End Up Costing You More

Updated on November 15, 2015

"Hiring someone is too expensive."

"How hard could it be? I'll figure it out."

"I don't have the time or resources to hire anyone."

"I don't know how to find a reputable expert."

How many times have you used one of these excuses when it comes to hiring a PPC expert?

Be honest.

I know I know. Creating a PPC campaign is like flossing. You know you need to do it. Starting is the hardest part. And the longer you wait, the worse off you are.

Oh, and if you're thinking of setting up your own Adwords account, don't. Theres a reason why PPC experts charge fees for management.

But if you're new to PPC you may be unaware that it could actually cost you less to hire an expert than to launch your own campaign.

Why? How? Huh?

Go ahead and read that last sentence over again. I'll wait.

Hiring a PPC expert may cost you less than doing it yourself! In fact, i'm 98% sure of this. Let me explain.

Keyword research is hard. Picking the wrong keywords and not knowing when to let costly keywords go can end up exhausting your whole budget- leaving you with a poor return.

Time. Do you really have the time to learn Adwords and manage a slew of campaigns on top of your other day-to-day activities? Your PPC account will need constant attention and every day that your campaigns get neglected, your money could be going in the trash.

2 words. Click Fraud. Do you know what it is? Do you know how to spot it? Auto-generated clicks from bots could be driving your costs up. If you're not technical or analytical, this could hurt.

Settings, settings, and more settings. Campaign settings can be confusing. You need to know what each setting does and how if effects your cost and performance. Do you know what CPA, CPM, and CPC are? How about the difference between clicks, impressions, and hits? Do you know what retargeting is?

Testing. Split testing, or AB testing, is crucial. How do you know if your landing page is good or not? Do you know what to look for? How do you know if your ad isn't getting clicks because of the look & feel of your landing page? Do you know how to test several pages at once?

Tech hell. A good PPC expert not only knows how to track sales, but can tell you where those sales are coming from. Good analysis can tell you the keywords, ads, and landing pages that brought in those sales. Tracking code installation also requires a knowledge of HTML code. This is better left to a PPC expert who knows these things- otherwise you'll have to hire a developer to install the codes.

Bad ad copy can result in little or no conversions. Writing good ad copy takes practice, research of the competition, and a knack for getting a lot of information in a little bit of space. Bad ad copy that doesn't convert is just a waste of money.

These are just some of the many reasons why it's beneficial and cost effective to hire a PPC expert. Going in blind and setting up your own campaigns will only hurt your business and your wallet.

Think about it. You could try saving money by coloring your own hair, but it's not a great idea. You go to the store and buy the color, cap & gloves, mixing bowl, etc. Then you run home excited because you think you're going to get great results for a fraction of the cost! Right? Wrong. After a $50 trip to the store and 2 hours in the bathroom getting high off the fumes, you come out looking like a bad Ronald McDonald cosplay. Now you need to wait a week to get an appointment at the salon where you'll likely pay double for them to fix it! Moral of the story? Don't cut corners when it comes to your business. Doing things right the first time can save you money in the long run and set you up for greater success in the future :)


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