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How to use your philosophy to succeed at business

Updated on March 9, 2018

Environmental Values and strong ethics can even be a help your business !

My organic and natural living philosophy is how my Hubbard, Ohio online business got started and what is making it (and now also our local brick and mortar shop) even stronger.

Also, doing my best to be a good person and set a good example for my kids is important to me as well.

No one expects nor will anyone see or reach perfection, but when we try to live our best lives in accordance to our good moral code, they will see that.

I am far from perfect. I do like to have a can of Coca-Cola now and then and love an order of Kung Pao chicken from time to time, but overall I strive to live an organic life as much as possible without being too dogmatic about it as I am just a flawed human being. But folks who know me and my customers can see that I mean what I say and that I try to do my best for my family and for them as well and always will.

Podcast of an interview of how I use my strong philosophy in my business and why it works for me

September 21, 2010

I was asked to be interviewed about this topic by Kate herself. The interview took place on the date above in the morning. It was about how I combine my business and my desire for natural living... for a podcast.

It takes a few minutes to load as it is a long one, but here it is:

A Jumping-Off Point Radio Show with Guest Diana Burrell-Shipton

I didn't mess up too badly. Kate is an awesome interviewer. She makes you very comfortable and relaxed - the rest was easy !

Organically Yours,


Be true to your ideals...

at home, at work, at play...

I have a little gift shop in Hubbard, Ohio that features my handmade and natural products as well as having several other vendors that show off their wares.

We reduce, reuse, recycle and even pre-cycle and even get many of our customers and the other store keepers in our little plaza involved in the effort ! We reuse bags; bubble wrap; tissue paper; baskets; packing peanuts and boxes and whatever else we can to take care of our planet.

Are you true ?

Do you try to live by what you say ?

Would your friends and family agree ?

All of us will fail sometimes, but overall do you live up to your own standards and try to help others along the way too ?

Business life, as in other aspects of our life, has to be real. Folks will notice it if you say one thing and do another.

Again, none of us are perfect, but if you are doing what you believe in - you will have a better life both socially and in business too.

Be honest with yourself too...

...and make sure that you can sustain your business... making sure that you really love what you do and can "pay" yourself with satisfaction in a job well done... because it will likely take a few years to make sure that you can pay yourself with actual money :)

Also, do you like people and care about meeting their needs ?

If not, maybe you shouldn't be in business for yourself - having to promote yourself and your business and have to deal with the public.

Support the small shops in your area if you want folks to support yours.
Support the small shops in your area if you want folks to support yours.

Look for and support the small shops and businesses around you or you cannot expect others to support yours

Stop out to say Hello !

If you are in the Northeast Ohio area, stop by at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio to visit and bring by a few of your business cards. We can trade them to help each other.

Wednesdays noon to 5

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm.

You will see how we try to put our ideas into real-life action.

Tell me how YOUR strong values and philosophy has helped you in business and in life.

© 2010 Diana Burrell-Shipton


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