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Could I Use the Internet to Work From Home?

Updated on August 24, 2017
Stella Kaye profile image

Stella runs her business from home and has written several articles on working from home, home finance and entrepreneurial skills

Working from Home can be a Wise Choice


Starting a Home-Based Business - is it for You?

Working from home is no longer the exception to the rule; the opportunity to pursue your business interests from home is now more possible than ever before. Many new homes are now built with an office as part of the standard layout due to this increasing trend.

Escape from the 'Concrete Jungle'


More People are Doing Their 'Homework' Than Ever Before

Ordinary workers realise they don't necessarily need to be from a privileged background to start up their own business and the concept of working from home has been helped vastly by the advent of the internet. Running your own business can thus be a realistic venture for many.

Artists, musicians and writers have always been used to working from home but the Internet offers the possibility to virtually anyone. Whatever their chosen career, they can utilise the Internet to their best advantage.

The decision to work at home has never been an easier one to make. It depends on the type of work, but whatever your business, anyone can use Internet banking to keep track of funds. Documents and photographs can be downloaded and letter headings can be personalised to ensure the smooth running of any business. You can even file tax forms on line and all this whilst listening to your favourite music in the comfort of your familiar home environment. Coffee breaks can be taken whenever you desire and if you desert your desk for a few minutes no one will reprimand you.

Even if you don't run a business, it's becoming more commonplace for employees to do at least some work from home where they can still summon all the necessary company information to conduct their duties via the Internet. No longer are there piles of paperwork to sift through in the space of the working day. The Internet means you can access the knowledge required from anywhere in the world. You’ll find an abundance of business-related software available which ensures swift progress in any new venture you wish to undertake.

Running your own Internet based business from home has never been easier; at the touch of a button, you’re able to find all the relevant information you need. You can search for current prices and locate the best product deals from your own home based office. Working from home without wasting time stuck in traffic, the information at your fingertips is invaluable and saves considerable time and effort in phone calls and letters when emailing your business contacts and associates.

You’re guaranteed a swift response from associates who also work at home. If you are a property investor working from home this is what you would normally do anyway and you can research new neighbourhoods and download maps if you are unsure whether to buy into those areas and thereby can accumulate a wealth of facts on which to base sound decisions. Sharing experiences and comparing current trends in the housing market with business contacts is all part of your working day at home.

There are many other types of businesses that can also be run from home although a real estate business is perhaps one that is ideally suited to the home environment. Many people become full-time eBay sellers and find it quite lucrative. Writers too will find a plethora of sites to place their work whether it is poetry, short stories or informative articles.

Working from home requires discipline and organisation. Your day needs structure if time is at a premium and needs to be used productively. The best strategy is to carry out tasks in order of priority. Once you've put the important mail in the post, the remainder of the day can be yours after your work at home is completed. Ideally, in order to work at home successfully, a separate room should be set aside so the business-related material is not misplaced. An office environment must be maintained in this workspace and kept well-stocked with relevant equipment and stationery so your work at home will be as organised as possible.

Although the Internet can be an invaluable source of information be wary of on line scams and get rich schemes which offer false hopes of making money online. If it appears too good to be true then it probably is!

Once you have a new business venture in mind and have found a niche in the market you may find it is cost effective to work from home rather than pay for separate business premises if most of your work will be Internet based.

Those who conduct an Internet based business from home will soon find they save money in travelling costs and rental fees for business premises and may even find time to devote to more leisurely pursuits if their business plan proves successful.

Just the Job!


The Choice is Yours!

Ideas to Motivate You!

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