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Vancouver Life Coaching

Updated on September 3, 2009

Life Coach In Vancouver BC

Vancouver Life Coaching Specialties

The Vancouver Life Coaching community, like most other coaching communities, can be divided into a number of specializations including executive coaching, business coaching and relationship coaching. However, several coaching specializations have taken root in Vancouver and provide a distinctly west-coast flair to coaching practices.

Women's Coaching is a growing field that pairs a female coach with a female client. Like all coaching, the conversation is about future goals and paths. Coaches work with women who have already dealt with any past-related issues and are ready to embrace and flourish in their future.

Crossroads Life Coaching is a Greater Vancouver Area life coaching group that provides traditional personal coaching for women looking to change their current challenging state in life. Carla Masse is the Founder of Crossroads and is a graduate of Erickson College's Coaching Program.

Crossroads offers coaching on the phone and in person. Generally an hour of coaching is dividing into two portions where 40 mins is conducted in-person to establish goals and commitments and the remaining 20 mins handled in a follow-up phone call at some later point. Sessions cost from $50 for an introductory session to $100 for a regular meet. Cost is per hour.

Crossroads also offers a Cyber Coaching Collection that clients who can not afford live coaching can complete to gain valuable self-insights. This collection cost approximately $15 for each individual unit or you can get three for $33. Paypal is the method of payment. For more information, contact Crossroads at 1-888-765-2424.

Another specialty of Vancouver life coaching is Success Coaching. Success Coaching focuses on the belief that everyone of us can be a success, some of us just don't know it yet. In this system, the coach's role is to get the client to believe in their future successes.

Lisa Argue operates Effective Focus, a coaching company that operates on a simple principle: Coaches need to focus their clients to be effective and achieve success. Lisa, launched her webpage, in 2003 to serve the lower mainland community. She offers a free introductory session to see if you will connect and be able to gain from her success coaching services. Contact Effective Focus at 1-877-699-3511.

A more traditional type of coaching also found in Vancouver is corporate coaching. Julia James is a personal and success coach, however she also specializes in working with businesses to maximize the productivity of their employees. Julia's 5 step program helps business and individuals achieve a work-life balance that leads to increased productivity and employee retention, closing the faucet on thousands of dollars in wasted employee costs every year.

Julia James has been interviewed many times by respected media organizations and is a recognized expert in the field of Vancouver corporate coaching. Contact her at 1-888-234-3814.

Many life coaches in Vancouver are also part of coaching organizations including the Vancouver branch of the International Coach Federation.

Vancouver Life Coach

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      cdimatteo 8 years ago

      Events and life circumstances as well as learned behaviours and styles of coping can present personal obstacles or barriers that create stress, anxiety, or feeling down. Occasionally it is impossible to put one's finger on the nature of the problem. The description often provided is that "things just feel off" or "I just don't feel like myself". It is possible to gain insight into the nature of such issues, introduce change, and effectively manage such scenarios through corporate coaching/counseling.