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Once upon a time. The Story of WaMu

Updated on June 30, 2015

The WaMu Story

Once upon a time, in a land far far begins the story of WaMu.

Once upon a time

in a land far far away, lived a family named WaMu.

They were a peaceful and industrious family, and the name of the land they lived in was MeriKa.

The family consisted of Mother WaMu, Mu WaMu, and several other children

All the children worked to help support the family, but Mu was the oldest and he worked the hardest. Every day, he would always bring plenty of food for the family to eat.

The other children worked also, and helped bring food.

One day, Mu caught a cold and wasn't able to work as hard as before.

Now in this land lived the Borgan, a nasty race that preyed upon the local inhabitants, and as it happened, they came upon Mu, and beat him up.

Normally Mu would have been strong enough to fight off the Borgan, but his illness weakened him.

Now the land of MeriKa is ruled by a King and his Lords. One of the members of the court, the Evil Lord FeDIC was friends with the Borgan, and he helped them kidnap Mu.

Mu was taken into the Borgan Castle, and assimilated (resistance was futile). So he became a Borganian.

When Mother WaMu heard of this she was very upset.

The family had lost it's best worker. They had many food reserves, so would not starve, but the loss of Mu was very traumatic.

Now Mu had inside of him a beautiful Blue Diamond. And there was a magical silver cord attached to it, and the cord led back to the WaMu family house, and to Mother WaMu.

Now this enchanted Blue Diamond is what made Mu such a good worker. If Mother WaMu could recover it, she could put it inside one of her other children, and that child could eventually become a replacement for Mu.

So the Mother pulled and pulled, but the Blue Diamond wouldn't budge, because the Evil Lord FeDIC was using magic to try to cut the cord.

Now in this land lived a Good Witch Marrath, who had great magical powers and often helped people in need.

So Mother WaMu went to her cabin in the woods, and asked for her help to recover the Blue Diamond from the evil Borgan.

But the Borgan and Lord FeDIC were very strong. Could the Good Witch Marrath overcome their power?

She went to her magical trunk and dug to the very bottom, where she found a tiny golden bottle.

There were only a few drops left. She raised the bottle over Mother Wamu's head and carefully let one drop fall.

Now Mother Wamu tried pulling on the silver cord again, and the Blue Diamond moved a little!

But the Borgan and Lord FeDic were not through. They both joined forces and pulled on the silver cord! Then the Good Witch Marrath joined the battle and also pulled on the silver cord to help Mother Wamu. It was a tug of war! be continued

Post your thoughts about this Fairy Tale.

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    • profile image

      molliecakes 9 years ago

      hi, just made this page for molie and visited yours. cheers

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      CUTE! feDIC is dirty and so is Borg.