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Web-Based Information Systems Digital Marketing

Updated on May 24, 2020
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The paper aims to present the Social and Organizational aspects of Web-Based Information Systems using Digital Marketing

Social and Organizational aspects of Web-based Information Systems

The paper aims to present the Social and Organizational aspects of Web-Based Information Systems. Earlier Century is considered as the rise in the communication aspects of Information Technology. In the 21st century, we are noticing the rapid development of Web Information Systems on a grand scale in all sectors. Web-based information systems play an important role in Analyzing, collecting, storing, and communicating various kinds of data across multiple resources that spread information at a glance. The Success of a web-based information system depends on how quickly we can communicate with various types of information processing methods. Web-based information systems maintain and operates information that helps to integrate the quality management systems so as to achieve the organizational goal. There is a strong impact on Social, behavioral aspects of the organization.

Keywords: World wide web, social behavior, social networking, information processing, web-based information system, digital marketing, digitization, social media marketing trends, online internet marketing.


IT plays a crucial role in the development of modern web era. It has brought many transformational and social life changes in the Global World. People are now using Web-based Technologies to communicate digitally. Governments are also given more prominence to Digital India concepts. Most of the people are using Discussion boards, World Wide Web, Networking websites, Digital Libraries, e-commerce and e-learning aspects made our life easier. We are experiencing a radical change by Indian government towards the digitization process. People are searching more on the internet to find their required information as compared to traditional and conventional methods.

Technology is playing a key role in the Business Development progress. Now-a-days people are showing more interest on Social Networking platforms and communities to share their interests and information. Most of the Social Networking platforms are purely web based. These platforms allow users to interact instantly and effectively. Awareness of customers motive is very much important for a deeper understanding of various influence metrics. Web-based Information system is widely used in almost all sectors like Education, News and Media, Government Organizations etc. Business Organizations use Web and Information Systems to improve their businesses. Business organizations select various kinds of services and products and promote them online to reach the targeted audience. They are not selling products and services alone, but in addition to this, Information and Products, Advertising Space, Various Software’s and Programs also. Businesses have revolutionized the way; Web and Information systems can be used for marketing aspects. Based on this study, it is pretty much clear that social media and Online internet/Digital marketing techniques, utilization are key factors in guaranteeing the successful online businesses. This paper offers views on future trends of Web-based Information System.

Web-Based Information System

Web-based Information system is a combination of one or more web applications that uses various internet web technologies to provide the best information and services to users. It purely focuses on Functionality oriented components in which we will use a web browser as the front end and database as back end. In order for businesses to be successful they need to merge both online and traditional application strategies more precisely. Introduction of various new technologies and implementations has created a larger scope to promote and market their business in a fruitful way. Expectations in terms of effective output measures with cost effective ROI, determine the tremendous growth of business.

Web-Based Management System Features

Web-based Information systems have several advantages when compared to old traditional systems just because of its significant evolution in recent times. The Core Features are mentioned Below

All Web-based management system applications are compatible on all major platforms with minimal requirements as it is easily manageable. It provides multiple users access the system at a time without hassles. Online Collaboration and web conferencing are key components that businesses need to work together. Web-based management systems will reduce the cost by using simplified architecture, maintenance, best support with mere safety and security in all aspects.

Social Aspects of Web-based Information System and Digital Marketing

Online Internet marketing / Digital Marketing strategy

Today monotonous advertising aspects and latest marketing techniques had given way for Online Business Improvement scope by applying various Digital Marketing techniques. Digital Marketing is a powerful tool that helps all kinds of businesses and also creates tremendous opportunities for businesses to function in a more efficient manner. Moreover, the growth in Social aspects of web-based information system using Digital marketing techniques has been due to rapid advances in technologies and changing market dynamics.

Word-of-Mouth on Social Media Platform

Word-of-mouth on Social Media is a powerful tool to make businesses popular. Social Media has opened the doors for businesses to communicate with millions of people about their business services and products. If we are fully aware of the latest communication strategies that helps to engage customers, providing them with the best Social Aspects and experience as marketing dynamics are changing, it is very much essential to know the accessibility of audience on social media along with the best Performance measurement indicators

Online Virtual Community

Online Virtual community is an online virtual platform which takes information by means of weblogs or bulletin systems or by means of various social platforms. Most of the professional groups or social groups will have a one-one interaction to share & exchange knowledge and information by using Web-based Information systems technology. Social Networking platform services started in early 2000. It is comprised of different categories of people to communicate and share their information. Millions of people are using Facebook and Twitter platforms worldwide. Apart from these two there are other Social Networking websites like LinkedIn, tagged, stumble upon etc. Social Networking services are becoming popular day by day.

Education Sector

Web based information system is used mostly in the educational sector for online teaching, training and communication purposes. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation the demand for Online Training and Learning actives has been increased. This technology is also helpful for researchers to access valuable source of information and store it in one place.

Online News Information

Technology is playing an important role in our day to day activities of social life. Online News information using Web-based information system helps to create, store and distribute information across the world. People will get latest and updated news, information of all major categories and industries from all over the world. Using Web-based information system we will get early information about Weather, Stock Predictions, Natural disasters like Tsunami etc in minutes.

Online Information about Govt Services

Using Web based Information Systems People will get accurate and update information about various government services along with necessary feedback. Each and every person will have a flexibility to access Government websites online to know updated information about Latest Services, Examination Results, Budgetary information, Famous tourist spots information by typing relevant keywords on various search engine pages.

Rationale of Study

The most interesting result of the latest technology explosion is that the empowered customer is under the interactive control of online/social media, content and communication process. Earlier people were following old traditional methods and tools to create trust on their business brands. Nowadays the usage of traditional tools was diminishing after the evolution of web-based information system methods. Technology is also changing in the context of business and all businesses are forced to operate in a complex and changing world where they don’t have complete control over communication media and news. Similarly, the customer behavior is also changing as he is losing trust and becomes more critical, smart, Proactive and well informed than ever before.

New Knowledge, New approaches, New Skills with unique presentation and thinking abilities are required today and future businesses are not only for understanding the changes and they have to prepare for technology enabled business environment for comprehending and communicating with the customer-centric approach for businesses. This creates an open competition with new challenges and opportunities for businesses to promote themselves online in a unique way. Mobile Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Analytics, Big data, IoT are some of the most interesting and challenging domains where the future businesses are expected to use, promote, function and deliver as according to needs and demands. With the ultra-rapid development of Digitalization and social media activities, it is an enormous challenge to keep track of these developments and to use them advantageously.

Problem Statement and Study Objectives

Seeing that the strength of Online Digital & social media activities will Increase, even more in the upcoming few years with the advancement of latest technology evolution in web Information systems, this topic will be crucial to each and every business. The immense power of smartphone technology in combination with online social media activities is a constant expanding threat to many businesses. The second big point of consideration is related to the continuing trend of children and teenagers using digital and online social media excessively. That is why this study intends to focus on understanding the Online internet/Digital marketing and its technique with following set of objectives: -

  • What are the successful internet/Digital marketing techniques used for businesses today?
  • What is a basic comparison between traditional and digital marketing techniques?
  • Which is the most preferred Online internet/Digital marketing approach?
  • Do companies prefer Online internet/ Digital marketing to traditional marketing?

These questions will help us predict the trends in Online internet/Digital marketing and make suitable suggestions for businesses.


The Exploratory research is designed with an aim to improve and develop the suggestive ideas by taking both qualitative and quantitative analysis into consideration. As a purpose of this study, data have been collected from various resources. The businesses/company related data and information are used which is available publicly online on their respective company websites. This is the standard practice for a research used which is a critical literature review type.


Online Internet/Digital Marketing

The Internet is a global system of networks that consists of millions of data in a combination of a wide range of technologies. It is the biggest source of information that was created and utilized for various purposes. Businesses will have a specific set of goals that are processed by individuals and groups obtain what kind of services, solutions and products they need and by exchanging value with others. We can apply business and Marketing principles for the successful execution of business goals. Online Internet/ Digital Marketing can be done by creating Web information systems environment like creating a web pages for business, Online Advertising strategies and marketing research analysis on the current trends with a different approach than that of Traditional marketing. It can also be called as Web marketing, e- marketing, Online Marketing of business services, solutions and products on the Internet.

Fig.1: Internet & Mobile Users Comparison from 2015-2020 (Source: Google Trends)


In fact, Online Internet/Digital Marketing includes the use of the business / company website in conjunction with online promotional activities such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Submissions, Banner Advertising, PPC advertising, e-mail and other services. Many people think that Online Internet/Digital Marketing is just a website with a content but it is an interconnection among business/company website portal, Search Engines, blogs, Internal linking, B2B Partners, customers and many more.

For any type of Business Marketing strategy is concerned, it is essential to have a large number of audiences as possible, as long as online internet/Digital Marketing is concerned. The number of potential customers goes along with the use of the Internet itself as suggested in above Fig.1.

Power of Digitization

The Internet is the most powerful tool in this latest globalization era. It is pretty much evident that these business tycoons have understood the Power of Digitization in web information systems a long back.

For Eg:

  • Facebook is the World’s most popular Social Media Platform that creates no content
  • & is the most valuable retailer with no inventory
  • is the world’s largest company that owns no vehicles.

Figure:2 Active Social Media Users List in 2020 (Source: Hootsuite)


The above Fig.2 gives complete information about Active Social Media Users among the total population. This statistic gives one clear information that People and Businesses are moving towards online platforms. There are 5.19 billion unique Mobile phone users, 4.54 billion Internet Users and 3.80 Billion Active Social Media Users among 7.75 Billion Total Population. It is clearly indicated that the Online Digital Media has greater impact on people across the world.

Different Trends/ Techniques of Online Internet/Digital Marketing

Online Internet/ Digital Marketing techniques will help define specific e-marketing objectives and development strategies to ensure that resources are deployed to take advantage of Business marketing opportunities. Content Marketing strategies and communities will have the highest impact on the business

Online Internet/Digital/e-marketing strategies will primarily focus on business, corporate brands and other digital media activities to gain attention of a targeted audience to meet business goals.

Techniques like Social Media management and marketing, Analysis and Analytics, Business Organization Transformation with reporting based on the nature of business.

Fig.3: E-Mail Signature Marketing Objectives (Source: Marketing Charts)


Email Marketing is one of the top marketing channel strategy in Online/Digital Marketing Activities that drives business. The most common objective of this strategy is to raise the Brand Awareness, Traffic driving, Lead generation etc for business.

As according to Fig. 3 Two thirds of Small business owners rely on Corporate email marketing strategy as the main source of interaction for business prospects. Almost 750 global marketers and business owners (Small Business and Individual entrepreneurs) was involved in this survey report.

Traditional Marketing Vs Online Internet/Digital Marketing

If we compare both Traditional Marketing and Online Digital Marketing strategies there are several areas in which online Internet/Digital Marketing has more advantages.

Online Internet/Digital Marketing is real time where as in Traditional Marketing we have to wait for Stipulated time to get information

Customer tracking is very much easier in Online Internet/Digital Marketing scenario because we will get responses in real time. Traditional marketing goes in a systematic way to get results tracked in due course of time.

Businesses or companies can reach a targeted audience with the help of Web Information system process like website building and promoting. In Traditional marketing, there are lots of time and cost involved to get some expertise and then to reach the audience.

Online Internet/Digital Marketing will have greater reach and coverage for businesses. It can be seen in any part of the world via online marketing strategies, Keyword analysis and campaigns in the best way. Traditional Marketing takes much time to understand and a lot of cost factors involved in making the businesses to reach the right people at the right time.

Online Internet/Digital Marketing has wide options to take necessary actions as according to the feedback given by the user. Based on reviews the products, solutions and services can be updated in real time, which gives effective opportunity for businesses to engage with the customers. There is no such provision in traditional marketing to speed up things

Advantages of Online Internet/Digital Marketing in Web Information Systems

Due to Rapid technological developments in this modern internet world the ideology of customers has changed. Online Internet/Digital Marketing is providing a wide variety of options for Businesses and also for customers.

  • Access anytime, anywhere easily
  • Stay updated with products/solutions/services with a single click
  • Greater Engagement for Businesses
  • Simplified Process and Maximum Reach
  • 24 * 7 shopping with no restrictions
  • Transparent Pricing system with Instant Purchases
  • Local and Global Reach with simplified strategies


India is experiencing the radical change and moving towards the digitization process. As the usage of Internet and Mobile users are more with maximum social media engagement people are thinking smart and taking their decisions wise, which gives a challenging situation and competition for Businesses of all kinds to run with quality and to reach the target audience with the help of Web Information system processes and methods in the best possible way.

Businesses can really benefit from Web Information systems such as Online Internet/Digital Marketing activities Social Media, Search Engine, Influencer Marketing, Content Automation Methods. Social media is regarded as an integral part of any business. After the evolution of Whatsapp and other popular social media the businesses are attracting targeted customers and promoting them in all digital media platforms. People are moving favorably towards social media and advertising aspects. It is important to create awareness in customers motives that provides a deeper understanding of the business content and corporate brand.


Based on this study, it can further be clarified that knowing which Web and Information systems for business /company’s target market utilization is a key factor in guaranteeing business success. The effectiveness of Online Internet/Digital marketing with respect to different businesses can be analyzed and it can further be extended to compare various businesses in a much more advanced way.


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© 2020 Murthy Poduri


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