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Websites like Fiverr!

Updated on May 29, 2016

Fiverr's Alternative Websites

In January 2014 I start my on-line career , I just wanted to have any on line business instead of dealing with people in the real time.

Have you heard the name of Micro jobs?

I am sure you have heard that!

Then you must have heard the name of Fiverr, or you may have visited that website.It is also possible you are good seller there but what we bring to is other website Like fiver that can increase your earning without doing much.

Fiverr is no doubt on of the best website regarding micro jobs, but since all the people around the world are try to sell their services at Fiverr's platform , this creates a very tough competition for the newbie seller, I my self tried Fiverr but could not make single order!

Therefore i then jumped to other website like fiverr i just searched for the word fiverr alternatives and got bundles of website, but i would not recommend you to that, as i have tested these website and the work fine for me, I am sure it will work fine for you also.

So, now get ready for the website like fiverr!

websites like fiverr
websites like fiverr

My story about Websites Like Fiver!

In march 2014 I realized the power of micro jobs and told my friend that, we can take up on jobs that are available on websites like Fiverr and make the most out of them. What do those kind of websites actually do?

I analysed Fiverr website (using a spread sheet for best gigs) and made some remarkable observations, the gigs on Fiverr are more worthy! i just placed few of the gigs on other website.

Beside this technique also learned some SEO(search engine optimization) skills to come to this field as a strong candidate.

They give you the chance to choose your most valuable abilities and talents, so that you will be able to be hired by people who look for your particular strong points. This way,I get to do what I am good at, have a good time working, manage your time as I get pleased because you will work as a freelancer directly from the comfort of your own home and, of course, earn relevant sums of money. Saturday and Sunday can let you earn you pocket money very easily .

It sounds pretty good, does it ?

Then, lets begin talking about some of the best websites like Fiverr of 2014!

websites like fiverr
websites like fiverr


Gigsclerk is micro job site like fiverr . I strongly recommend you to have a glance over this website. you can have opportunity to sell and buy services from (2 to 100 usd).This website is just 4 months old but has great traffic and selling rate. Besides this, it also provide you featured jobs at very low cost ,its promotional marketing is quite famous among the marketers.This website like Fiverr is provides unconditional customer support and allows you to place all sort of gigs and services that suits you!

Gigsclerk has one of the most amazing job related to mobile app business where any one can create free mobile app, or Business apps with very little amount to be paid.

you will enjoy joining this website and hopefully get some good amount of orders as well, perhaps some one might be waiting only for your service, so join now and see the difference of websites like Fiverr.


most rapidly progressing fiverr like website! Join Now

SEOClerks is another website that follows the Fiverr’s pattern. Initially, SEOClarks was created especially for SEO related services, but over time the website has begun to allow its users to offer and buy any kind of service. Therefore, the site has two main sections: “Want to buy” and “Want to trade”, making it easy for everyone to find what they are looking for.

I have worked here for long time, and one tip that I would like to give you guys is, always bump your service at late night 0230 hours to get better results.


Gigbucks is a website similar to Fiverr. It gives people the chance to identify their strengths and then use them to offer high quality services. These services can be priced anywhere from $5 and on wards, so that every freelancer gets a fair payment for their hard work and every employer receives great services.

Sites like Fiverr


FittyTown is similar to Fiverr, as it has an easy to use interface and a 20 percent commission deduction. Anyhow, unlike Fiverr, this website allows its users to offer their services for no less and no more than $40 or $50. Think about it – your hard work will be worth it in the end.


TwentyVille is of asites Like Fiverr, considering the fact that it deduces a 20 percent commission. A perk of this particular site, though, is that you can post gigs for either $10 or $20.

Are you thinking about valuing your own skills in a pleasurable way while also receiving a good payment? Then, you should definitely try one of the sites mentioned above. In the end, you will be glad you chose to focus on your qualities!

Have you earned money with Fiverr Alternatives!

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    • hanna212 profile image

      sarah 13 months ago from united kingdom

      i found this website same as fiverr

    • gigsclerk profile image

      anzala 18 months ago from pakistan

      to check out more websites like fiverr

    • profile image

      nikoloviva 3 years ago

      Another good one is TaskGigs. It offers thousands of jobs done in minutes.

    • profile image

      5verscouk 3 years ago

      Hi there id like to tell you about our site which is like fiverr but very differnt and in many ways better if youd like to do a review on us please visit and see for your self we are trully the best fiverr alternative out there !!!

    • gigsclerk profile image

      anzala 3 years ago from pakistan

      @Sara2901: try this one , they provide good service, and is affordable also.

      I have used this service .

    • Sara2901 profile image

      Sara2901 3 years ago

      Thanks for posting this. Sometimes its hard to find good writers on Fiverr.

    • gigsclerk profile image

      anzala 3 years ago from pakistan

      @monika64: yes thats good choice

    • monika64 profile image

      monika64 3 years ago

      I used only Fiverr so far. I think I will try SEOclerk now too :)

    • malapapachan profile image

      Mala Papachan 3 years ago from Matlock Bath, England

      thanks very much for this lense, and will definately return to re-read as i use fiverr a lot for marketing. it's very difficult to find a genuine marketing person on fiverr, i've tried so many and a bit disillusioned by it. I've even tried the "best rate sellers" but so far none of them have ever generated me a sale. i have given it sufficient time to work which is about a year