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West Point Academy Learning Leadership Skills

Updated on June 1, 2014

Leadership Skills and Education

West Point Academy Learning Leadership Skills. West Point is a Military Academy which has provided a quality education to many prominent military leader. Cadets are educated and trained to perform the duties of army military officers. The institution has been in existence for over 200 years and graduates cadet with bachelor of science degrees in 27 career areas of learning beyond compare. The focus of the training provide each cadet with leadership skills, academic educations and physical training. It produces commissioned officers prepared to meet the challenges they encounter.

March 2013 marked the class of 2016 plebs their first formal celebration. Cadet were allowed to invite 2 guests to the event which included tours, visit to Plebs living quarter and a final celebration, a formal military ball. The event as always was done to perfection. My husband and daughter were honored with an invitation to my grandson's Pleb Weekend Celebration. The festivities went on without a hitch although the weather was bitterly cold.

Each July the Academy brings in new plebs for a summer of training. They come from all areas of the country and are top students who have proven their leadership skill in their own communities. The first year of training can make or break a pleb, although most continue through with their training a small percentage will not make it and end up returning to their home town. Each potential cadet was chosen from thousands of applicants and the process is stringent. This does not assure everyone will complete the program.

This was a challenging year for all of entering cadets who will continue through completion of the four year programs and become military leaders. They will lead troops into battle, training and various other facets of the military. Each will serve their country to make it a better place and keep it the land of the free. The training these young people both men and women keep the army strong in it's personnel.

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Touring the Campus

The weekend was filled with tours of state of the art facilities sporting equipment and technologies needed to train a World Class Military. There were tours of the computer labs, library, classrooms and living quarters. The cadets had the opportunity to share their daily routine with their families and share their joy. Unlike other institutions the students and training is very structured and develops a well-rounded cadet, academically, physically and leadership abilities. Not many modern college campuses offer this kind of control over education.

A photo of Grandpa and Grandson. Hard to believe the time has moved so quickly. We were not surprised that out grandson choose the military as he come from a family with strong military ties. His grandfather on his dad's side was a colonel in the Air Force and would have been proud to know that his grandson is following in his footsteps in the military.

UPDATE: C.J. has completed his first year of leadership training successfully and returned home for a 4 week vacation. He has since returned to West Point to complete his 2nd year and we anticipate his next break which he will spend at out house for Thanksgiving break.

A Proud Cadet

Only about 1.300 cadets are selected to enter West Point Academy each July, approximately 1,000 of them reach graduation. The tuition is completely funded by the U.S. Army in return for active duty after graduation. The cadets are trained to meet the needs of the military with degrees in Science, Engineering, Social Science, Education and many other areas to fill high ranking positions within the military upon graduation. Having accomplished his first year of train C.J. C (Charles) is one proud cadet. We are proud of his accomplishment and happy to have him as a grandson. GREAT JOB C.J.!

The first year of his training was challenging not only physically but academically. The academy is filled with top notch students and the completion is strong. C.J. completed his first year and will be returning for his second year. He has come a long way but has a long way to go to meet the goals he has set for himself.

We look forward to seeing him again the next break in the Fall semester. As the year progresses there will be more challenges and skills to achieve. The training is rigorous and requires each cadet to build a strong body and mind. We are sure that the challenges in store are more challenging than those of the previous semester.

A monument found on the campus of West Point Academy

One of the historic monuments on the grounds of the West Point Academy. George Washington riding his horse On the campus there are many memorials and monuments that depict the history of our military. Each year as new cadet enter the academy they and their parents are given a tour of the entire campus. This is done prior to the first weeks that the cadets begin their new careers.

The parents are then lead away to say their good-byes to their sons and daughters. The next time they will be able to see them they will have completed their basic training and be well on their way to being true adults. The year pass quickly then these young people turn out to be military leaders, ready to take on the challenges of commanding troops all over the world.

As you can see from this photo the winters are snowy and cold. The training takes place under all sorts of weather conditions. This does not stop the military in anyway, regardless of the condition the cadets training goes on schedule. They attend classes and go out on maneuvers.

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CJ with his company

CJ with his company
CJ with his company

Marching with full gear

Marching with full gear
Marching with full gear

Cadets in Training

Cadets in Training
Cadets in Training

The Company Plaque

The Company Plaque
The Company Plaque

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