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What is Rebel Mouse?

Updated on August 24, 2014

So what exactly is Rebel Mouse anyways? This is a new platform which is a social media aggregator. Essentially, It easily makes you a content curator, one who is in charge of carefully tending to your mix of relevant content you want others to see including social media updates ( e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) as well as other sites of your choice such as your blogs, or RSS feeds. Social, though is the operative word, and the site is meant to be fluid, easily updating when you make a change elsewhere in the Socialsphere, or easy to update when you want to quickly share something with the rest of the universe. Your home page is then styled somewhat like a magazine and changes as you make changes on your other social sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook)

Rebel Mouse home page

What can I do with rebel mouse?

To give you an example of what you ca do with Rebel mouse, take a look at the screen shot below. I have assembled a site on behavioral interviewing. It looks like a little magazine and I grabbed a sudomain name (behavioralinterviewanswers) and have used my blog posts, and articles that I created elsewhere.

Internet marketing: I even have an affiliate link to a product on this site, but you can't really tell because the site has a healthy mix of content. (If you do Internet marketing and are reading this, take note). I created this site manually. The site offers a "stick" tool (sort of like Pinterests's pin), only it gives you more flexibility as to how to use it. The stick tool is in my browser, and I can "stick" a website right onto my Rebel Mouse home page. I can even annotate the "stick", and then decide how to display it.

Rebel Mouse also offers the option to use RSS feeds, and your Pinterest Boards, but it's a good idea to go into the Dash Board and the Drafts section to decide what posts you'll want to keep or delete. You can also move around the tiles of the front page, delete any you don't want, and "freeze" certain key postings in a strategic position (ie in the center of the page where the reader can best see it.)

Other things you can do: You can add your Twitter feeds and each time you update on Twitter, your feeds will automatically be updated on your Rebel Mouse site. You can Tweet any of your Rebel mouse articles or share them on Facebook.

Sample rebel mouse page

How it works

Rebel Mouse is still in beta form. To get an account you need to have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account. Then you can claim a sub domain in your own name. In fact you can claim multiple domain names, and some savvy Internet marketers are claiming hat now is the time to get your hands on as many domain names as you can.

For each sub domain you get a dash board and the option to arrange the "tiles" on your front page as you wish (this is your magazine). So you can have your mix of hand-picked social media and websites.

More on Rebel Mouse

Who's behind Rebel Mouse

Rebel Mouse is the brainchild of Paul Berry (formerly of the Huffington Post). The Huffington Post curates content from many different news sources. He has managed to raise millions of dollars to support Rebel Mouse.

What people are saying about Rebel Mouse

I keep hearing that it will be as big as Twitter and Facebook, and to get stdarte while the domains are available. Rebel Mouse is in Beta form now, and definitely work a look see.

What do you think? Is Rebel Mouse the "next big thing"?

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