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What matters to you at work?

Updated on November 30, 2012

What matters to you at work? your family? community? in life?

What matters to you at work? What matters to you about your family? What matters to you about your community? The list can go on and on. What matters to you about your marriage? What matters to you about your singlehood? What matters to you about your relationships with friends? What matters to you in life?

Ponder on that for a moment and see what you come up with....

When I reflected on these questions, I came to realise that the articles that I write about here were created out of values which are personal to me, values about personal growth, expressing myself authentically, learning through stories and reflections and connecting people so that they can help and support each other through their experiences and/or their knowledge. The primary objective of the writing and e-book (you can find it here) was not about making money. The focus is on personal expression and community building for mutual support. If people find it interesting, thought provoking and useful, they will tell others about it. They may show their appreciation by giving back to the community either by offering their expertise, experience or supporting the products/services advertised. The site will grow through these contributions, allowing more people to connect and reap the benefits of the knowledge and social connections.

Further reflections...

The society we live in today has by and large adopted a utility mindset. Instrumental values (e.g. money, materialism, practicality, efficiency) are what is prized and rewarded. Self-interest which is a major driving force of the economist mindset has overwhelmed the culture we live in. What do I get in return for doing something drives the thinking and decision making, both at an individual level, organisation and societal level. What is the cost and what is the benefit of doing something? Is the potential return worth the cost that we are going to spend on it?

Compare the list you came up with earlier with the instrumental values that is so prevalent today? Is there a gap? Is there any disconnect?

Did you come up with values like personal growth, beauty, appreciating art, learning for the sake of learning, not just for the sake of a future benefit, love, caring for other people, creating a better working place, community or organisation?

I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts or comments...


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      Truexpression 8 years ago

      Thanks sophieqd. Hope it triggered questions for you like it did for me