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Why Attitude is Everything in Life?

Updated on May 31, 2020
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Vikram Brahma is a Digitalpreneur, Author, Blogger, Writer, & YouTuber. He loves to write content & spend time working from home.


What is the condition of your mind right now? Are you feeling afraid, depressed and laziness due to the coronavirus and lockdown? Have you stopped taking any positive actions as you might be sitting at home?

Are you thinking of making any drastic change in your life? If so, what is stopping you right now? Is it a lack of money or time? Or you’re a guy who loves to procrastinate and just like to watch television the whole day?

Now, remember our attitude towards life and situation plays a very important role. Let’s try to understand how does an attitude make so much difference in our life? And is this one of the key ingredients for our success in life?

A Book - Attitude Is Everything
A Book - Attitude Is Everything

What Is The Meaning Of Attitude?

“Attitude is everything” is one famous motivational book written by best selling author, Mr. Jeff Keller. As per him, we become meaningful and successful in life because of our attitude. And the best part is attitude is under our control. So, in simple words, he said - if you can change your attitude you can change your life.

Attitude means the way you see the world. There are many people in this world and they have a positive attitude towards life. Whereas there are many people who see life in the negative sense. So, if there is a bad situation, a positive attitude person will search for positive signs even during such time. Whereas a negative person will search for negative signs even during good times.

People with a positive attitude will see good in other people. They will say I can, I will and always look for solutions. Whereas people with a negative attitude will say I can’t, and search for the negative sign even in good people.

What Change People’s Attitude?

In our day to day life, we face many situations. During a good situation, good thoughts come to us, whereas during a difficult situation bad thoughts come to us. So it is in the time of such situation which brings the kind of attitude we possess.

Let’s see one example to understand this situation. As per the author, from childhood, he wants to become a lawyer. In 1980, he even passed his graduation from the law college. He got married to his girlfriend and started practising the law. But after a few years down the line, he realised that this job is not for him. He felt very disappointed and meaningless about his life. He was just 25 years old. And due to his negative attitude towards life, he used to look like a 30 years old person.

Changed Attitude
Changed Attitude

How A Change In Attitude Changed Author’s Life?

While working one day he saw one ad of one program which was known by the name of the “mental bank”. Basically mental bank was a home-based study course that explained that whatever happens in our life is due to our subconscious belief. After completing the course he realised that our thoughts determine our quality of life.

So, immediately after he started practising positive attitude and thoughts, he saw drastic changes in his life. And now he started giving motivational lecture along with his job. But in 1992, he finally quit his job and become a full-time motivational speaker. This is how Jeff changed his life. He changed his attitude to change his life. And he said whenever he used to prepare a motivational speech, he always felt he is made for this work.

Some Key Ideas Of The Book

1. Your Attitude Is The Window To The World
As per this idea, it says when we are born, we have a clear mental window. And most of the time we never blame anyone even when we fall. We never quit and everything looks possible for us.

But as we grow we start losing confidence in ourself. And this happens because we get criticise, some do the comparison with others, sometimes we get disappointed and face rejection. So, the author says - it’s always good to clear your dirt from your mental window as we have the choice. And that choice is to select a positive attitude over the negative.

2. You’re A Human Magnet
The author believes in the concept of “whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right”. This amazing thought was said by famous industrialist Mr. Henry Ford. This means you will get in life what you believe. So, what is the secret of success in life?

The author has defined success in six words i.e “we become what we think about”. This means you will become what you think about yourself. If you think about your goals often and how you will achieve your goals then chances are you will definitely achieve your goals.

For example, I stay in a very small town with the population for 50000+ and we don’t have any industry here except a few banks. So, I always use to thought about how I can generate income. Then I day I realised that I once took a digital marketing course in Hyderabad way back in 2016. So, I decided to explore and now I realised this the way to move forward to earn income from online. And I have some target in my mind and I know I can achieve that because I believe in my goals and have that attitude.

Get this amazing book from this Amazon link.

Thoughts Vs Action

In this whole article, till now I have talked about attitude, thoughts and belief. Now we must also understand action is extremely important to reach our goals. And the best part is our thoughts determine our actions in life. So, the crux is that if you start your journey from a negative attitude you will take negative action. Whereas positive attitude and thinking will result in positive action.


So, from the above article, it is clear that our attitude and thoughts decide our actions. There are a few ways through which we can develop some positive attitude. Some of them are - reading some positive articles or book. Now-a-days we can watch and listen to the positive videos.

If you have a positive attitude towards life then you will turn your problems into opportunities. Success is waiting for you but are you ready to apply those concepts and methods which only successful people apply in their life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma


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