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Wind Technician Jobs

Updated on March 10, 2014

Jobs in Wind

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow, so have wind technician jobs. Noticing the variety of employment opportunities, some have been trying to learn more about what it takes to get jobs out in the field. To answer this question, the following Hubpage will start by describing the typical tasks that wind technicians engage in while at work. After illustrating their typical work duties, this Hub will then continue on to highlight a wind tech's rate of pay ($45,000 on average) and the job requirements that are necessary to become one. Feel free to scroll down and learn more.

Job Description

When it comes to ranking essential wind farm employees, wind technicians top the list. Not only are they vital for keeping wind turbines operational, but they are also a respected technical specialty within the renewable energy industry. Working in groups of two or three, wind technicians service, repair, and troubleshoot utility-scale wind turbines on a regular and ongoing basis. Typical work duties for wind technicians include; filter changes, fluid checks, bolt torquing, component replacement, electrical diagnosis, and hydraulic repair. As the cornerstone of wind turbine operations, wind technicians are truly an irreplaceable asset for wind farms all across the country.

Wind Technician Safety

Wind technician jobs are also safe. When climbing the tower, wind technicians wear a full body harness that is secured to a “ladder-safe” cable system which keeps them from falling. Apart from climbing safely, technicians typically work with de-energized components while they troubleshoot circuits and fix faulty systems. Since these systems are located inside of the hub, nacelle, or tower, wind technicians work within the safety of the turbine without being exposed to external environmental conditions. This being so, most wind technicians can choose to enjoy a long career in the field with a life free of repetitive office work and dull surroundings.

Wind Technician Pay

Wind technician salaries have climbed since 2001, rising to an average of $45,000 per year. Trending upward with the increase in wind turbines, this figure will likely not fall in the near future. Keeping this in mind, average wind technician salaries do fluctuate from one state to the next. In states like Texas, Iowa, Illinois, and California, the typical wind technician salary averages close to $40,000 per year. Apart from this we find that Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Wisconsin are reporting average wind tech salaries at $45,000 per year. Ultimately though, it is traveling wind technicians who earn the most making in excess of $48,000 per year as they work from state to state as needed. So, what does it take to get a job as a wind technician?

Job Requirements

Interested in what it takes to become a wind tech? The entry level requirements for wind technicians are as follows:

  1. Wind Technician Certificate – Today’s employers require that entry-level wind technicians have a technical education in wind turbine systems. To meet this requirement, there are several college programs that are favored by employers. If a student can devote an entire year to full-time studies, then they may find that there are significant employment opportunities for them after they graduate. Please click on the blue link provided here, for a list of the wind energy training programs that offer recognized certificates.
  2. Basic Safety Certifications – Wind industry employers require the following basic safety certifications; CPR, First Aid, and AED. These certifications are typically provided by the wind energy training programs described above, in which case enrolling in separate safety classes is not necessary. If for some reason they are not included in the wind tech training program, then they should be easy enough to obtain from outside sources like city outreach programs or a local YMCA.
  3. An Updated Resume – After acquiring the certifications named above, it is important that applicants effectively communicate their qualifications to employers. To do this, they should possess an updated resume that lists their education and work history, while showing a strong desire to obtain the wind energy jobs of interest. To learn more about training options, please visit my other Hubpage that I have linked to below as it lists the top wind energy training programs found in North America.

Wind Technician Jobs
Wind Technician Jobs

A Bit About the Wind Turbine

Today's modern wind turbines have many different systems and subsystems. Starting at the front of the turbine we find that the massive rotor is really an assembly of three blades with a center "nose cone" called the hub. This hub houses the pitch control systems that work together to rotate the blades either into or out of the wind. Found behind this massive wind-driven rotor is the nacelle, or the main body that is mounted to the top of the tower. The nacelle houses many different components which must work together in order to create electricity from the rotor's rotation. Components that are housed within the nacelle include; a main shaft, shrink disc, gearbox, high speed shaft, disk break, and generator among other components which are too many to list. As it is the wind technician's job to maintain these components over the duration of the turbine's operating life, there is always plenty of work for those wanting to enter the field. Please scroll up to find a wind energy training program that can get you into the industry fast because wind technician jobs are truly here to stay.

Wind Technician Jobs

Wind Technician Jobs
Wind Technician Jobs


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