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Practical Workplace Tips for Newly Hired Employees

Updated on June 24, 2019
With my former co-workers at the University Physicians Medical Center. I am the one in blue scrubs.
With my former co-workers at the University Physicians Medical Center. I am the one in blue scrubs. | Source

The realms of the present world are governed with nothing but a series of endless chains of hierarchies. Everywhere you go, you are guaranteed to encounter several types of people who are not only divergent in culture and ethnicity but even of varying social standings as well. The same dogma applies in a workplace. Whether you are in the health care or corporate setting, there is always this pre-existing system of faction and structure.

As you graduate from college, you proceed to the phase of earning a living from your degree. Together with your knowledge, resume, personality, and wits, you enter the jungle-like world called the workplace. And when you pass and get hired, you assume the ENTRY LEVEL POSITION. “Entry level” because no matter how great or brilliant you were in college; no matter how perfect you seem to your professors and peers, there's always someone 'higher' than you in a workplace that could either make your work an everyday joy (Gosh, if you're lucky enough!) or a daily living hell.

It might sound scary for someone who has never been in that “place”. Dealing with it is never as easy as one...two... three. However, the great news is, you can always do something about it. Here are some practical tips to start with:

Know the People in the Workplace

Usually, you would encounter four types of employees in any company or institution you'll be working for - the newbies, juniors, seniors, and the bosses. Who are they?

The Newbies. They are the same breed of your type. Like you, they are also thriving on the entry level position. Most of the time, they are those whom you can perfectly deal with in most situations since majority of them are fresh graduates or new board exam passers like you. However, a little part of such population could also be those who are new to the company but had already worked on a different employer before. The newbies are those people who are subject under the workplace's "microscope" whose goal is to prove their worth and capabilities in the entry level position amidst scrutiny and challenges.

The Juniors. They are the ones who had been in the company for a couple of months already. Not long before, they stand on the same platform you are on right now. Through their hard work and perseverance, they were able to gain more sense of stability in the company. They enjoy the privileges a regular employee has as a result of their single notch advancement in the "hierarchy".

The Seniors. Generally, they are considered as the pioneer employees of the company while it was still nesting and starting out in its enterprise. These people have witnessed the ups and downs of the institution. They had greatly contributed in formulating various policies and standard operating procedures in the beginning. By now, most of them are department heads or team leaders already.

The Bosses. Who are these people? They might be one of those seniors who have intensively completed and acquired their masters and doctorate degrees to assume a position in the top management. In varying occasions, they can be fairly considerate. Sometimes, the can be the autocratic type, sending shivers down to the lowest level of the organizational chain.

The Triage Department with fellow nurses and Dr. Paul Michael Hernandez.
The Triage Department with fellow nurses and Dr. Paul Michael Hernandez. | Source

Familiarize Yourself in the Workplace System

In any setting, there is always this innate 'politics' newbies like you should know and live by. Be vigilant on the norms in your office or department. Say for example, if your official time lasts up to 5:00 in the afternoon but your co-workers usually gather and have a little chit-chat for a couple of minutes before timing out, it would be polite to stay with them for a while (unless you're in a hurry to fix some important matters for yourself). Showing your willingness to be part of their group or discussions is the best way to know them and to introduce your presence as well.

Know and Fulfill Your Job Description

Your job description is like the 'to-do list' of the responsibilities and tasks you are expected to do in the position you applied for. Always keep in mind to take as much effort as you can to finish all the work required of you. Accomplish things in an efficient and effective manner while doing your best to maximize the time and resources that you have at hand. If opportunity permits, be willing to extend a hand to assist other staff on endeavors concerning your institution or company. This way, you would be able to have a sense of fulfilment in the work you do. This is also a perfect avenue to show your co-workers, bosses, and employer that you were worth the entry level position slot they allotted for you from the start.

Always Be Self-Aware

Always be mindful of your actions and its effects on your image to others. Be sensitive on the needs and shortcomings of your co-workers and respect their rights and individualities. When it comes to job accomplishment, always have a positive approach on things and to people around you. Make it a point to always be on your best decorum. Embody excellence and professionalism at all times.

And the rest is all up to you. Getting hired is one big thing, yet staying and progressing in your job is yet another. Be fit and you'll surely thrive with flying colors!

© 2011 Tina Siuagan


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