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Websites To Write Articles Online For Money - Make Money Writing Online

Updated on July 11, 2015

Make Money Writing Online - Write Articles Online For Money

Are you interested in making money by writing online? There are literally hundreds of websites that will allow you to write articles online for money but there are definitely some top choices.

This page covers the 4 best and easiest websites to start making money writing online with. These websites all offer a great community and simple tools that are great for both beginners and advanced writers (regardless of computer and internet knowledge).

I am personally a member of all the websites suggested and have had success on all of them. How much success you will have on these article websites is entirely up to you and the effort and time you are willing to put in.

The best part about writing articles online for money is that anyone, anywhere is capable of starting. And the sooner you start, the sooner you can start earning.

Websites To Write Articles Online

For Money

1 - InfoBarrel


1 - Infobarrel

Become A Writer On This Popular Article Website

Infobarrel is generally right up near the top of people's lists when they think 'making money online by writing articles'.

Infobarrel is backed by a wonderful community of writers and is a great platform for beginners thanks to all the easy tools available. Payment from Infobarrel is based on Google Adsense or Amazon Associates accounts similar to HubPages which makes it a great idea to combine with your own blog.

Infobarrel allows you to create some impressive articles with tools that are simple enough for anybody to get a grasp of. Infobarrel is a great stepping stone for any freelance writer to make money online writing articles.

Register for Infobarrel

What InfoBarrel Offers:

  • Large and active community willing to help.
  • Tonnes of simple and effective tools to create great pages.
  • Good potential earnings.

InfoBarrel Founder Interview

2 - HubPages


2 - HubPages

Join This Vibrant Community And Publish A Hub

HubPages has been a constant competitor to Squidoo (before it was shutdown in late 2014) and is another great website to publish and write articles to make money online.

Pages on HubPages are referred to as 'hubs' and each page generates a Hub Score (between 1 and 100) that scores the page based on many factors. Individual authors also have their own personal Hub Score. This Hub Score is not related to earnings on HubPages and is simply a helpful indicator of how your hub stacks up against other hubs. For an example of what you can create be sure to check out my profile here on HubPages or my wife's profile.

Earnings from HubPages are mainly earned through using your own Google Adsense code and then receiving payment from Google when people click your ads. HubPages splits impressions between itself and the author of the page (you get 60% of the impressions). While HubPages is a great option to start writing online for money the requirement for a Google Adsense account (which also means a minimum of $100 before you will see your earnings) is a slight setback to many, especially beginners..

Sign-up For HubPages.

What HubPages Offers:

  • Your own Sub-domain (for example
  • Payments through Google Adsense (great to combine with a blog payment)
  • A 60/40 revenue split.
  • The always fun Hub Score to help you keep track of your progress and quality of hubs.

A HubPage Guide For Newbies

3 - Wizzley


3 - Wizzley

A Great Online Platform To Publish Your Articles For Money

Wizzley is still reasonably new as far as article sites go (been around since 2009) but its willingness to listen and act on its member's opinions has quickly made it a popular online site to create articles for money online.

Wizzley gives users many different tools to create the best and most interesting online articles (freely and easily!). Adding images and YouTube vidoes is very simple and straightforward at Wizzley and is a great site for beginning and experienced writers looking to earn money online, but lack the computer and internet know how.

Wizzley's earning module is based on affiliates such as Google Adsense, Chitika. Amazon, AllPosters and Zazzle. With revenue being split 50/50 with the article author, once you publish over 50 articles this amount increases to 55% and eventually 60% after you have 100 high quality articles.

What Wizzley Offers:

  • Progressively better payouts (50%, 55% and 60%).
  • Payouts based on ad impressions and clicks, no need to worry about an internal ranking system.
  • A powerful set of tools to create and write your content.
  • An administration team willing to listen to your ideas.

How To Create A Page On Wizzley

Which Article Writing Site Sounds The Best? - Which Site Will You Join (Or Are Already A Member Of!)

The Best Article Writing Site For Money?

See results

Share Your Experiences Making Money Writing Online - Do You Write Articles Online For Money?

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    • David Trujillo profile image

      David Trujillo Uribe 2 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

      After being a Bubblews addict and orphan, then experiencing other sites like SkyPip, Hubpages is the place I keep returning too

    • molometer profile image

      molometer 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great summing up of the current situation. Hubpages still outperforms any other writing website that I have come across in 4 years of doing this online writing thing.

      Cool post shared.

    • Sunardi profile image

      Sunardi 3 years ago from Indonesia

      I have just sign up on Bubblews.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Oops.....I see this is a fairly old hub. "Squidoo" no longer exists and the Squids with their lenses in tow have moved into the Hub Community. They're a great group of writers and a nice addition here.

      I can see how online writers never know when writing sites may begin to have issues and continue to get worse, until finally they must close up shop.

      This has to be very upsetting to the writers and I feel for them. Glad they had a good site to come to and hope they're happy.

    • revolutionbjj profile image

      Andrew Smith 3 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Squidoo, Hubpages, Infobarrel, Bubblews. Just signed up for Zujava, planning to write there tomorrow.

    • fibonacci1123 profile image

      fibonacci1123 3 years ago

      Interesting to think about.... I know a lot of people use a few at once.

    • profile image

      Niktravelfit 3 years ago

      Squidoo is by far the best. The others have to rigid rules in my opinion.

    • Aladdins Cave profile image

      Aladdins Cave 3 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Not sure when you wrote this lens, but I think many people us other sites today.

      Anyway, it was interesting reading. Thanks

    • profile image

      MichelleakaBell 3 years ago

      I write articles online on Yahoo Contributor Network. It's an okay site but sometimes the editors are slow at reviewing. That's the one great thing about Squidoo, instant publishing.

    • profile image

      GEMNITYA5 3 years ago

      SQUIDOO is the best



    • alienbritt profile image

      alienbritt 3 years ago

      I love all of these sites!

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      It's a very interesting article. I am just starting with the experience in Squidoo but the other doesn't sound bad.

    • profile image

      Da-Zues 3 years ago

      Love Squidoo

    • yoursfoolie profile image

      yoursfoolie 3 years ago

      Squidoo's my first online writing experience, but thanks to your great page here, I'll be checking out more just as soon as I get this first series pushed out onto lenses ~ thanks! Really good idea, really informatively put together...

    • Uirusu profile image

      Uirusu 4 years ago

      Love Squidoo!

    • TanjaCrouch profile image

      TanjaCrouch 4 years ago

      Thank you for the info. I'm new to Squidoo and online writing opportunities

    • fionajean profile image

      Fiona 4 years ago from South Africa

      I prefer Hub Pages to Squidoo - can't seem to get the page ranking here right like I do on Hub Pages. Have signed up now for Wizzley and Zujava so I guess now we wait and see. Thanks for the info.

    • Evelina Sa profile image

      Evelina 4 years ago from London / Frankfurt / Vilnius

      I tried using Zujava and HubPages. I didn't like any of them. Squidoo is definitely the best platform.

    • thewarriorpoet profile image

      thewarriorpoet 4 years ago

      Great lens! Thanks for the info.

    • profile image

      follin-chris 4 years ago

      Thank you for publishing this lens. I've been searching for a way to make money from home by writing video game reviews, as there aren't very many jobs available in my county. I now have other sites to publish to! I know this may be asking a bit, but as you have established yourself on a similar path, would you be so kind as to visit one of my game review lenses and let me know what you think? It's just a little thing, but would be so greatly appreciated.

    • TanjaCrouch profile image

      TanjaCrouch 4 years ago

      Thanks for the info. I'm new to Squidoo (about to publish my first lens) and didn't know about these other sites.

    • profile image

      SUPERienne 4 years ago

      Wanted to try Zujava! :) Thanks for the informative lense.

    • kingsrookie lm profile image

      kingsrookie lm 4 years ago

      Never heard of Zujava but it is cool to see other sites that may have different topics and articles to read from other sites. Different creativity.

    • profile image

      hk9048089370 4 years ago

      i like it

    • Sojournstar Media profile image

      Angela Hobbs 4 years ago from The TARDIS

      Just wanted you to know I just signed up under your Zujava link.... different name from here tho ;)

    • profile image

      Andrew4M 4 years ago

      Really can I earn with this lot of things online.

    • Mr Criminology profile image

      Bigwas 4 years ago from Philippines

      I only knew squidoo and hubpages, its nice to know that there are more.

    • cosmomed1 profile image

      cosmomed1 4 years ago from Sarawak, Malaysia

      Hubpages is a good publishing platform but it does not allow any referral links.Squidoo allows affiliate links, that's what it Squidoo stands out.

    • cgeertsc profile image

      cgeertsc 4 years ago

      Hubpages has nice deals, but i love squidoo!

    • blestman lm profile image

      blestman lm 4 years ago

      Never heard of Zujava. i will be migrating over to there soon

    • profile image

      CalobrenaOmai 4 years ago

      I heard of Squidoo and Hubpages; the others are relatively new to me. I'm working on iWriter but the articles are coming slower than usual even though I cashed out twice. I will be giving these a try soon though. Thanks for sharing these.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Lot's of good information here. Other than making more money and diversification, are there any other advantages to having more than two writing platforms? Also, any tips on how to organize your time when working on multiple platforms? Thanks for this lens.

    • conniec123 profile image

      Connie Clyburn 4 years ago

      Thanks for this informative article! I will definitely look into the other writing sites. Glad to know about all the other online writing opportunities.

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 4 years ago from Australia

      @anonymous: Definitely. Most sites do not allow content to be placed on their platform if it has previously been published elsewhere (blog, website, other article site).

    • TimothyArends profile image

      Timothy Arends 4 years ago from Chicago area

      Very informative writeup. I knew about HubPages but I did not know about all of these other sites using a similar content model as Squidoo. I will have to give them all a try!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I'm a newbie at writing online. So is it considered auto plagiarism to repost articles you've written onto another site?

    • profile image

      robertham 4 years ago

      I want to try this too. :)

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 4 years ago from Australia

      @EstherStrong: Wizzley is leaked to your own personal Adsense or Chitika account so the payment threshold is pretty high ($100+ for adsense and I think its $25 for Chitika). If you are new to making money online, Squidoo and Zujava are the best options as they have low payout thresholds.

    • profile image

      EstherStrong 4 years ago

      Great information here and will bookmark. Thank you for sharing. I have a question though - what is the payment threshold for Wizzley?

    • profile image

      aispl162 4 years ago

      great post at last, stuffed with informative material

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I want to start up with this ....

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 4 years ago from Texas

      I make most of my money here at Squidoo. You have a lot of great info here.


    • profile image

      Hannah Writes 5 years ago

      I write at Info Barrel, Zujava, Seekyt, Hubpages and Squidoo! I love this line of work and the fact that I am home for my family.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Your article is very informative. Writing articles can be beneficial As for myself, I was out of money and looking for work when friend introduced me to the book: How To Make Mone at Home: A Quick Guide, by G.J. Fuller at It changed my life.

    • aydensmom profile image

      aydensmom 5 years ago

      I've enjoyed the article. I didn't know about some of these places, aside from Hubpages and Squidoo. Thanks for the informative lense! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I've written for quite a few sites over the years. Some went out of business; some stopped paying or decreased payments; some felt like places where the worst articles go to die. I'm new at Squidoo and love it. Once I'm well established here, I plan to sign up with Wizzley as an income supplement and for backlinks.

    • HSP Connections profile image

      Peter Messerschmidt 5 years ago from Port Townsend, WA, USA

      Nice and informative lens! For the moment, I am going to stick with Squidoo and HubPages which are both large established companies with a proven track record and business model that affords a measure of stability and consistency of payout to contributors. Whereas the other two sound interesting, I'm going to take a wait and see approach to them until (at least!) they become more than just an insignificant blip on Quantcast and Alexa.

    • profile image

      TjYoung 5 years ago

      If you develop your writing enough, you can make good money writing online for people.

    • iwrite100 profile image

      Maribel Forayo 5 years ago from Philippines

      writing requires mood. no matter how you like to write if you cannot hit the right mood, all hours in front of your computer is wasted :)

    • profile image

      saleemawan 5 years ago

      still i am unable to write a best article..

    • tophatpro profile image

      tophatpro 5 years ago

      I'm new to Squidoo but used to write at HubPages. I'm finding Squidoo has way more options in terms of layouts and affiliate links etc. but is harder for newbies to work out the modules/layout options to make the page look nice. I'm getting there though and really enjoying it along with the leveling up aspect and the community are ultra friendly here and very supportive.

      On the other hand, although HubPages is super easy to use it's playing whack a mole with Google and it keeps losing. Traffic continues to decline and changes are made to the platform all the time with no or little prior warning. The payment system has also changed and you can change from the Google Adsense payout choice to the CPM choice where HP determine your CPM and pay you per 1000 views.

      I'll have to look into some of the other options you mentioned. I'd heard of Wizzley but I'd never heard of Zujava. It sounds really similar to Squidoo must have been in the beginning.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I try to make money on Squidoo but have failed. Made not a cent. Il'l keep trying.... Thanks for his awesome lens. Very useful.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 5 years ago

      I love the Squid, but want to expand. For instance when I want to write on a topic that has been covered extensively on Squidoo, and to get links for my lenses. I have looked at Zujava and am attracted to it, I have heard about people getting kicked off Wizzley, and I am a little frightened by that.

    • RandySturridge profile image

      RandySturridge 5 years ago

      Great article...told me exactly what I needed to know. I have just opened an account with Squidoo and I'll see what happens. Thanks again

    • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

      Nathalie Roy 5 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

      Squidoo is the best. I also use Wizzely Hubpages and Zujava. I also use to a lesser extent Triond. I do use some other site mainly to get visits to my main blog and squidoo pages (goarticles is one of them).

    • Baddew Fibes profile image

      Baddew Fibes 5 years ago

      Thanks for all the info, Sam. I'm just starting out on Squidoo and this has been a massively helpful lens for me.

    • Louidam1 LM profile image

      Louidam1 LM 5 years ago

      Squidoo is by far the best! I was on Hubpages but after Panda hit them hard and Hubpages started changing their policies I left them. I also have a few articles on Ezinearticles but hardly get any traffic with them.

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      Right now I'm just doing Squidoo, but I need to diversify.

    • profile image

      hamshi5433 5 years ago

      Squidoo is the best!! I write for Wizzley [6 wizzes], Zujava [about 9] and Squidoo is my main one and it is the best. I'm loving Zujava too, because it works the same way as Squidoo: Points, leaves, awards, tier payments etc. So once again, Squidoo is the main basket for my eggs :D

    • CoffeeWriter LM profile image

      CoffeeWriter LM 5 years ago

      Good overview of some of the major article sites Sammy.

    • profile image

      myspace9 5 years ago

      I tried Hubpages and have some articles on goarticles. I am new to Squidoo, but I like it a lot, its easiest and best site to write. So I am going to stick with it. Right now I am not making any money by writing articles, hope for future, but I am making money with an affiliate program. You can check my lens:-Go Here

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 5 years ago from Australia

      @anonymous: You can't publish the same article in more than one place, article writing sites have very strict rules when it comes to that. There is nothing wrong with linking similar articles together though. If you are looking to get started I recommend starting on Squidoo, its definitely the best and easiest site to get started on and there is a massively helpful community to go with it.


    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 5 years ago from Australia

      @anonymous: You can't publish the same article in more than one place, article writing sites have very strict rules when it comes to that. There is nothing wrong with linking similar articles together though. If you are looking to get started I recommend starting on Squidoo, its definitely the best and easiest site to get started on and there is a massively helpful community to go with it.


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      So, if I decide to start writing online, can I put the same article on more than one site? I can reach more people that way, I think....however, I'm not sure about the rules. I'm currently a waitress, making $2.25/hour (+ tips), but even with the tips, I'm barely making ends meet. I'd really like to maybe start writing online & being able to stay home & devote my time to something I actually enjoy!! Thanks!!

    • profile image

      TerryG 5 years ago

      This just reinforced why I like Squidoo. Making a lens with all the modules is fun and interesting. I feel there is a better "community" here and some very talented writers. Great lens and very informative.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Hi..i just vsited this just fond of writing..can u please gve me some infos about this?!will we earn money thru this?!im just 18 and i want to write and write and

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Hi..i just vsited this just fond of writing..can u please gve me some infos about this?!will we earn money thru this?!im just 18 and i want to write and write and

    • profile image

      Hannah Writes 5 years ago

      I write on five different sites, with most of my work on Info Barrel. I have not gotten to Wizzly yet! I am still learning the Squidoo ropes.

    • profile image

      DracsWolfy 5 years ago

      Of the sites listed, Squidoo is by far the best. Whilst I often find it confusing at times, though I have been here a while, it's still the most fun. Zujava is new to me but I have just signed up there and will be uploading articles soon to see how that goes.

    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 5 years ago from Philippines

      I have to try this Wizzley site. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • profile image

      getmoreinfo 5 years ago

      This is a great list of writing sites, thanks.

    • treasuresabound profile image

      treasuresabound 5 years ago

      I quite agree with dforay: "I do not know how you have the time or energy to have so many lens and write articles on other sites. I can't keep up".

      I am with squidoo now and wish I have all the time in the world to produce more lens. However Zujava sounds interesting to me and I will check it out soon. Thanks for the info.

    • profile image

      TamarWrites 5 years ago

      Some great information here! I am new to is my fifth writing site to write at (not including my blogs and websites).

    • profile image

      mouse1996 lm 5 years ago

      Great lens. I am signed up to all but Wizzley. I just don't see any earning potential for me there because I can't use the Amazon Affiliates program. If that changes in the future I will reconsider. Right now I will focus here on Squidoo, on Zujava, Helium, and Hub Pages. Wow that's a lot. LOL! Wish me luck! :-)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm quite happy here and see no reason to try elsewhere.

    • cgbroome profile image

      cgbroome 5 years ago

      Thanks for the insight. I've been with HubPages but haven't done much with it but Zujava sounds really interesting. I'm definitely going to go check it out.

    • dcosmato lm profile image

      dcosmato lm 5 years ago

      Thanks for an excellent round-up of quality sites for making money writing online! Zujava sounds intriguing, and as soon as I feel like I've gotten well established here on Squidoo, I plan to give it a try. As a newbie, I found this lens to highly informative - thanks a million!

    • rawwwwwws lm profile image

      rawwwwwws lm 5 years ago


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Wow, I am very impressed with Squidoo - an organisation which actually gives unbiased assessments of "the competition". I have made a little bit of money writing recently for vWorker, but am keen to start earning money for my own articles, not for commissioned ones, and Squidoo will certainly be my starting point.

    • jolou profile image

      jolou 5 years ago

      I must check out Wizzley. I joined Zujava but haven't done anything with it. I think these sites, and Squidoo of course, are the way to go. I'm a member of some article writing sites but we are so dependent on others to earn income and I like being in control, at least as much as possible.

    • profile image

      ezmedia 5 years ago

      Nice stuff here. Your Lens gave me a few fresh ideas.

      Busy, busy, . . . busy.

    • suzy-t profile image

      suzy-t 5 years ago

      I hadnt heard of Zujava before. I'm off to check it out. Thanks for the tips !

    • profile image

      KatherineWakefield 5 years ago

      great lens, enjoyed it!

    • profile image

      VinceErrichiello 5 years ago

      I think the vote shown above really illustrates how our community feels about the rest of the blogging sites on the internet. Also, I love reading up on this specific topic. Your article was a delight to read.

    • Steph Tietjen profile image

      Stephanie Tietjen 5 years ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico

      Thanks for the review. I was wondering about other places to write, but I'm good with Squidoo for awhile I think. Great presentation with the FB feed.

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 5 years ago from Australia

      @buttonhead lm: Yes HubPages does have those NoFollow limitations thanks for the reminder. Zujava is currently all DoFollow links and by Weebly do you mean Wizzley? Wizzley currently turns all links to DoFollow after you make 5 articles (of satisfactory quality of course).

    • MGuberti profile image

      MGuberti 5 years ago

      Squidoo must be the best. I haven't made a cent yet because I'm new, but I see a lot of potential with tiers, Amazon modules, etc.

    • buttonhead lm profile image

      buttonhead lm 5 years ago

      I love Squidoo and HubPages. It's worth noting here that HubPages offers dofollow links only for accounts with a 'hubber score' above 75. I'd love to try the other two. Does anyone know if Weebly and Zujava are dofollow sites?

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 5 years ago from Southampton, UK

      I am a member of all of these sites, but right now I mostly write at Squidoo, due to lack of time. I also find Best Reviewer to be a useful site where you can create short reviews that also earn income and provide backlinks to Squidoo lenses etc. There is a detailed review of Best Reviewer on my lens about it.

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 5 years ago from Australia

      @Ahdilarum: With the constant hits to HubPages from the Google Panda Update I definitely have to agree.

    • Ahdilarum profile image

      Ahdilarum 5 years ago

      I think Hubpages is the worst one in this list..

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image

      WindyWintersHubs 5 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Thanks for your list of sites, Sammy. I enjoy Squidoo and have a lot of success. I currently have no plans to try anything different. Updating and backlinking is the key to making any site work for you. :)

    • emmaklarkins profile image

      emmaklarkins 5 years ago

      A most excellent write-up. Thanks for letting people know what kinds of sites are out there! Every site will suit a different type of person best.

    • iWriteaLot profile image

      iWriteaLot 5 years ago

      Great info. I recently started on Hubpages but haven't checked out Wizzley and Zujava yet. I don't understand why more people don't use sites like these instead of those skanky article directories.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I do not know how you have the time or energy to have so many lens and write articles on other sites. I can't keep up.

    • Missy Zane profile image

      Missy Zane 5 years ago

      I love Squidoo. I just wish I'd make some money here!

    • zillermil profile image

      zillermil 5 years ago

      I'm bookmarking this!

    • Netlexis LM profile image

      Netlexis LM 5 years ago

      I'm signed up with all the rest, but just not doing much... yet. Thanks for the reminder.