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Updated on April 6, 2012

This page provides information and review of some of the financial products and offerings provided by M&I Bank. For complete information or to manage your accounts, see their official banking web site.

The Marshall & Ilsley Bank or M&I Bank is a large banking and financial institution that is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that holds and manages more than $51 billion in assets. The M&I Bank was founded in 1847 and today operates more than 360 bank office locations across several U.S. states. This diversified company provides a broad array of banking products and services. One service that many of their customers enjoy is convenient online banking for time saving convenience. If you do not yet have an online banking account you can create one so that you can access your internet banking account and manage all of your MIBank accounts online.

This Wisconsin based MI bank has financial products that are designed for personal, business, institutions and corporate clients. Bank customers can also sign up for the new mobile banking for those people that are even more on the go. For MI personal banking services you can choose from checking, savings, onlinebanking, cds, credit cards, personal loans and much more.

MI Bank Website Account Services Information

MI banking is straightforward, simple and secure online. This large financial firm provides many different products and services that customers have come to expect from a leading online bank. The banking institution offers a wide array of personal finance products such as mortgage loans, CDs, cash management, checking, savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans, lines of credit, secure online banking bill pay and private banking.

The diversified financial firm also provides:

  • financial planning
  • equipment leasing
  • investment management
  • trust management
  • asset-based lending
  • mortgage lending
  • investments
  • insurance products and services

The bank's entire product and service line is spread across four major business categories:

  • personal banking
  • small business
  • commercial
  • wealth management

It seems that most all of the larger banking concerns are expanding their product offerings to become a one-stop place for their clients.

M&I Bank Online Checking Guide

Financial Calculators

M&I Bank also provides additional online banking services such as banking calculators to help their clients. Some of the financial calculators you can access include budget and cash flow, business calculators, mortgage loan, personal and savings calculators. This is a nice convenience for their online banking clients.

As time goes by, more and more people trust many of their transactions to be carried out over the internet. One of the biggest reasons may be that it can be such a convenient time saver. Plus you can often manage your accounts from one location, which can save you even more time. Let's face it, internet banking is here to stay, and the innovative companies keep improving their product offerings and service quality for their clients.

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