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Real Estate Agents ~ How they can help!

Updated on April 29, 2017

Planning to sell your house? Make sure you get the best professional help.

There are many rules and regulations that must be followed while selling a house, these rules and regulations are constantly changing and even if you wanted to keep track all by yourself, you simply cannot. On the other hand, a real-estate agent’s job description includes knowing all the rules and regulations, which is one of the best reason you should hire a real-estate agent.

A real-estate agent will also act as a security expert, only letting qualified prospects to meet you, talk to you and will also be otherwise involved in the safety of your house in some ways. With their experience they can always rule out unwanted people; people who waste time, people who have no interest in buying your property.

Imagine, trying to sell a house and having no idea where to start. This is exactly where you should think about contacting a real-estate agent. Sales Made Simple with real Estate Agents Because, they will point you to the right direction

1. De-personalize your home- the most important thing while selling a house is to get emotionally detached with it. A good real estate agent will help you unmark your territory by taking out all the personalized items and present it to buyers. Different people have different choices, so it is essential for a property to be presented as a blank paper, where the buyer can decorate it exactly as their preference. A real-estate agent, with all that knowledge and experience can do that.

2. Keep your house 100% clean. It might be very hard to do all the cleaning yourself and that is where a real-estate agent can help; knowing the tough spots of your house which are hard to clean, referring you to cleaning service that wouldn’t rip you off.

3. Go for a professional home inspection which will help you find out any problems and repair issues that should be addressed before presenting the house.

4. Inspect your Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) system as a potential buyer will also do the same before buying your house.

5. Keep your landscape clean and trimmed. Your real-estate agent can also help you get in touch with a professional team to make your backyard or garden look beautiful.

6. Take a very good look at your roof - which is one of the most important factors of your house. There could be various problems related to the roof of your house, a real estate agent can check and instruct you to fix them before it’s too late.

Moreover, Sales Made Simple with real Estate Agents because they will..

7. Know everything about your neighborhood, your local surroundings and your town. A real estate agent will know about the customer’s needs and simply match them with the best features accordingly. Certain buyers will look for certain things for example; a married couple with kids will generally look for good schools in the neighborhood, a business person will always think about the connectivity and transportation. An experienced real-estate agent will always know to take them in the right direction making your house unique for their needs.

8. Care about their own reputation. Real estate agents do advertise, but word of mouth is still considered as the best medium of advertising and a few comments could make all the difference. So, you can be absolutely sure that the agent you hired is working non-stop to get all the good comment on your house to accelerate the sale.

9. Be updated- A real estate agent will always be updated with the prices, the market constraints, and market trends. He/she will always be able to guide you with pricing your property right.

10. Be an expert in networking, negotiation and lastly filling out all those huge paper works saving you a lot of time and energy.

11. Be an outstanding communicator. Communicating with your buyer properly, does 30% of the job, a good real-estate agent will know how and when to communicate with the buyer, keeping the buyer in the comfort zone, thus enabling the sale.

12. Have a pleasing personality, he/she will always be the right amount of humble and the right amount of aggressive. He/she will know when to push a buyer to go for the deal and when to lay back, something that comes with experience.

13. Will be Self starter and will work with a go-getter attitude. So, all you have to do is hire a real estate agent and educate him/her about your preference regarding the sale, the price of the house and they will give you a realistic time frame and start working accordingly. A good real-estate agent will also be very co-operative and will remain indifferent to both the buyer and seller.

14. Never be misleading. A good real-estate agent will never provide false or misleading information about your house/property. He/she will simply keep it clean.

15. Be always online. With rapidly evolving technology, 80% of all the buyers nowadays want to see the property online. A good real estate agent will always have a laptop with him. Also, a good real estate agent will always be connected with email, text, and other social media platforms.

The general thinking is that the real estate agents are paid too much, but let me assure you, it is not the case. They don’t just put a “for sale” sign in your yard and go to sleep, they do everything that would ensure the sale; finding the buyers, closing the deal, and then comes the related paper works which are needed to be done neatly. So, if you are still thinking of selling the house yourself, please re-think. Selling a house to someone you already know, or one of your relative is a different thing, but when it comes to marketing a house and selling it to strangers, real selling skills and knowledge are required. You might save some monies but you will probably end up spending way more time trying, and even fail. There is a reason why they are professionally trained and have years of experience.


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