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3 Ways to Make Money - Passive Income Monthly

Updated on December 4, 2015
Let's Make Some Money Online
Let's Make Some Money Online | Source

Intro to Making Passive Income Streams

The reason why people all need passive income is quite self-explanatory. It’s extra earnings which you don’t do virtually any work for anymore. For instance, if you were to pay for stocks and shares, the institution would provide you with a dividend check each quarter. If you published a publication or book you would receive a check dependent on how many sales you bring in. If you deposit your hard earned money in the bank, it accrues interest. Benefiting from a residual income stream is no different. Outside of that original setup, a person does zero work to carry on the income stream online.

Before attempting to make money online, however, it is important to take the time in thinking of what you like to do. It is very important to start out with the end result as your primary goal. Take a little while to decide on what you need out of life. This may assist in considering what type of income streams you will establish.

Make Money with Blogging

Blogging - The most famous kind of passive cash flow is blogging. In lots of people’s eyes, making money through a blog is like a dream position. It may come off like the content producer is generating income on autopilot without putting in any effort, however, you need to understand that an online income is built over time and initial effort is put in.

One particular thing about blogging and making residual income online with it is that you need to have a lot of traffic coming to your blog. These online marketers who are already receiving passive income have already put in the time to build their pages, optimize their blog with SEO, build backlinks and market in other ways to bring in site visitors. Now, they sit back and reap the rewards. But, they still maintain their blog and keep it updated.


Affiliate Marketing for Residual Income

Affiliate Marketing - Devote a few moments making a list of your preferred software or products you might be interested in promoting on the web. Then simply execute a Google search on “affiliate networks” or “affiliate marketing programs”. Making money online could never be easier as you can find countless affiliate marketer programs which usually pay you 50% or more of the products sale. Quite a few even pay you a residual monthly income, generally if the “product” is actually a registration or membership type service.


Make Money Through Product Creation

Create a Product - This is actually the most worthwhile path to take since the product is owned by you and you may earn 100% of the profit, according to the method that you advertise your information product. A powerful information product may be anything digital which includes audio, video, ebook, etc. and may be downloaded very easily. You'll be able to market your digital product on your own web page or perhaps make use of Clickbank, arrange an affiliate program and allow the online marketers to carry out most of the work. Naturally, you’ll be presenting a large lump of the profits to them (50% or more) still don't forget, they’re the one's doing all the work. However, it really is a nice way to bring in passive income without much work on your part.

Do You Believe in Having Multiple Streams of Income?

Although I have a passion for writing, I also have my other income streams as well that I enjoy. For instance, I am an Entrepreneur and love building my home business. I also dabble a bit in affiliate marketing as well. When you have multiple streams of income, you are not relying on just one source of income. When you only have one source of income, you risk the chance of leaving yourself with no means.

5 Eggs in Your Basket is Better than 1 Egg

For me, the more eggs the better (if I can swing them). Obviously, I'm not talking about full-time career eggs here. I'm talking about the little eggs that take an hour or two a day (and sometimes week) to work. You have a bunch of these little eggs and you have yourself a nice stream of income from various sources. So on any given day, you can work on a few eggs to generate some income and on other days, you can work on others. There are a couple good things about having multiple eggs.

  • You have passive streams of income coming to you in all directions.
  • If you lose an egg or two, you still have the other eggs to count on for income. Imagine having just one egg, building yourself a sweet passive income with it and then losing it? That would be terrible.

What do you think?

How many eggs do you have in your basket and are you yay or nay on the concept of having multiple streams of income? If you do have multiple income streams, feel free to share your experiences with them. You don't have to share the income stream if you don't want to give that info away, but maybe you can share with everyone how well you are doing, etc.

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    • wlrahilly profile imageAUTHOR

      Wendy Rahilly 

      7 years ago from St Petersburg, FL

      Thanks for reading and voting. Much appreciated. :-)

    • point2make profile image


      7 years ago

      Interesting hub...thanks for the information. Voted up!


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