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10 Hubpages Hub Ideas

Updated on November 3, 2014

10 ultra-quick Hub ideas you can use right now!

Ever been stumped as to what kind of Hub you should create? Writer's block creeping in to annoy and inhibit you today? Here are ten ultra-quick article writing tips you can use today to get started writing! Just remember, always write from the heart, write about things you're interested in, and quality is always better than quantity.

1. Write about personal change

Everyone loves a story about change, whether it's for better or worse. I personally really enjoy writing about positive changes I've made in my life, or obstacles I've overcome, but some of my best articles have come from devastating personal loss, like this Hub about my dog, Hallie, passing away. No matter what, if there's a significant life change involved, it will make some great writing!

2. Make a poll, and surround it with great content!

People love taking polls, especially members of Hubpages. Remember, polls are a terrific way to break up the spaces between long spots of text as well, and it's a great way to get people to engage in your articles. Just be sure not to surround it with a bunch of fluff- every poll needs a great story behind it, too! If you think about things you really enjoy, you'll come up with ideas instantly, and your readers will really appreciate it, too.


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Creative commons
Creative commons

3. Make a product review page and talk about something you LOVE

What are you passionate about, and what products have you bought online that you use all the time? You might be able to help someone else find something awesome, too. I love to strike while the inspiration iron is hot with this one, usually immediately after I buy something cool and I'm super excited about it. Hubpages has terrific Amazon modules to make this experience really easy and fun, too!

4. Movie review!

Have you seen a great sci-fi flick recently that had a nanobot swarm in it that just blew you away? Tell people about it! Did the movie suck, but there was this one scene people ought to see? Tell them about that, too! It's worth telling if it's something that interests you, and everyone loves going to the movies (or staying in and watching them on Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes).

Gears!  Wikimedia Commons.
Gears! Wikimedia Commons.

5. What's bugging you?

Write about something that really grinds your gears! Why does it bother you that every time you go outside, you get eaten by mosquitoes? Do you have a childhood memory of being at a campsite, being eaten alive? If there's a story behind it, you can write about it, and people will read it (as long as you make it interesting!). You might even be able to add an Amazon module for mosquito repellent!

6. What problem have you solved lately?

It's really great to find out how to fix something that is currently bugging you, and your readers are no different from you in that they would love to find a solution to what ails them currently. If it's something you've fixed recently, it'll be fresh in your mind, and that passion and feeling of kicking the crap out of a problem will resonate with your readers!

Credit:  self
Credit: self

7. Talk about a great picture you've taken

See this cool pic I took while visiting Maymont Park in Richmond, VA (where I now reside)? It was sunny out that day, just beautiful- warm enough to be pleasant, and maybe just a hair too hot for all the walking we did that day, meeting goats, horses, cows, and seeing other livestock and somewhat wild animals. This could so easily be expanded to a cool story about Maymont Park, where you can pet the animals and see a slice of nature. Hmmm... maybe that's an idea for another Hub for yours truly!

8. Book review!

Have you recently read something that just blew you away? Was it a book that helped you revolutionize the way you run your business, as I've recently read, or was it something that took you off into another world? Again, the Amazon module would be a great way to start an article about a great book, and come back to the personal angle. Why was it fun for you to read? What about it did you like? Be thorough, and be excited!

Creative Commons.
Creative Commons.

9. Recipe Hub!

Another great one is a simple recipe Hub. Trust me, you may think you're nothing special in the kitchen, but there are definitely things you do differently from me, and I want to read about them! What is it about your spaghetti that makes it so simple? Do you follow the instructions on the package exactly, or is there something simple you do differently? Either way, tell your story!

10. Your own writing story

Here on Hubpages, we have a community of writers just like you. How long have you been writing here? What have your experiences been like? If you feel like sharing whether you've made any money, go ahead! If you have figured out some delightful tips or tricks, especially about points or treasure, share them! People will love you for it, like your Hub, and come back to check out what else you've made.

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    • revolutionbjj profile image

      Andrew Smith 3 years ago from Richmond, VA

      @Justin00704: Glad to help, Justin! BTW, I actually used 7 of these last week when I was stumped.

    • Justin00704 profile image

      Justin Patrick Gonzales Lopez 3 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for the tips:)