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157 Hubs in 3 months

Updated on November 25, 2011



157 Hubs in 3 Months

So at the end of my first quarter writing for Hubpages I have completed a 157 hubs. I have to say that completing my first 100 was a wonderful milestone. I had planned on writing a 100 hubs in 30 days this month but between Hurricane Irene, court and the septic tank backing up into the house I didn’t make my goal. I must report though I had given up on making my goal of 100 in 30 days within the first few days of August when the septic system backed up.

I would have shared all the wonderful pictures with all of my friends on hubpages but I am currently involved in litigation due to damages incurred so I am not able to discuss this with my audience. So in very deplorable circumstances, court and a possible hurricane I still managed to pump out 57 hubs which are almost two a day. I keep writing I am going to take a break and I am.

157 hubs is a milestone though that I wish to share with all of you. When I first read about hubpages I read that the average writer writes 3 articles a week and those 156 articles is a years worth of work. By publishing my 157th hub I am technically in my second year of work with Hubpages.

The Learning Curve

1) Summaries do increase your readership. After completing my summaries I had a bounce of over 500+ readers in one day. I don’t know if that is a lot but it seemed like a lot to me.

2) I have learned to watermark my photos although I have not perfected it to a Science.

3) In the beginning I had a lot of articles, maybe five total, pulled for various reasons. I don’t take it personal anymore. 157 hubs in and my skin has thickened somewhat.

4) It is the nature of all artists to push boundaries and writers are no different. I was worried to death my review of Rise of the Planet of the Apes which I called Curious George on Angel Dust would get flagged but people thought it was funny. I thought it was funny but as a writer you never know exactly where the line is between artistic humor and bad taste. Thank goodness I have kind hearted readers.

5) Even as I am writing this article I have another in mind which I may manage to whip out this evening or not.

In Summary

So in three months (really two and half months) I have completed a years worth of work on Hubpages. I love being involved and developing as a writer. I am so grateful to all my readers and all those who provide feedback.

Will I take a month off from HubPages and stop publishing. I wish I could. Hubpages is an addiction for me. I am going to need a twelve step program to stop publishing. But as vices go Hubpages is the best on to have.


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