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25 Things About Me...

Updated on December 4, 2019
katerinakostaki profile image

Katerina Kostaki is a Greek visionary author, poet, healer and speaker.Owner of the ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT Network.

The Angels Planet (Book) by visionary author Katerina Kostaki

A short and inspirational bio on my Spiritual Journey

*Note from the author

Essentially, I noticed that it was rather hard for me to pick up just 25 issues of me and create a short description of my personality, my attitude, my life.

How could I possibly discover the appropriate words to match with my experiences and release them to public?

First thing that came up to my mind was the thought that this story looked like an new sci-fi story of mine and secondly in case I am posing some very selective parts of my life, no one would believe all these events are true;many people would probably believe that I am a fantasy creator or crazy, whatever.

Eventually life is a supreme game and my life a movie film with special events where I participate, but the truth prevails everywhere!

The Angels Planet: Tales from Alcyone, Pleiades Constellation
The Angels Planet: Tales from Alcyone, Pleiades Constellation
Spiritual entities from Alcyone,Pleiades have been assisting Mankind for centuries to involve consciousness and save Earth.Many re-incarnated Souls from Pleiades Constelation including the author of this tale co-create to shift Earth and Earthlings to Higher Dimensions.A Cosmic Journey to Light.Where Love,Compassion, and Light Prevails.

Memoirs - Stepping from zero to 7 things about me !

1.Looking behind in space and time, I catch glimpses of my life as kid, in a gloomy house in a poor suburb of Athens, in the early ages of '70's, where cars were so rare and precious in our neighborhood, and we were so lucky to attain a TV among thousand citizens living without this instrument.

I was the only child of the family.

My father was working in ships, traveling all over the world and had to live with my mother, not so easy years.

2. I had to face up all sort of isolation, abandonment, malfunctioning family issues, humiliation, prejudice and loss of Love.

It would be a lie to say that I was not affected by all this detrimental emotions and experiences, but no doubt I am a winner to overcome all of them and convert them into Unconditional Love and Compassion.

It's a miracle!

Icons of another edition of "Katerina" are enclosed in a very-very unapproachable timeline, thankfully no return can be existing anymore.

3. I remember my self in the age of 2 watching all sci-fi movies and TV programs, especially Star Trek, my favorite one.

I had a deep love for Space, stars, mysteries, nature and a vast sense of hidden reality beyond our eyes.

It as if I knew more than a child of my age could gain and hold in its mind.

It took me 35 years to "learn" that all this knowledge and more was hidden inside me.

4. In the age of 5, a few months before going to school for the very first time, I got the ability to read.I read Bible and Greek Mythology in two months, just by myself!

Then in September 1972 when I went to school I felt as if I was the teacher ,and teacher was a pupil.

I corrected her for a mistaken word on the blackboard, in my sincerity and ignorance of human egoism and she directed me to write 100 times that "I am not any longer going to bother my teacher".

I did not write it of course.

I informed her bravely that I was not intending to write anything."Why? ", she asked me in total confusion.

"Because I am right! YOU should write that, because you were mistaken.

YOU wrote the wrong word on the blackboard, not me!"

She became frustrated and I became her best student! After a while she and most of the teachers remained astonished when I started narrating mythology with every detail during a school excursion.

They wondered with open mouths how I could possibly know all that stuff.

5. I can not compromise with unfair, ungrateful issues in life and people. I am carrying primordial virtues in my heart for which I received despise and contradiction from people.

Ungratefulness was the first taste I got from people I used to entitle as "friends".

Then underestimation and non recognition arrived to me in great quantities.

All my life is a fight against control and manipulation.

Finally I am always overcoming peoples' obsessions and tendency to smash me, and luckily gain success in my attempts.

6. It looks like predictable; I am always foreseeing events and attitudes and suggest people to act accordingly .They do not hear my suggestions . And then I am rewarded by the fact that whatever I said clearly was true. Too late for them!

7. My grandma said that I was a very lucky child. I could not say that, merely because I can not estimate what is "luck".

All my life I've been working hard to accomplish my tasks and goals. Life is not inherited to me; I have to gain whatever I've been thinking I deserve including Love, knowledge and abundance.

God empowered me with great gifts and abilities and I feel grateful for that .I am always holding that in mind, especially when I am evolved in harsh moments and depressive attacks.

Inner Voices Within: Messages from my Guardian Angel

Inner Voices Within: Messages from my Guardian Angel
Inner Voices Within: Messages from my Guardian Angel
I am a heroine lost into the ethereal deserts of our planet. Time unfolds as well as my emotions do while opening up the paths and gates for Soul to traverse. I was lost into the labyrinthine paths looking for clear skies. Darkness chases me through the labyrinths. I made a long trip to the Galactic Center. Healing and revival. Light is so truthful. It’s Light from within. Inner Voices Within is our Guide our Guardian Angel, our Higher Self. © Katerina Kostaki Cover Artwork © Maryam Morrison

Awakening and Conventional Reality - From 8 to 10 things of my bio

*Recently I had to re-edit this lens and cut it in smaller pieces, in order to become more efficient,inspirational and motivational for people who are willing to read my Squidoo Bio-graphy.

However Spiritual Awakened I am, I am also newbie on Squidoo .

That means that I should follow the rules of Reality Magic (this term is borrowed from another Spiritual author and speaker).

So this is the rest of the 25 things list !

8. Coming to the most amazing point of my life that is "awareness". It started long time ago, in a severe period of my-full of dramas- life, where loss, underestimation, adversities and attacks of any kind were the most suitable words to describe my life.

Strange dreams, visions and metaphysical encounters of any kind were common to me.

This led me directly to all mystery books trying to define the indefinable and unexplained phenomenon and finally reach only the surface of incidents that exist worldwide.

Then dreams started becoming more intensive and I had to call upon Archangel Michael and all Angels to support me and protect me, thus it happened without any claim of me, anyway.

Angels always protect me and reinforce me. I feel so grateful.

9. One day (2004 ) while holding a shell in my hands, a gift of a friend, I watched a beloved couple, walking on a golden beach in a magical territory(a dreamland), under a blue sky wearing mantles of pure silk. My hand started writing the vision and I was apparently hearing a voice in my mind calling the name of an ancient Greek hero, the myth of which became the motto of my novel.

This vision was the cause for me to write my 370 pages novel, written and published in Greek language.

Having no idea what "writing" means, I wrote poems, articles, short stories during the period of 4 and more years. I am still having this creative energy and inspiration, the source of all my creations.

10. It took me a long time to see some of my dreams accomplished as it took me 2, 5 years to publish my book. Most of publishing houses rejected my work. I was really rejected by most of people, including magazine and newspaper editors, for spiritual work is not a guarantee for their financial plans.

"Spirituality does not sell, my dear".

Maybe they are right, but this world is what mankind makes of it! How someone could require spirituality, self growth, ethics and virtues, if he/she does not support them?

What is exactly the -25 things about me -bio?

The Princess of Porphyra (Greek Edition)
The Princess of Porphyra (Greek Edition)
The "Princess of Porphyra" is the birth of the Higher Self, the Emerging Enlightened Self, who is whispering in each single moment. The Priestess of Psyche, the magical lamp that illuminates the way. The distillation of fantasy, magical realism, empathy, creative writing and the transcendent dream transforms reality into an experiential journey, and the adventure into Victory of Light!

How you feel on writing 25 things about YOU?

See results

Just a reminder!

This 25 bio was written long before my No 16 wish was fulfilled.

My innermost desire to re-publish my books on foreign languages was apparently fulfilled !

Make a Wish! :)

The most beautiful things in this World is derived from our Hearts.

That is what makes our Life more sparkling and brilliant.

I would appreciate any comments that assist us and other fellows on this Path of Life!

My Academy of Inner Light ~Official Webpage Guestbook is also open for any Heartfelt Comments!

*Do not miss to mark the notification to receive notifications, in case comments are replied.

Cosmic Light
Cosmic Light
Cosmic Light is a spiritual book of poetry, written and published primarily in Greek language in Athens ~ Greece (October 2008). Its original title is Sympantiko Fos . Its a hymn to Unconditional Love and Compassion, a legend for Eros and Soulmates, a new perspective of our astral origin and evolutionary path to Light that underlines humans willing to reconnect with Cosmic Consciousness, a commitment with Destiny and Higher Good according to a Divine Plan. Poetry is a vivid spiritual gate. However the magical sense that a reader derives from the poetic travelogue could be described but only an intellectual, Divine River of Dreams, Light and Unconditional Love.

From Reality Project to Spiritual Growth - From the 11 things stage upwards to 25 things fullfilment!

11. I am always helping and assisting people, if needed. I believe that we all should offer help without exchange. Universe always provides us when we live accordingly to its Laws.

12. It is a very hard work for me to proceed into total transformation, to coincide with Higher Good. It is an inner transformation, an inner path and I had to deny parts of myself, overcome ego, sacrifice many desires and decide to let past go.

Whenever I am about to give up and sink into depression or self sorrow, I am compelled to go on, surrounded by Divine Love.

13. I am still working as civil servant. Not much to say about this is work and the environment.

14.I live with my family, my husband and two children in Athens, Greece.

Both my children are gifted kids.

They both have brilliant ideas, pure inspiration. I am very proud for them.

15. I feel grief for these entirely egoistic, detrimental people who live on this planet.

I feel grief for all abused people, kids that suffer around the Globe.

16. My inner most desire is to re-publish my books into foreign languages, to expand and share my thoughts and messages with more and more people.

Still holding warm hopes for this evolution in my heart.

17.I adore Nature. It's the only thing that makes me feel vivid, infuses me with inspiration, and gives me energy. I really love this Divine Gift.

18. Traveling is what I mostly desire to do. Traveling around the world and meet all these precious friends of mine, connected with me through net.

19. I am a dreamer and visualize a lot. Life is so different when using the power of creative visualization. I am encouraging people to dream, visualize and meditate. It's an open gate to an inner journey and it really works!

20. My star!My origin. Yes, I know where I will go after life. Isn't it magnificent?

21. I am a truth seeker, an observer, a secret researcher looking for the Ultimate Truth.

Does anyone desire to follow my dream?

22. Spiritual growth is coming to me in unexpected ways as well as miracles are.

23. I believe in Love and Light. I believe in God and Forces of Light. I could never be elsewhere. This is my family, my real friends.

24. We should be united and follow the path along the Light. It's a common truth around the Globe. Sooner or later it will be a necessity for mankind to seek for spiritual advancement.

Unfortunately humans are not receiving paradigms from historical events and repeat the same errors.

25. I am so happy to see so many people in Facebook sharing similar ideas, opinions, and beliefs with me. Maybe it was another surprise created by mysterious ways to re-unite us.

Who knows?

I am looking forward to accomplish each one of my great dreams and be a shining star in the endless journey that we all follow in eternity. Wish all of you the best!


Katerina Kostaki

**Re-posted from ENDLESS LIFE JOURNEY (Blog)

Cosmic Romances (Sympantika Idyllia) (Greek Edition)
Cosmic Romances (Sympantika Idyllia) (Greek Edition)
7 Short fantasy stories and Cosmic Poetry of Cosmic Love and Light by visionary author, poet and healer Katerina Kostaki. "Your Cosmic Love endured as long as rain drops do within a whole Sahara. It was never enough to redeem a thirsty for Love soul. At the most inappropriate moment, your love declared her presence, and in the most inappropriate one was lost".

Have you ever written 25 things about you?

Well I have to entrust you a secret...

This -25 things about me - bio is more than a simple biography,and far beyond a autobiography.

Personally I could recall this bio as an inner purification, an expression in brief of the spiritual journey that is constituted by many experiences along this chosen Path.

In the beginning, this prominent spiritual exercise seems rather intriguing.

A short biography that reveals truths or hidden secrets might be like a fire in our Ego system.

Our Ego rebels against ...itself.

Writing becomes a motivational scheme,but it evolves new principles that define our Inner Self.

As you embark on this writing adventure, remember that a flow of emotions appear from nowhere!

Avoid not these emotions and let them be part of this purification.

Write as more as you can on a white paper.

You might even draw or sketch your hidden emotions.

This emotional rush is a pure hidden energy that overflow your mind.

Try to write with your heart.

For example , you cannot think and further write: "I am writing, because I have to give people a new issue on what I am up to ".

No one forces you to write because of writing.

As soon as you start writing your 25 brilliant principles of a whole Life, you will be realizing that you tend to spotlight only the good side of each event or put glitter on memories that were mere gloomy spots.

Your 25 things about me -bio is your spiritual boat in the river of emotions, so you should let your heart speak.

So the outcome from this...exhausting labor is like the birth of a new aspect of yourself or the re-birth of your New Self.

All rights of this image are reserved.
All rights of this image are reserved. | Source

© 2014 Katerina Kostaki


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