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3 Easy Ways To Increase The Traffic To Your Website

Updated on June 10, 2013

Aside from the apparent joy that many of us feel when writing articles for the internet on hubpages and our personal sites, there is obviously an apparent motive of making money. Sure, I might like writing articles, but as with many people, the main reason why I am on here is to make a little bit of money (whilst improving my writing skills at the same time). That being said, it has become apparent to me that many do not promote their articles as much as they can and so sorely miss out on traffic that they could have been getting to their websites.

In this Hub I am going to present to you three effective ways of increasing the traffic to your website/ hubpages article. This should in turn lead to an increase in the revenue that you see from each.

1. Social Networking

There is nothing new about using the various different social networking sites that there are to improve the traffic to your website. Whether you submit your article simply on facebook, or you submit it to multiple sources; the possibilities are endless for marketing through social media platforms.

One in particular that I feel to be quite useful is stumbleupon. Having had a few the posts on my blog stumbled I have to say that it is probably one of the best platforms for getting your work out there and getting more traffic. It is not uncommon if you get one article stumbled upon for you to get anywhere between 20 – 1000 extra hits on that article. This may not seem like much initially, but if you get multiple items stumbled then you will start to see your stats begin to rise quickly.

Facebook as well is an excellent site too for raising your sites traffic. For example, if you have 1000 friends on Facebook and you share an article, you will instantly have another 1000 people that could potentially read that article. Obviously, it is realistic to expect that only perhaps 10% will read your post, but still, that is going to be 100 views. If anyone of these 100 people go on to share it again that could bring yet more views to your article. The possibilities are therefore endless when using Facebook as a marketing tool.

2. Signatures On Forums

Although not one of the more common methods that I use to increase the stats to my sites, I would have to say that Forums are a good way of advertising your site to the masses. If you were to put a link to your site/article in the signature bit of your profile then every time you make a post this link will be visible. If you made 1000 posts in that forum (which is not unheard of) then it would mean that there are 1000 chances that someone could see your link. Depending on the size of the forum and how many posts you make, this could potentially be a very good way of gaining extra readers if utilized right.

3. Yahoo Questions

This is not going to be the quickest way to get views initially (as you have to reach level 2 status on yahoo to be able to post links in questions), however, if you spend time working on this strategy then there is the possibility of drawing lots of extra traffic to your website. The basic idea to this is that you find a question which you have written about and then proceed to answer the question for the person in the best way that you can. In the source bit you then put the link of your article for people to read. If your answer gets voted the best answer then it may be seen that you have a platform to reach many people.

I would however advise with this one that you do not simply post the link to your article as an answer as this in effect is spamming. Personally, I would try to be as helpful as possible and not even seek to promote the link too much. You cannot force someone to read something they don't want to.

Do You Use Any of The Above Methods to Increase Your Traffic?

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    • Icareforyou profile image

      Alfredo B. Ancheta 4 years ago from Upper Rizal Extension Street First Court, Manggahan, Barretto, Olongapo City, Philippines

      Interesting article.

    • TheRaptorClaw profile image

      TheRaptorClaw 4 years ago from United States

      Good article. All 3 are very easy ways to increase traffic. As for Yahoo, you don't have to be level 2 to post links in your answers. Also, you need to try to integrate your link into your answer. Yahoo Answers can be pretty picky when it comes to good answers and spam so be careful how you include your link.

    • LaurieNunley517 profile image

      LaurieNunley517 3 years ago from Deep South

      Thank you for the advice. It was helpful.

    • profile image

      jkhosa 3 years ago

      thanks for the help. I currently only use twitter but will look into some others also.

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