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3 Gurantee ways to get Traffic to your Article

Updated on March 26, 2009

Increasing your hub traffic

I have been with hubpages for one year, now and through this time I have been learning alot from my fellow hubbers. During this time I came to realized that when one gives you an advice on how to, if you don not know follow to the letter without question why or what or if.

The following are some of the ways am implementing in my hubs and blog, although they do not necessarily translate into huge money income but one thing is that there is staedy traffic and improvement in Google Adsense Earning

1. Forum Postings

Do your such well and get a good forum that you can always participating, by giving comments and advice. I am implementing this with forums.digitalpoint, which is a good source of traffice for my Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial. Why I choose on this particular one forum is because they have a wide ranging of discussion topics and one fact is that "It is also ADsense Sharing Forums", my main point here is that I have been able to get many unique visitors from this forum which has also seen my Google Adsense earning increase. I do post on other forums but one thing I realized is that you need to concentrate on whichever you choose.

2. New Contents

If you are blogging or hubing you need to have new unique contents oftens once a week, I have implemented this with my Blog on Word 2007 tutorial. THis strategy makes visitors Coming again and again to look for new topics and advice and you will not loose old visitors and you get New ones. This also helps Search Engines to scroll your articles more often and improve your ranking. When I started my blog 3 months ago, my alexa Ranking was 12,000,000 but now stand at 2,967,000. It also helps Search Engines to send people to your hubs and blogs. Do not copy paste others contents as this will affect your article negative in Search Directories.

3. Submit to Search Engine

By submitting your article to Search Engines, your are exposing it to many internet surfurs, there are so many that you can submit to, I mainly submit to google, yahoo, MSN, ALLTHEWEB. I do not prefer paid directories, if you can always produce new contents am sure many people will get you from free listing directories. Of yahoo, has over taken google on my hubs whereas in my blog google is doing much better followed by forums.digitalpoint and yahoo is just picking up. THis is the Tutorial am implementing this startegies and are working very well:


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    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      Thanks for the tips. What forum would be good for evergreen topics? It's mostly what I have.

    • kev8 profile image

      kev8 8 years ago

      Thanks for that, just wondering how do you submit your articles to search engines.I thought it was done automatically.

    • Miss Match profile image

      Miss Match 8 years ago

      Good tips! Thanks for sharing!