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3 Pain Free Ways to Get Instant Traffic

Updated on March 3, 2016

In previous articles we covered methods to increase your website traffic. But there are special occasions you may need to increase your traffic quickly like, a boost in views to promote a new product or service. You may be looking to implement your viral marketing plan with a deeply discounted offer. Let’s cover 3 easy ways to accomplish getting that needed visibility.

Use resources available to you:

Start with your email list. If you have a budget, you can also buy targeted traffic or start a Joint Venture (JV).

Google, or an alternative like Yahoo’s Overture, is a great place to buy fast and immediate traffic. Google AdWords is a go-to tool for generating web traffic. If you need help on AdWords, you can visit our post: AdWords 101 – Getting You Up and Running. For the more advanced users there are excellent eBooks on to have on hand as a desktop reference book. They cover the topic in different ways, including topics like how to avoid having your ad deactivated. Having a guide and a plan will save you a lot of lot time and wasted money. This is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. You set a daily budget for your campaign, when someone clicks on your link, your account is charged. When anyone searches your keyword, your ad can be seen on the right side of the page.

Be sure to track your campaign.

Here’s how to track your campaign. Say you purchase 3 ad space with 3 different advertising sources, pay the same price for all 3, then use the tracking software the advertisers give you to see which source is providing more results.

Finding out early where to spend your money to get to the best results will save you time and money.

Use your email list. This is where your understanding of the sales processes comes. Really quick, a visitor is surfing the net and lands on your site, chances are almost certain they won' t be coming back unless you offer an incentive, latest newsletter, or something to bring them back:

You can start by sending promotional emails, twice a month and valuable information, industry trends, between your promotional offers.

The last tip is Joint Venture.

Get other websites to send your message to their email list. You place your ad on their website, and pay them only when they close a sale. The split is a high as 50% or more. So to make this work for you know the value of the sale. Know what the price of sale should be factoring in the split. Make it easy for them to sell. Do the work for them, have a professionally prepared emails for them including the subject and body, set up the affiliate link they will use on their websites, and any other marketing collateral they can use. As much as possible, give them choices.

This is also a good way to network and find some new friends.

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