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5 Timeless Tips For Writing Top Notch Hubs That Earn Big Dollars

Updated on October 20, 2013


Success brings more success. One reason is the duplication of the success process. I have been in the world of business and investment long enough to understand that duplication of success process plays a vital role in wealth creation. If you have tried network marketing, I am sure you will know what I mean. Sometimes, there is really no need for one to re-invent the wheels as they say. All you can do is duplicate the success habits of others.

Many have written about how to be successful in Hubpages. My approach is different. I study the successful hub authors and bring to you the tips you need to succeed as a hubber. If you have been following my wealth creation hubs, I bring fresh insights and practical approaches to my readers, either in here or in my blog and published books.

Needless to say I have accumulated enough to buy a car from my Hubpages earning since I joined two years ago, I prefer to live it grow and grow to a level that is enough to buy a residential property. But then, I’d say, I’ve amass greater wealth with Hubpages.

This is the most important hub you would read so take your time and read slowly and absorb the tips and make them yours. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the tips discussed. If you do, you may as well be one of the many that never get to earn a real dollar in Hubpages.


Tip # 1: Produce original content

Trying to be someone else is the fastest way to kill your motivation. Instead be yourself. You should know the reason why you joined Hubpages. Either to for money, pleasure or both. If you don’t fall into any one of these categories, then I am sorry you have no purpose of being in Hubpages. If you don’t know your purpose of being in Hubpages, you easily get confused on what content to produce. That is when you produce poor quality hubs that affect your search engine ranking and your Hubpages earnings.

Highly paid Hubbers know that intent of joining Hubpages and therefore know exactly what type of content they want to produce. Most write about things they are passionate about or have experiences. In that way, they produce high quality, original hubs.

Tip# 2: Deliver content with confidence

Your confidence in the content you deliver says a lot about messages you wish to get across in your hub to your readers. Having greater insights into your subject of discussion is the best way to assure your readers that you know what you are talking about that that your expertise is credible. Obviously this is the reason why I say write about contents you are passionate about or have solid background knowledge. Most highly paid Hubbers does that but then some Hubbers go to the extent of doing detail research to produce some top notch hubs. Jimmy the Jock researched Rolex watches and wrote a buyer’s guide, the hub became a success story. Having greater insight into Rolex watches through detail research ensure he delivered the content with greater confidence and that is why his hub became a great success story.

Tip # 4: Be real

No one expects you to super intelligent. But certainly most people don’t want to deal with know it all type of people. Your readers want you to be just real. It doesn’t hurt to be real. Being honest builds your credibility in the long run.

Veteran Hubbers say what they want to say and they don’t it to impress others but they say it because they see the truthfulness and usefulness in what they say. That makes all the differences in their success with Hubpages. Your readers will connect with you if you are authentic but run from you if you display hypocrisy.

Tip # 3: Engage with your readers emotionally

Its people that read your hubs. Not Google robots or spiders. The robots index your hubs in search engines for people to read. Never forget that. You can work so hard and get your hubs ranked high in search engines but if you don’t engage with people, your hubs will eventually drop in rank. That said, unless you have some strong sites ranking linking back to your site, you contents can easily drop in rank.

Highly paid hub authors here take time to engage with their readers and most of them seek out to help newbies. Infect, when I started, I look through the success stories behind Hubpages and sought help from the veteran Hubbers. In that way, I easily blasted off in my earning. Sounds simple isn’t it? But why don’t some new Hubbers who wish to earn good dollars with Hubpages doesn’t even bother to study and seek assistance from veteran Hubbers?

Make your hub entertaining and let your readers feel with you. Reply to their comments and meaningfully engage in conversation with your readers in Hubpages or you can even be more social by linking with your readers in social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Tip # 5: Be quality and quantity conscious

Quality. Quality. Quality. High quality hubs make money from the highly paid Hubbers in here. Not some short, roughly written poor quality hubs. When we talk quality, we talk about better paid keywords or key phrases. If you aren’t gone be quality conscious, you might as well stop dreaming about earning a cent or dollar in Hubpages. High paid Hubbers here have one powerful trait that is common and that is quality and quantity. Look at the type of hubs they produce and the number they have published and how long they have been writing for Hubpages and you will know what it takes to earn big dollars in Hubpages.


There is money to be made in Hubpages. How you earn money from Hubpages is something of a mystery. But again, the easiest way to do it is to see what the successful Hubbers are doing and duplicate their success steps. I hope I helped you with 5 tips to blast you off.

Note to the reader

If you found the hub useful, please comment below and share your experiences with us all. If you have to add to the list I gave, please feel free to make our learning experiences here more fun. I am great fan of participative learning and I never stop learning, a trait which I believe really elevated my personal life. I bring to Hubpages, the same energy, passion and commitment to learning. Hope you do the same.

© 2013 Ian D Hetri


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    • MIRIAM777 profile image

      MIRIAM777 4 years ago from New York

      Thank you . Great Hub.

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 4 years ago from Papua New Guinea


      Thanks again. Readers love to engage with us writers and if you an do that, success us certain.


    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 4 years ago from Northern California, USA

      All of your tips are right on the money. I must admit that once I decided on a niche and committed to writing from a more personal point-of-view, readers engage more by commenting and sharing my hubs. Excellent advice here.