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50 Quizzes in Groups of Five Part Two

Updated on June 11, 2017

Taking Quizzes is a bit addictive. So is making them.

Yes folks this makes the second set of quizzes in groups of 50 that I am publishing. Why you ask? To be honest I am not exactly sure. But unlike the last site, these questions are flowing out onto the keyboard.

I know that there are no points involved for taking these things. But underneath please also see this as a learning opportunity. You maybe amazed at what you can learn. Trust me on this one as I have taking other quizzes. But I too was amazed that I was learning things or surprised that I was getting some correct when I answered. (Guessing does not count.)

With all that said please go forth and enjoy the quizzes. Now Go for the Fun!

Group One

Children's Books

Group Two

Veggie Tales

At the beginning of the show is the intro, thus it is being shared at the beginning of the quizzes.

Bonus Points

Before taking these quizzes did you know anything about Veggie Tales?

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Sharing and another hint

The closing song on the Veggie Tales videos and the answer to Quiz # 6

Group Three

The Bible

Bonus Points

Do you have a copy of the bible on your computer?

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Group Four


Deva was here

Group Five

Job Hunting

Here is my count on the previous quiz

I have gotten two jobs with the same company because of the people I knew from church that worked there. Follow that up with I refereed another church member to the same company. But wait on another job i was able to help a friend that worked with me in a prior job to get a position. This helped make them happy and gave us an opportunity to carpool.

Group Six

New Your State Finger Lakes

Bonus Points

If someone were to ask you what state are you in, what would you say?

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Group Seven

New York City

A little something for the next quiz

Group Eight

Going Nuts

A hint for the Nutty Professor

Bonus Points

When It comes to peanut butter and jelly, which do you prefer?

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Group Nine


This sort of applies to the next two quizzes. Anyway its my favorite song from the original movie.

Group Ten



Bonus Points

If you have to file a tax return do you...

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After that last group your patients maybe a bit taxed, but please take a moment to tell me what you think of these quizzes.

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